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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Streetmarker in 2008, by order of first appearance.

Barry Connor

Barrington 'Barry' Connor first appeared in February 2008 along with his wife, Helen, and nephew, Tom, to attend his son, Liam's marriage to Maria Sutherland. He returned to the street on 20 October after hearing news of Liam's death in a hit and run accident. He and Helen left back for Irelandmarker after apologising to Carla for telling her what to do. Barry and Helen returned on 24 November 2008 to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. Barry and Helen returned in July 2009 to see their new grandchild Liam, however after clashing with Maria over Tony's involvement in baby Liam they returned to Ireland.

They returned again in October 2009 for the one year anniversary of Liam's death, they were horrified by Tony and Maria's relationship and even more when they learned they were engaged. They eventually accepted it however. They then attended baby Liam's christening and left Weatherfield on good terms with Maria and Tony.

They returned again in November 2009 after Tony had confessed to the police and Maria that he did arrange for Liam to be killed. Michelle rang Barry and Helen to tell them the horrifying news. They booked a flight to Manchester immediately and comforted Maria.

Helen Connor

Helen Jacqueline Connor first appeared in February 2008 along with her husband, Barry (who she married on 26 November 1968) and nephew, Tom Kerrigan, to attend her son Liam's wedding to Maria Sutherland. She returned to the street on 20 October 2008 after hearing the news of Liam's death in a hit and run accident. She and Barry went back to Irelandmarker after apologising to Carla for telling her what to do. Helen and Barry returned on 24 November 2008 for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Helen returned along with Barry in July 2009 to visit their new grandchild Liam. She wasn't happy with Tony Gordon's presence in the house and made both Tony and Maria aware of this. Helen soon began arguing with Maria, accusing her of trying to replace Liam with Tony.

Helen continued to show her dislike towards Tony, and in her return to the cobbles in October 2009, for baby Liam's christening, she told him that she did not approve of the situation but was willing to be civil. During their stay, they visited Liam Sr's grave, and upon returning discovered that daughter-in-law Maria was now engaged to Tony. Helen was enraged, accusing Maria of betraying Liam's memory. Helen later softened on the situation, and after attending Liam's christening, she and Barry returned to Ireland on good terms with Maria and Tony.

On November 20th, Helen and Barry returned after Tony Gordon handed himself into police and admitted that he had had Liam killed. To support Maria in the whole situation, but at first blaming her for letting Tony to stay in the first place, Barry and Helen decides to offer her to live with them in Ireland to help look after baby Liam. At first Maria refuses to accept, but then changes her mind, wanting to do whats best for Liam. However when an unexpected visitor arrives - Carla, Helen is infuriated to see her after she discovers that the reason why Tony arranged Liam to be killed was because of his affair with Carla. She blames Carla for Liam's death as well as Tony.

Tom Kerrigan

Thomas 'Tom' Kerrigan, played by Philip McGinley, is the cousin of Liam, Paul and Michelle Connor. He returned to Coronation Streetmarker in June 2008, having previously being seen at Liam's stag party in February that year. On his return, he flirted with Carla, his cousin's widow, much to her fiance, Tony Gordon's dislike. On 23 March 2009 it was revealed that Tom had been axed from the show.

Tom made friends with gay character Sean Tully. On 3 September 2008, Sean asked Tom could he kiss him but Tom refused as to being straight. Sean then stormed off in a huff. This led to Sean's partner Marcus Dent punching Tom after he suspected he had slept with Sean.

In September 2008, Tom and Liam went into business together, selling men's shirts, called 'Lad Rags'. Unable to get a loan from the bank, Tom turned to Carla who gave him the £50,000 that he needed, on the condition that she could have a 25% share in the business. This angered Liam initially but eventually accepted the partnership. He insisted, however, that Carla's 25% come out of Tom's share of the business.

Tom was devastated when Liam was killed by a hit-and-run driver in October 2008. Weeks after his death, Tom was confronted by Liam's wife Maria about Carla's involvement in 'Lad Rags' and he was forced to admit that Carla had invested money in the business.

