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This list of largest buildings in the world ranks buildings from around the world by usable space (volume) and floor space (area). The term "building" used by this list refers to single structures that are suitable for continuous human occupancy. There are a few exceptions which include factories and warehouses.

Boeing's factorymarker in Everettmarker, Washingtonmarker, United Statesmarker is presently the largest building in the world by volume while Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airportmarker is the largest building in terms of total floor area. The surface area of the proposed Crystal Island complex in Moscowmarker is more than double that of the largest current building, though this project has been delayed indefinitely by the global economic crisis.

Largest usable space

Boeing's Everett factory
Aerium, Germany
This list ranks the buildings throughout the world with the largest amount of usable space.
  • Boeing's Everett Factory is currently the world's largest, used to assemble a selection of the company's largest aircraft, originally built for construction of the 747. This building is 13.3 million m³ (472 million cu ft) and covers 398,000 m² (98.3 acres) of land.
  • The Aeriummarker was built to house the construction of a giant airship, although the airship was never completed. This building now houses an indoor, artificial tropical resortmarker.
  • NASAmarker's 160 m tall Vehicle Assembly Building was originally built to enable simultaneous assembly and shelter for four Saturn V rockets.
Name Location Floor Area Volume Source
1 Boeing Plantmarker Everettmarker, Washingtonmarker, USAmarker 398,000 m² (4.3 million sq ft) 13.3 million m³ (472 million cu ft)
2 Jean-Luc Lagardère Plant Blagnacmarker, Toulousemarker, Francemarker 122,500 m² (1,320,000 sq ft) 5.6 million m³ (199 million cu ft)
3 Aeriummarker Halbemarker, Brandenburgmarker, Germanymarker 70,000 m² (753,000 sq ft) 5.2 million m³ (184 million cu ft)
4 NASAmarker Vehicle Assembly Buildingmarker Brevard Countymarker, Floridamarker, USA 32,374 m² (348,000 sq ft) 3.66 million m³ (130 million cu ft)

Largest floor space

King Fahd International Airport
Berjaya Times Square
The Pentagon
This list ranks the top 25 buildings throughout the world with the largest amount of floor area. Upon its opening in October 2008, Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport at 1.5 million m² (16.1 million sq ft, or 370 acres) of floor space surpassed the former leader, the Aalsmeer Flower Auction (990,000 m², or 10.6 million sq ft). Terminal 3 has a capacity of 43 million passengers, which by itself would be enough to place Dubai among the 20 busiest airports in the world by passenger traffic. For its part, the Aalsmeer Auction sees about 19 million flowers sold every day.

Name Location Floor Area Source
1 Dubai International Airportmarker Terminal 3 Dubaimarker, United Arab Emiratesmarker 1,500,000 m² (16.1 million sq ft)
2 Aalsmeer Flower Auctionmarker Aalsmeermarker, North Holland, Netherlandsmarker 990,000 m² (10.6 million sq ft)
3 Beijing Capital International Airportmarker Terminal 3 Beijing, P.marker R.marker Chinamarker 986,000 m² (10.6 million sq ft)
4 The Venetian Macaomarker Macaumarker, SAR 980,000 m² (10.5 million sq ft)
5 Berjaya Times Squaremarker Kuala Lumpurmarker, Malaysiamarker 700,000 m² (7.5 million sq ft)
6 The Palazzomarker Las Vegas Stripmarker, Paradisemarker, Nevadamarker, USAmarker 645,581 m² (6.9 million sq ft)
7 The Pentagonmarker Arlington Countymarker, Virginiamarker, USA 610,000 m² (6.6 million sq ft)
8 K-25marker Oak Ridgemarker, Tennesseemarker, USA 609,000 m² (6.6 million sq ft)
9 Air Force Plant 4marker Fort Worth, Texas, USAmarker 603 870 m² (6.5 million sq ft)
10 Hong Kong International Airportmarker Hong Kongmarker, SAR, P. R. C 570,000 m² (6.3 million sq ft)
11 Suvarnabhumi Airportmarker Bangkokmarker, Thailandmarker 563,000 m² (6.06 million sq ft)
12 ATL Logistics Centre, Centre B Hong Kongmarker, SAR, P. R. C 550,000 m² (6.0 million sq ft)
13 Mexico City International Airportmarker Terminal 1 Mexico Citymarker, Mexicomarker 548,000 m²
14 Barcelona Airportmarker Terminal 1 Barcelonamarker, Spainmarker 544,066 m²
15 Warren G.marker Magnuson Health Sciences Buildingmarker Seattlemarker, Washingtonmarker, USA 533,000 m² (5.7 million sq ft)
16 Renaissance Centermarker (Five towers rise from a common base, plus two joined by attached concourse.) Detroitmarker, Michiganmarker, USA 515,800 m² (5.55 million sq ft)
17 Dubai International Airportmarker Terminal 1 Dubaimarker, United Arab Emiratesmarker 515,000 m² (5,543,600 sq ft)
18 Incheon International Airportmarker Seoulmarker, South Koreamarker 496,000 m²
19 Chrysler Technical Centermarker Auburn Hillsmarker, Michiganmarker, USA 492,000 m² (5.3 million sq ft)
20 Barajas Airportmarker Terminal 4 main building Madridmarker, Spainmarker 470,000 m²
21 Embarcadero Centermarker (Six interconnected towers) San Franciscomarker, Californiamarker 445,900 m² (4.8 million sq ft)
22 Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Narita, Chibamarker, Japanmarker 449,600 m²
23 Willis Towermarker Chicagomarker, Illinoismarker, USA 418,000 m² (4.5 million sq ft)
24 Nagoya Stationmarker Nagoya, Aichimarker, Japan 416,565 m²
25 Boeing Plantmarker Everettmarker, Washington, USA 398,000 m² (4.3 million sq ft)
26 Yokohama Landmark Towermarker Yokohama, Kanagawamarker, Japan 392,885 m²
27 USAA McDermott Building San Antoniomarker, Texasmarker, USA 382,000 m² (4,115,500 sq ft)
28 Singapore Changi Airportmarker Terminal 3 Changimarker, Singaporemarker 380,000 m²
29 Mori Tower Minato, Tokyomarker, Japan 379,408 m²
30 Shanghai World Financial Centermarker Shanghai, P. R. China 377,300 m² (4.1 million sq ft)
31 Merchandise Martmarker Chicagomarker, Illinoismarker, USA 372,000 m² (4 million sq ft)
Cœur Défense consists of several buildings which all share a common basement.

