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Name Place and Religion of Origin Notes
Aizen Myō-ō Japanesemarker Buddhism Portrayed as a red-skinned, frowning man; his appearance represents suppressed lust and passion.
Albina Etruscan mythology Protector of ill-fated lovers.
Anteros Greek mythology Personification of unrequited love, punisher of those who scorn love. Brother of Eros.
Aphrodite Greek mythology Born from the sea foam near Paphosmarker; mother of both Eros and Anteros.
Astarte Phoenician mythology Goddess of fertility, love, sacred sexuality and sex.
Astrild Norse mythology The name Astrild is Old Norse for love-fire.
Cliodhna Irish mythology Also known as the Queen of the Munster fairies.
Eros Greek mythology God responsible for lust, love, and sex; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity. His name is the root of words such as erotic.
Freyja Norse mythology Goddess of love, war, fertility, beauty, magic, prophecies and attraction.
Freyr Norse mythology Worshipped as a phallic fertility god, Freyr "bestows peace and pleasure on mortals".
Himerus Greek mythology Personification of lust and sexual desire.
Huehuecoyotl Aztec mythology Huehuecoyotl literally means old, old coyote.
Ishtar Mesopotamian mythology Goddess of fertility, love and war.
Hymenaios Greek mythology God of marriage.
Mami Wata African mythology Often pictured as a mermaid, half-human and either half-fish or half-reptile.
Kamadeva Hindu mythology Represented as a young and handsome winged man who wields a bow and arrows.
Milda Lithuanian mythology Goddess of love.
Peitho Greek mythology Personification of persuasion and seduction.
Prende Albanianmarker mythology When Albaniamarker became Christianized in the early Middle Ages, Prende was venerated as a minor saint.
Qandisa Moroccanmarker mythology A lust goddess in Northern Morocco.
Qetesh Egyptian mythology Known as the goddess of sex, though almost never associated with fertility.
Rati Hindu mythology The goddess of passion and lust and wife of Kamadeva
Turan Etruscan mythology Goddess of love and vitality. Pigeons and black swans were sacred to her.
Venus Roman mythology The Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.
Xochipilli Aztec mythology The name Xochipilli means flower prince.


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