On 3 December 2008, at Tony and Carla's wedding, Tom and Michelle had discovered Liam and Carla's affair as Sally Webster revealed it to Maria. This infuriated her and she was about to confront Carla, but she and her new husband, Tony, had already left for their honeymoon. Tom was confused as to Maria's repeated allegations, and tried his best to convince her that he knew of no affair. When Maria began to believe Tony had killed Liam, Tom tried to convince her of Tony's innocence, despite his own initial suspicions on the night of Liam's death.

In March 2009, Maria received Carla's 25% share of 'Lad Rags' making Tom a minority shareholder to her combined 75%. Around this time he began to have feelings for her and was not happy when she sought financial advice from Tony about the business. Tony warned Tom to keep out of it, saying that he knew about his crush on Maria. This infuriated Tom and as revenge he revealed to Tony's new business partner Luke Strong that he was having him followed by a private investigator.

Tom appears to have left the Street following a big argument with Maria and Tony. He was last seen kissing Kelly Crabtree outside the Rovers on her birthday, leaving Tony and Maria inside. He never visited to see Maria's baby, Liam Connor Jr.

Dylan Wilson

Dylan Wilson is the son of Violet Wilson and Sean Tully and first appeared on 22 February 2008, having been delivered by his biological father and his partner Marcus Dent in the Rovers, because it was too late to go to the hospital.

He was due to be born four weeks later, Violet and her boyfriend Jamie Baldwin intended to have him in London when they planned to escape the street because of Sean's involvement. When he was born in the Rovers, Sean bonded with his son, and said that when he was born, he looked straight at him and was lost for words at the fact he was the first person his son saw. Jamie also bonded with Dylan, although found it hard due to the fact that Sean was his biological dad and present at the birth.

Dylan was named by his mother and Jamie. They wanted a name that would go with Wilson and Baldwin. His middle name is "James" after Jamie. Sean suggested changing his last name to "Wilson-Tully" and asked if they would name him as Dylan's father on his birth certificate - Violet and Jamie looked at each other with mild depression. Dylan left the street on 29 February with his mother, Violet, and his legal father, Jamie. Violet and Jamie decided to put Jamie on the birth certificate instead of Sean so Jamie can be his legal father, and so their start in London would be easier for all of them.

D.C. Weller

D.C. Weller was played by Caroline Paterson. She was the police detective heading the investigating team after David Platt had pushed his mother, Gail down the stairs of their home in March 2008. She reappeared on 17 December 2008, to question Tony Gordon over the death of Liam Connor, and again on 26 January 2009, when Maria ran Tony down with her car. She most recently appeared to talk to Colin Grimshaw about having sex with Paula Carp while she was still under age, however, he died before she could speak to him.

Ted Page

Ted Page, played by Michael Byrne, is the long lost father of Gail Platt, and made his first appearance on 28 April 2008. A week after his arrival, Ted revealed he was gay, and had recently lost his partner of twenty years.

Audrey Roberts dated Ted for a while and, hoping to convince her father that she was sensible enough to raise a child, got pregnant in the hope Ted would propose and she would then get her son, Stephen back. Unfortunately Audrey got cold feet and never told Ted that she was expecting their child. When Ted got in touch, she told him that she had a daughter and that he was her father. Upon learning this, Ted became agitated as he realised how much he had missed of his daughter's life and had never seen his grandchildren, Nick, Sarah and David or his great grandchildren, Bethany and Billy. Ted met Gail and they bonded almost instantly.

Ted supported David when he was going to his job interview at a salon, going so far as to write a reference in Audrey's name. He befriended Ken Barlow, offering him an extra ticket for a play. This led to Ken's mother-in-law Blanche Hunt suspecting Ken could become gay. Ted became a support system for Audrey following her car accident and breakup with Bill Webster.

Ted went home in Autumn 2008 and was occasionally referenced by the other characters. However, he returned on 28 January 2009, following his visit to Londonmarker. Upon his return, Ted supported the Platts in their feud against the Windasses and paid for Tina McIntyre, David's girlfriend, 18th birthday dinner at a restaurant of her choosing. Ted was also drawn into Ken's complex relationship with Martha Fraser.

