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This is a list of independent wrestling promotions in the United States, sorted by regional area, and lists both active and defunct "indy promotions" from the 1990s and 2000s. This list does not include pre-1980s regional territories or present-day promotions affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance.

New England


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Power & Glory Wrestling Fairfield, Connecticutmarker Vito Esparo 2007- Yes
Assault Championship Wrestling Waterbury, Connecticutmarker Jason Knight 2000-2004 Yes
Connecticut Championship Wrestling Milford, Connecticutmarker Joe LaChance 1999-2007 Yes
Defiant Pro Wrestling Waterbury, Connecticutmarker Mike Milano 2000-2004 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Pro Wrestling America Live Waterville, Mainemarker Joshua James Duprey
Joel Andre Bouchard
2007- Yes
Eastern Wrestling Alliance Portland, Mainemarker James St. Jean
Bob Staples
1998-2008 Yes

Extreme Maine Wrestling

Bucksport, Maine


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Big Time Wrestling Reading, Massachusettsmarker Terry Allen 2006- Yes
Century Wrestling Alliance Revere, Massachusettsmarker Ellen Magliaro
Tony Rumble
1989- Yes
Chaotic Wrestling North Andover, Massachusettsmarker Jamie Jamitowski
Killer Kowalski
2000- Yes
Millennium Wrestling Federation Melrose, Massachusettsmarker Don Mirade
Johnny Fabulous
2001- Yes
New England Championship Wrestling Jamaica Plain, Massachusettsmarker Sheldon Goldberg 2000- Yes
New World Wrestling Blackstone, Massachusettsmarker Paulie Gilmore 2003- Yes
Top Rope Promotions Fall River, Massachusettsmarker Steve Ricard 1984- Yes
World Wrestling Alliance Brockton, Massachusettsmarker Mike Sparta 1998- Yes
American Wrestling Federation Lowell, Massachusettsmarker Gordon Scozzari 1991-1992 No
Elite Wrestling Alliance Beverly, Massachusettsmarker Donnie Deluca 1994-2001 Yes
International Wrestling Federation Reading, Massachusettsmarker Killer Kowalski 1979-1995 No
International World Class Championship Wrestling Boston, Massachusettsmarker Joe Savoldi 1984-1996 No
PWF Northeast Webster, Massachusettsmarker Matthew West 2002-2005 Yes
South Coast Championship Wrestling New Bedford, Massachusettsmarker Joe Eugenio 1999-2002 No

Rhode Island

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Power League Wrestling Pawtucket, Rhode Islandmarker Tom Degnan 1991- Yes
New England Wrestling Alliance Cranston, Rhode Islandmarker Rocco Dellasandro 1991-2004 Yes
Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance Cranston, Rhode Islandmarker Alfred Traveiso
Chris Sanders
1995-2004 Yes

East Coast


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Dynamite Championship Wrestling Dover, Delawaremarker Johnson Joshua 2003- Yes
East Coast Wrestling Association Wilmington, Delawaremarker Jim Kettner 1967- Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Maryland Championship Wrestling Baltimore, Marylandmarker Dan McDervitt
Dick Caricofe
1998- Yes
National Wrestling League Hagerstown, Marylandmarker Dick Caricofe
John Rambo
1988- Yes
Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation Essex, Marylandmarker Dennis Wippercht
Tim Burke
1991-2004 Yes

New Jersey

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
East Coast Professional Wrestling Lake Hiawatha, New Jerseymarker Gino Caruso 1992- Yes
Empire Wrestling Alliance Jersey Shore, New Jersey Ron Post 1997- Yes
Force One Pro Wrestling Egg Harbor City, New Jerseymarker Tommy Cairo
Phil Varlese
Pat DiGiacomo
James Pillman

2006- Yes
Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling Little Falls, New Jerseymarker Tommy Fierro 1999- Yes
Independent Wrestling Federation Woodland Park, New Jerseymarker Kevin Knight 1998- Yes
Jersey All Pro Wrestling Bayonne, New Jerseymarker Frank Iadeavia 1997- Yes
National Wrestling Superstars Hazlet, New Jerseymarker Joe Panzarino 2002- Yes
Women Superstars Uncensored Lake Hiawatha, New Jerseymarker Sean Hansen 2007- Yes
American Wrestling Council Iselin, New Jerseymarker AJ Sparxx 1997-1998 Yes
B.R.A.W.L. Somerdale, New Jerseymarker Jersey Hurricane 1999-2003 Yes
Jersey Championship Wrestling Hasbrouck Heights, New Jerseymarker JCW Productions 1999-2004 Yes
National Wrestling Federation Bricktown, New Jerseymarker DC Drake 1986-1994 No
Phoenix Championship Wrestling Tom's River, New Jerseymarker Don Bucci 2001-2003 Yes
Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling Belleville, New Jerseymarker Carmine Sabia 1998-2005 Yes
United Wrestling Coalition Jobstown, New Jerseymarker Dave and Lois Thomas 1998- Yes