ThyssenKrupp AG's Mobile, Alabama steel mill facility upon completion in late 2009 will be 7.7 million sqft.

  • The McDermott Building in San Antonio, TX has 4,220,000 sq ft (392,000 m2).

Special categories

The Parliament of Romania
Devonshire Dock Hall
Ericsson Globe
This list of special categories includes a variety of buildings which are the largest of their type.

Largest buildings
Type of building Name Location Floor Area Volume
Religious site Angkor Watmarker Angkormarker, Cambodiamarker 1,000,000 m²
Presidential Residence Rashtrapati Bhavanmarker New Delhimarker, Indiamarker 19,000 m² (200,000 sq ft)
Parliament Palace of the Parliamentmarker Bucharestmarker, Romaniamarker 330,000 m² (3.55 million sq ft) 2.55 million m³ (90 million cu ft)
Courthouse Brussels Palace of Justicemarker Brusselsmarker, Belgiummarker 260,000 m² (2.8 million sq ft)
Shipbuilding hall Devonshire Dock Hall Barrow-in-Furnessmarker, United Kingdommarker 769,000 m³ (27 million cu ft)
Hemispherical building Ericsson Globemarker Stockholmmarker, Swedenmarker 600,000 m³ (21 million cu ft)
Wooden building Great Buddha Hall, Tōdai-jimarker Nara, Japanmarker 2,850 m² (30,660 sq feet)

List of the world's largest shopping malls

This is a list of the world's 14 largest shopping malls, based on gross leasable area (GLA) rather than total area.

Mall Location GLA Total Area Remarks
1 New South China Mallmarker Dongguanmarker, Chinamarker 600,000 m2 (6.46 million sq ft) 890,000 m2 (9.58 million sq ft) 99.2 percent unoccupied
2 SM City North EDSA Quezon Citymarker, Philippinesmarker 460,000 m² (4.74 million sq ft) It includes City Center Building, The Annex, The Block, Carpark Building and SkyGarden. Currently the largest mall in Asia after Golden Resources Mallmarker, second largest mall in the world and largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia.
3 Central World Bangkokmarker, Thailandmarker 429,500 m² (4.62 million sq ft) 550,000 m² (5.92 million sq ft) Area of the full complex is 1,024,000 m² including two skyscrapers.
4 SM Mall of Asiamarker Pasay Citymarker, Philippinesmarker 410,000 m² (4.67 million sq ft)
5 West Edmonton Mallmarker Edmontonmarker, Canadamarker 350,000 m² (3.8 million sq ft) 570,000 m² (6.0 million sq ft) The largest mall in North America
6 Dream Mallmarker Kaohsiung Citymarker, Taiwanmarker 400,000 m² (4.5 million sq ft)
7 The Dubai Mallmarker Dubaimarker, UAEmarker 350,000 m² (3.77 million sq ft) 1,124,000 m² (12.1 million sq ft) The largest mall in the world by area
8 SM Megamallmarker Mandaluyong Citymarker, Philippinesmarker 348,000 m² (3.75 million sq ft) 420,000 m² (4.52 million sq ft)
9 Berjaya Times Squaremarker Kuala Lumpurmarker, Malaysiamarker 320,000 m² (3.44 million sq ft) 700,000 m² (7.53 million sq ft)
10 Beijing Mall Beijing, China 320,000 m² (3.44 million sq ft) 440,000 m² (4.74 million sq ft)
11 Siam Paragonmarker Bangkok, Thailand 300,000 m² (3.23 million sq ft) 500,000 m² (5.38 million sq ft)
12 SM City Cebumarker Mabolo, Cebu Citymarker, Philippinesmarker 268,611 m² (2,891,305 sq. ft.) Consists of Northwing and Southwing. Largest mall in Central Philippines
13 King of Prussia Mallmarker King of Prussia, Pennsylvaniamarker, United States 259,000 m² (2.79 million sq ft) Consists of two separate buildings
14 Mall of Americamarker Bloomington, Minnesota, United States 257,200 m² (2.77 million sq ft) 390,000 m² (4.2 million sq ft)


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