On June 5, 2009, Ted turned up to house-sit for Audrey, while she and Gail visited Sarah in Milan, and was met by David's nemesis, Gary Windass who was burgling the house (the idea was set up by David and Gary was unaware Audrey lived there). Ted confronted Gary and chased after him. The police and ambulance were called, but Ted refused to go to hospital. Later in the evening when he went to the Street and confronted Gary's parents, Eddie and Anna and then went into Number 8. That evening, Ted suffered a heart attack (a deleayed reaction to the earlier exertion) and was rushed to hospital. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Ted regained consciousness and was certain of Gary's identity. After being discharged David confessed to everything, leaving Ted ashamed of him. Ted bumped into Gary in the street the next day and an apologetic Gary told him that David had set him up and that he hadn't meant for anyone to get hurt. Ted shook Gary's hand and told him he forgave him for what he had done. Ted is now good friends with the Windasses and has since forgiven David.

On November 11th, Gary Windass made an insulting remark about the armed forces when he saw Ted wearing a poppy. Ted and Peter Barlow, who served the Navy, gave Gary a piece of their mind. The next day, Gary apologised to Ted and asked to hear about his days of service.

Paul Connor Jr.

Paul Connor Jr. was the stillborn son of Liam and Maria Connor born on 30 April 2008. Paul wasn't due to be born until July but was delivered prematurely.

He was named after his deceased uncle Paul, who had died ten months before. Maria discovered that her baby had died on 28 April when she went for an emergency scan after telling Sean Tully's boyfriend, Marcus, that she hadn't felt the baby move for a few days.

Maria didn't tell Liam and went to stay with her friend/boss Audrey Roberts. Liam found out that Maria had lost the baby from a midwife. He and Maria separated briefly, holding the baby's funeral on 9 May 2008, where Liam carried Paul's tiny coffin. Liam and Maria subsequently got back together although he had a one night stand with Carla Connor. Liam died in October 2008 when Maria was six weeks pregnant.

Paul's brother, Liam, was born on July 1, 2009.

Kenzie Judd

Kenzie Judd is played by Jack Cooper and first appeared on 26 May 2008. Kenzie is the main member of the gang of hoodies that terrorised the street. He also raided the Kabin and left Norris Cole shaken, he also robbed Roy's rolls. They also caused Jerry Morton to suffer a heart attack. This persuaded Jerry's daughter, Kayleigh not to be with him, and he lost his part in his schoolplay, which went to schoolmate Chesney, who also has an eye for Kayleigh. Kenzie later appeared on the Street with the other hoodies on 22 August 2008 to beat Chesney, but the fight was broken up by their ex schoolteacher John Stape. He returned on 3 April 2009, when he and his gang attacked Chesney, only to be stopped by Chesney's sister, Fiz Brown who was about to punch him, until the intervention of the headmaster, Mr. Griffin.

Jimmy Dockerson

James 'Jimmy' Dockerson is played by actor Robert Beck. The character first appeared on 11 July 2008, as a henchman of Tony Gordon, sabotaging the clients of Kevin Webster. Several months later, Jimmy reappeared when Tony discovered that his fiance Carla Connor had had an affair with her brother-in-law Liam. Tony arranged a hit-and-run in order to murder Liam, hiring Jimmy to carry it out. On 22 December 2008, he met up with friend Tony where he told him not to call him again. A few days later, after Tony attempted to murder Jed Stone, he called to ask for Jimmy's help but he hung up on him. In early February 2009, Carla met up with Jimmy, where he told her of his henchman duties and what really happened on the night of Liam Connor's death.

Jimmy returned on October 22, 2009 when Tony hired him to kill his ex-wife Carla after she threatened to expose the truth. After a vicious scuffle with her, after gaining entry into her apartment, she struck him over the head with a candlestick knocking him unconscious, with Tony fooling Carla that he was dead. She then promptly left for Los Angeles again not knowing that Jimmy was still alive.

In November, Tony handed himself into the police, and gave Jimmy's name as the henchman who he paid to kill Liam. The police have since been searching for Jimmy and questioning Carla, who still believes she has murdered him.

Pam Hobsworth

Pam Hobsworth (née Compton), played by Kate Anthony, made her first appearance on 16 July 2008 as established character Molly Compton's aunt. Her arrival was first announced in April 2008. Pam was introduced in July 2008, seen as a stranger selling ham to Blanche Hunt in the Rovers Return Inn. When Molly arrived at the pub, they recognised each other instantly.