New York

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Empire State Wrestling Niagara Falls, New Yorkmarker Scott Heim 2002- Yes
In Your Face Wrestling Capital Region, New Yorkmarker Ryan Williams
Scott Weinbloom
2007- Yes
New York Wrestling Connection Hicksville, New Yorkmarker John Curse
Mikey Whipwreck
2002- Yes
Northeast Wrestling Cornwall on Hudson, New Yorkmarker Michael O'Brien 1995- Yes
Pier 6 Wrestling Rochester, New Yorkmarker Adam Nowak 2008- Yes
Ultimate Wrestling Geneva, New Yorkmarker Terry Ridley 2007- Yes
Ballpark Brawl Wrestling Buffalo, New Yorkmarker Chris Hill 2003-2007 Yes
Elite Wrestling Federation Schenectady, New Yorkmarker 2001-2002 No
Hardcore Wrestling Alliance Holbrook, New Yorkmarker Paul Lauria 1999-2000 No
Impact Championship Wrestling Queens, New Yorkmarker Jac Saboth 2000-2003 Yes
World of Hurt Wrestling Albany, New Yorkmarker David DeJohn 1999-2007 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
American Championship Pro Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Chris Sutton 2005- Yes
AWA WORLD-1 South Pottstown, Pennsylvaniamarker Steve Corino
Rob Dimension
Bryan Reigel

2001- Yes
CHIKARA Allentown, Pennsylvaniamarker Mike Quackenbush
Reckless Youth
2002- Yes
Combat Zone Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker John Zandig 1999- Yes
Dragon Gate USA Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Satoshi Oji
Gabe Sapolsky
2009- Yes
International Wrestling Cartel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamarker Norm Conners 2001- Yes
Keystone Championship Wrestling Altoona, Pennsylvaniamarker Ken Downs 2002- Yes
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvaniamarker Tiffani Monroe 2004- Yes
Pro Wrestling Unplugged Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Todd Gordon
Johnny Kashmere
2004- Yes
Ring of Honor Bristol, Pennsylvaniamarker Cary Silkin 2002- Yes
Women's Extreme Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Dave Milan 2002- Yes
World Wide Wrestling Alliance Hatfield, Pennsylvaniamarker Dino Sanna 1981- Yes
World Xtreme Wrestling Allentown, Pennsylvaniamarker Afa Anoa'i 1996- Yes
Allied Powers Wrestling Federation Indiana, Pennsylvaniamarker Chris Lash
Ken Brewer, Jr.
1998- Yes
Extreme Championship Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Todd Gordon
Paul Heyman
1992-2002 Yes
Future Wrestling Alliance Palo Alto, Pennsylvaniamarker Smart Mark Video 1998-2002 Yes
Hardway Wrestling Bethlehem, Pennsylvaniamarker The Bad Crew 1998-2004 Yes
KAPOW! Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker 2002-2005 Yes
Major League Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Court Bauer 2002-2005 No
Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Reading, Pennsylvaniamarker Blaine DeSantis 1995-2000 No
Pittsburgh Wrestling League North Versailles, Pennsylvaniamarker 1999-2001 No
Pro Pain Pro Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker The Blue Meanie
Jasmin St. Claire
2002-2005 Yes
Pro-Wrestling 3000 Limerick, Pennsylvaniamarker Steve Corino
Ryan Kavangh
Reyes Nunez

2007-2009 Yes
Steel City Wrestling Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamarker Norm Conners 1994-1999 No
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamarker Joel Goodhart 1989-1992 Yes



Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
SHIMMER Women Athletes Berwyn, Illinoismarker Dave Prazak
Allison Danger
2005- Yes
Windy City Wrestling Chicago, Illinoismarker Sam DeCero 1988- Yes
American Wrestling Federation Chicago, Illinoismarker Paul Alperstein 1994-1996 No
Powerhouse Championship Wrestling Lasalle, Illinoismarker Tim Lyle 1993-2000 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Hoosier Pro Wrestling Columbus, Indianamarker Jerry Wilson 1998- Yes
Michiana Championship Wrestling Goshen, Indianamarker Jeremy Parson 2008- Yes
New Era Wrestling Shelbyville, Indianamarker 2000- Yes
Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws Indianapolis, Indianamarker Don Basher 1999- Yes
International Association of Wrestling Mishawaka, Indianamarker Brian Costello 1992-2005 Yes
Main Event Championship Wrestling Evansville, Indianamarker John Collins 2001 No
New Wave Championship Wrestling Evansville, Indianamarker John Collins 2001-2002 Yes
Pro Wrestling International Indianapolis, Indianamarker Diamond Dan 1994-1998 Yes
Ringside Wrestling Federation Indianapolis, Indianamarker Don White 2003-2007 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
All-World Wrestling League Williamston, Michiganmarker Ed Farhat, Jr. 2004- Yes
Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling Detroit, Michiganmarker Shaggy 2 Dope
Violent J
1999- Yes
Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling Warren, Michiganmarker Malcolm Monroe, Jr. 1994- Yes
Championship Wrestling Federation Warren, Michiganmarker Dave St. Onge
Thomas LaPeer
Art Marshall

1996-1997 No
International Wrestling Revolution Detroit, Michiganmarker Josh Movado
Bubba Mackenzie
2002-2007 Yes
Maximum Pro Wrestling Livonia, Michiganmarker Scott D'Amore
Allan Young
2002-2003 Yes
Midwest Territorial Wrestling Dearborn, Michiganmarker Gary Woronchak 1994-1995 No
Motor City Wrestling Warren, Michiganmarker Kurt Schneider 1981-2000 No
Xtreme Wrestling Federation Dearborn, Michiganmarker Art Marshall 2001-2002 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, Minnesotamarker Arik Cannon 2007- Yes
Western Wrestling Association Minneapolis, Minnesotamarker Bill Wasserman 1985- Yes
Midwest Pro Wrestling Minneapolis, Minnesotamarker Eddie Sharkey 1999-2007 Yes
Northern Premier Wrestling Gibbon, Minnesotamarker J.B. Trask 1994-1999 No
Pro Wrestling America Minneapolis, Minnesotamarker Eddie Sharkey 1985-1998 No
Steel Domain Wrestling Lakeville, Minnesotamarker Ed Hellier 1998-2002 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
World League Wrestling Eldon, Missourimarker Harley Race 1999- Yes
Midwest Renegade Wrestling St. Louis, Missourimarker Mike Rogers
Ty Dalton
1996-2000 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Heartland Wrestling Association Cincinnati, Ohiomarker Les Thatcher
Brad Laber
1996- Yes
International Wrestling Association Niles, Ohiomarker Pete Lucic 1990- No
Northern Wrestling Federation Cincinnati, Ohiomarker Johnny Diamond
Roger Ruffen
1998- Yes
Ohio Championship Wrestling Coshocton, Ohiomarker Jeff Lanham 2004- Yes
Global Wrestling Association Lima, Ohiomarker Al Snow 1993-1999 No
New Era Pro Wrestling Painesville, Ohiomarker Eddie Edwards 2001-2007 Yes
Outlaws of Championship Wrestling Cleveland, Ohiomarker William Rabbits
Paul Michalski
Frank Urankar II

1999-2002 Yes
World Wide Wrestling Alliance Columbus, Ohiomarker Richard Arpin
Dave Nelson
2004-2005 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Brew City Wrestling Milwaukee, Wisconsinmarker Frankie DeFalco 2005- Yes
Mid-America Wrestling Milwaukee, Wisconsinmarker Carmine DeSpirito 1992-2006 Yes