On 25 July 2008, Pam extravagantly bought Molly's boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs a Fabergé egg to use to propose to Molly. Pam told Jack Duckworth, Molly, and Tyrone that she would leave if she'd worn out her welcome, but they insisted she stay. Pam led them to believe her husband had died, but told Molly that he'd thrown her out for having an affair with the renderer.

Pam convinced Tyrone that Molly wanted a lavish wedding, and began teaching him how to make more money. She got into a row with Tyrone's mother Jackie after she upset Molly and Tyrone. She encouraged Tyrone to help her with her business by selling cheap merchandise in October 2008. Two months later Molly found out that Tyrone had been selling for Pam and walked out on him, making Tyrone furious with Pam. However, it's clear that all Pam wants is to see her niece Molly happily married to Tyrone.

December 2008 saw Pam buying the kebab shop chip fat from Darryl Morton to convert into biofuel. In the 2008 New Year episode, she was knocked unconscious, when she came to move the fuel from Jack Duckworth's outside toilet where she and Darryl were storing it. The sparks from the angle grinder which Pam was using ignited the biofuel causing an explosion. However, she made a full recovery in hospital the following day.

Pam decided to continue peddling knockoff goods to buy a new pigeon coop for Jack. She asked Tyrone to drop off some sunglasses at the Flying Horse pub; even though the exchange was to take place only hours before his wedding, Tyrone reluctantly agreed. The buyer announced that he was an undercover police officer, and only agreed to let Tyrone go if Tyrone gave him everything free of charge. Tyrone was furious with Pam, who realised the man was her ex-boyfriend, Whispering Geoff, pretending to be a cop. Further bad news occurred when the happy couple realised Jackie had stolen their honeymoon tickets to Paris. Fast-thinking Pam got them a week in a caravan in Blackpoolmarker, although Molly was not overjoyed at the news.

In June 2009 she went to a singles night with Bill Webster and the couple soon developed a romance.

Pam discovered that Molly was having an affair with Kevin Webster, Bill's son, in October 2009, after spotting the couple kiss. She demanded that Molly end the relationship or else she would inform Tyrone of her infedelity.

Prem Mandal

Prem Mandal, played by Madhav Sharma, first appeared upon meeting Dev Alahan and Vernon Tomlin on a golf course. Prem, who runs a successful floor-covering business, remembered Dev from a Trades association meeting. Prem took Dev under his wing, as he said Dev reminded him of a younger version of himself. Sharma had previously played Dev's father during a 2004 appearance. Dev was invited to dinner with Prem and his wife Nina on 1 August 2008. Nina then began an affair with Dev behind Prem's back. In October 2008, he consented to Dev going out with his daughter Tara as he saw Dev as a man of integrity and honour. Prem was disgusted when Dev revealed his affair with Nina to him, he forced him out of his house and vowed to have nothing more to do with him, ending his relationship with Tara, but agreed not to tell her why they had to end.

Nina Mandal

Nina Mandal, played by Harvey Virdi, made her first appearance on 30 July 2008 as the wife of new character Prem Mandal. She began to flirt with Prem's friend Dev Alahan, who had idolised her in his youth, as she'd been a Bollywood star. The following day Nina invited Dev to come to dinner with her and Prem. When Nina and Dev were alone, Nina shocked Dev by suggesting they have an affair. After some initial reluctance, he gave in within a few days. Nina then told Dev to book a weekend away for he and Nina. Nina then began to blackmail Dev after he attempted to end their affair. When Dev was introduced to Prem and Nina's daughter Tara, Nina furiously warned the shopkeeper to keep away from her. Nina later again blackmailed Dev into ending his relationship with Tara, by threatening to reveal their affair to Prem, but Dev instead told Prem about his sordid affair. In November 2008, Nina was devastated when Tara discovered that she had also been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. Tara refused to have anything to do with her and Nina urged Dev not to tell her about their fling. Dev agreed, but Dev's daughter Amber, who knew about the affair, told Tara out of spite a few days later. When Tara returned to the Street in late December 2008, she told Dev that she and her mother had not been speaking for several weeks.

Lisa Dalton

Lisa Dalton arrived on the street at the beginning of August 2008 as a friend to of Prem and Nina Mandal, when Dev Alahan was invited to dinner with them, Dev and Lisa have began to date, they met up shortly after meeting and they went to the Rovers for a drink. They then decided to stop seeing each other. Lisa returned on 30 March 2009 shortly after Dev's relationship with Tara Mandal began to fail. She got drunk with Dev in the Rovers and the pair ended up in bed together. On 17 April 2009, barmaid Poppy Morales told friend Tara of Lisa and Dev's night of passion and Tara warned Lisa not to visit her or Dev again.