The Carolinas

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Allied Independent Wrestling Federations White Plains, North Carolinamarker Rick Deezel 1992- Yes
CWF-Mid Atlantic Wrestling Burlington, North Carolinamarker Danny Wenkel 2000- Yes
United Professional Wrestling Association Wilmington, North Carolinamarker Donald Brower 2005- Yes
Power Pro Wrestlingmarker Sanford, North Carolinamarker Dick Foley 2006- Yes
Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling Wilmington, North Carolinamarker Dave Renegade 2000-2002 Yes
Coastal Championship Wrestling Myrtle Beach, South Carolinamarker Robert Hochman 2003-2005 Yes
Great American Wrestling Federation Asheville, North Carolinamarker Bill Hagan 1996-1999 No
OMEGA Cameron, North Carolinamarker Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
1997-1999 No
Pro Wrestling Federation Charlotte, North Carolinamarker Gary Quartanelli 1990-1999 No
South Atlantic Pro Wrestling Winston-Salem, North Carolinamarker Paul Jones
Frank Dusek
1990-1992 No
South Eastern Wrestling Alliance Sylva, North Carolinamarker 1991-1997 No
Southern Championship Wrestling Durham, North Carolinamarker Jack Cates 1994-2004 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
!Bang! Ocala, Floridamarker Dory Funk, Jr. 2001- Yes
Coastal Championship Wrestling Coral Springs, Floridamarker Bruno Sassi 2004- Yes
Florida Championship Wrestling Tampa, Floridamarker Bill Brown
Bernie Siegel
1992- Yes
Full Impact Pro Largo, Floridamarker Sal Hamaoui 2004- Yes
Hardkore Championship Wrestling Hollywood, Floridamarker Nick Mayberry 2002- Yes
USA Xtreme Pro Wrestling Orlando, Floridamarker Frank Goodman 1996- Yes
World Pro Wrestling Orlando, Floridamarker Jerry Grey 1988- Yes
Florida Wrestling Alliance Tampa, Floridamarker Cliff Anderson 1998-2004 No
Florida Wrestling Federation Winter Haven, Floridamarker 1994-2002 No
Future of Wrestling Fort Lauderdale, Floridamarker Bobby Rogers 1998-2003 Yes
Independent Professional Wrestling Davie, Floridamarker Ron Niemi
Mike Pescina
1998-2003 Yes
International Championship Wrestling Association Tampa, Floridamarker Square Circle Promotions 1992-1996 No
Southern Championship Wrestling Florida DeBary, Floridamarker 2003-2007 Yes
Sunray Pro Wrestling Melbourne, Floridamarker Joe Price 2003-2004 Yes
Xtreme Wrestling Federation Orlando, Floridamarker Jimmy Hart 2001-2005 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Deep South Wrestling McDonough, Georgiamarker Jody Hamilton 2005- Yes
Great Championship Wrestling Columbus, Georgiamarker Jerry Oates 2004- Yes
National Championship Wrestling Cornelia, Georgiamarker Steve Martin 1997-1999 No
National Wrestling Federation Dalton, Georgiamarker 2000-2003 No
North Georgia Wrestling Alliance Forest Park, Georgiamarker Sam Kent 1994-1997 No
Spinebuster Championship Wrestling Valdosta, Georgiamarker 2004-2005 Yes
Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling Marietta, Georgiamarker Dusty Rhodes 2000-2003 Yes
War Zone Wrestling Alliance Gainesville, Georgiamarker 1997-1998 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Independent Wrestling Association Louisville, Kentuckymarker Ian Rotten 1996- Yes
Ohio Valley Wrestling Louisville, Kentuckymarker Danny Davis 1998- Yes
PWF Mid-South Kentucky 2001-2002 No
Tri-State Wrestling Kentucky Jeff Libolt 2000-2003 No
USA Main Event Wrestling Jamestown, Kentuckymarker Dale Mann
Mike Mann
1997-2000 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Just Plain Wrestling Millington, Tennesseemarker Chris Thigpen 2004- Yes
Showtime All-Star Wrestling Millersville, Tennesseemarker T.J. Weatherby 2006 Yes
Southern States Wrestling Kingsport, Tennesseemarker Beau James 1991- Yes
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation Brownsville, Tennesseemarker Rodney Howard 1991- Yes
United States Wrestling Organization Springfield, Tennesseemarker Tony Falk 2001- Yes
Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Elizabethton, Tennesseemarker 1998-1999 No
Memphis Championship Wrestling Memphis, Tennesseemarker Terry Golden 2000-2001 No
Music City Wrestling Memphis, Tennesseemarker Bert Prentice
Bill Behrens
1997- No
Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Memphis, Tennesseemarker Randy Hales 1998-2004 No
New Blood Wrestling Dyersburg, Tennesseemarker 2006-2009 Yes
New Breed Championship Wrestling Brownsville, Tennesseemarker 1996-2002 No
Real Wrestling Federation Memphis, Tennesseemarker 2001-2003 Yes
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Knoxville, Tennesseemarker Jim Cornette 1991-1995 No
USA Championship Wrestling Nashville, Tennesseemarker Bert Prentice 2001-2003 No
United States Wrestling Association Memphis, Tennesseemarker Jerry Jarrett
Jerry Lawler
1988-1997 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
United Wrestling Federation Richmond, Virginiamarker Hermie Sadler
Earl Hebner
Dave Hebner

2005- Yes
Vanguard Championship Wrestling Smithfield, Virginiamarker Ronald Nowel
Travis Bradshaw
1996- Yes
Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance Arlington, Virginiamarker Kevin Carson
Cueball Carmichael
1995-1999 Yes
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance Edinburg, Virginiamarker Doug Ward 1995-1997 No

West Virginia

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Championship Pro Wrestling Martinsburg, West Virginiamarker Jamie Cave 1997- Yes
Mason-Dixon Wrestling Nutter Fort, West Virginiamarker Jim Hawkins 1997- Yes
Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling Martinsburg, West Virginiamarker Barry Casino 2000-2001 No



Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Ladies Professional Wrestling Association Laughlin, Nevadamarker Tor Berg 1989-1992 Yes
National Wrestling Council Las Vegas, Nevadamarker 1995-1997 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Power Zone Wrestling Alliance Shawnee, Oklahomamarker Rick Garrett 1994-1996 No
Steel Rage Pro Wrestling Sapulpa, Oklahomamarker Sarah Harmon 2002-2006 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Christian Wrestling Federation Rockwall, Texasmarker Rob Vaughn 2000- Yes
Pro Wrestling Alliance Houston, Texasmarker Booker T 2006- Yes
River City Wrestling San Antonio, Texasmarker Brandon Oliver 2002- Yes
Texas All Star Wrestling Humble, Texasmarker Bob Murphy 1994- Yes
Texas Wrestling Alliance San Antonio, Texasmarker Jose Lothario 1999- Yes
Texas Wrestling Federation Karnes City, Texasmarker Jimmy Perez 2004- Yes
Warriors 4 Christ Wrestling San Antonio, Texasmarker Curtis Stone 1999- Yes
Wrecking Ball Wrestling Dallas, Texasmarker Tony Martin 2006- Yes
Extreme Texas Wrestling San Antonio, Texasmarker Rudy Boy Gonzalez 2001-2002 Yes
Global Wrestling Federation Dallas, Texasmarker Max Andrews
Grey Pierson
1991-1994 No


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
American Championship Wrestling Salt Lake City, Utahmarker Nic Hardy 2003- Yes
Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero Salt Lake City, Utahmarker Steve Neilson 2003- Yes

West Coast

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Action Zone Wrestling Waipahu, Hawaiimarker Daryl Bonilla 2005- Yes
All Pro Wrestling Hayward, Californiamarker Roland Alexander 1995- Yes
Empire Wrestling Federation San Bernadino, Californiamarker Jesse Hernandez
Bill Anderson
1996- No
Incredibly Strange Wrestling San Francisco, Californiamarker Johnny Legend
August Ragone
1995- No
Pro Championship Wrestling Oroville, Californiamarker James Hate 1999- Yes
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Los Angeles, Californiamarker Excalibur
Joey Ryan
Scott Lost
Super Dragon

2003- Yes
Ultimate Pro Wrestling Los Angeles, Californiamarker Rick Bassman 1998- Yes
American Independent Wrestling Alliance Los Angeles, Californiamarker Ed Aherns 1990-1998 No
Championship Wrestling U.S.A. Vancouver, Washingtonmarker Sandy Barr 1992-1997 No
Hawai'i Championship Wrestling Honolulu, Hawaiimarker Don Muraco
Linda Bade
2003-2008 Yes
New American Wrestling Pomona, Californiamarker 1995-1996 No
Revolution Pro Wrestling Industry, Californiamarker Gabe Ramirez 1999-2004 No
Slammers Wrestling Federation Studio City, Californiamarker Verne Langdon
El Toro Bravo
1989-1997 Yes
West Coast Wrestling Association Fresno, Californiamarker Ward Enterprises 1990-1991 Yes
Women of Wrestling Los Angeles, Californiamarker David McLane 2000-2001 Yes
Wrestling Society X Los Angeles, Californiamarker Kevin Kleinrock
Cody Michaels

2006-2007 No
Xtreme Pro Wrestling Sherman Oaks, Californiamarker Rob Zicari
Tom Byron
1999-2003 Yes


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