Saj appeared in two episodes in September 2008 as Rosie Webster's boyfriend, who she began dating while on holiday. In the latter episode, they came out of a nightclub and kissed while John Stape spied on them, and she was later kidnapped by John that night. Saj was not seen again after the incident.

DC Hooch

DC Hooch is a policeman. He is enemies with Becky Granger and has tried to get her arrested on several occasions. He first accused her of theft, but Becky was found not guilty due to a false alibi from Steve McDonald. He reappeared in mid-2009 when it transpired that he had hired Becky's ex, Slug, to try and bring her down. Slug convinced Becky he was a changed man, however, on Hooch's orders, he planted drugs in Becky's bag on her wedding day to Steve. The Rovers was then raided by the police and Becky was arrested.

Steve confronted Hooch who told him that it was payback for the court case in 2008. Steve then instructed his Streetcars drivers to track down Slug. Lloyd Mullaney managed to find him and he and Steve bundled him into a car boot and took him to Becky, where he admitted planting the drugs for Hooch. Steve, Lloyd and Becky then met with Hooch and Slug was forced to say he would tell the truth in court and defend Becky. Hooch remained confident, however, soon after, the charges against Becky were dropped.

Hooch later met with Steve and told him that he wouldn't bother them again if they stayed out of his way. He also warned Steve that Becky would bring him down.

Len Windass

Len Windass, played by Conor Ryan is a character on Coronation Streetmarker. Len is the brother of Eddie Windass and the uncle of Gary Windass. He made his first appearance on November 14 2008. Graeme Proctor warned friend David Platt not to mess with Len and the family as it would lead to trouble after David had been back to the family's house to demand payment for their new kitchen. Len and Gary menaced Joe McIntyre out of his tools in retaliation to David's threat against Len's brother, Eddie and his wife Anna, in order to recover some money they owed. Len helped the family settle in to Number 6 and reappeared a month later when Gary asking him to get hold of some copper piping, which they stole from Bill Webster's building yard.

In February 2009, Len was furious when he heard that Gary was being brought to court for starting a violent fight with David. He threatened David's girlfriend Tina McIntyre, warning her not to testify at the trial. He also began taunting Tina's father Joe, whom he later tried to bribe by offering him a lucrative offer to fit kitchens in a new development on the condition that he would persuade Tina not to testify.

In mid-2009, Len gave Gary an alibi when he had robbed Audrey Roberts house and caused Ted Page to have a heart attack. However, Gary told his parents the truth and Eddie told Len he wasn't welcome in their home any more.

Several months later, Len reappeared when Joe McIntyre was thrown off a building job for not being up to it. He then made a further appearence back on the street on August 14th with Eddie when Joe was arrested for breaking into the medical centre. Len has not appeared since.

Minnie Chandra

Minnie Chandra, played by Poppy Jhakra, first appeared on 17 November 2008. Jhakra was added to the soap's cast in a bid to better reflect Manchester's ethnic diversity. She is a college friend of Amber Kalirai and became an employee at the kebab shop on Victoria Street. In December 2008, she met Tyrone Dobbs, whilst he was fixing her car at the garage. They began to flirt and Tyrone sold her knock-off perfume. Molly Compton, Tyrone's girlfriend looked on as Tyrone and Minnie went for a test drive, leading her to suspect Tyrone was having an affair.

Minnie reappeared in late January 2009. Amber had taken on work at her father Dev's kebab shop, as well as holding down her job at the corner store, so she could use the wages Dev would be paying her for driving lessons. Dev brought her to the store, where her job had been taken over by Minnie. Knowing Amber's plan had been foiled, Dev swapped their jobs again, sending Minnie to work at the kebab shop.

In June 2009, Minnie became friends with Rosie Webster after she almost ran her down, and called her a "trollop". Rosie decided to tell her first about the £150,000 windfall that she received from John Stape. The pair then went on a major shopping spree and celebrated later in the Rovers with champagne.

In June 2009, Gary tried to explain to Minnie's co-worker Tina his side of the robbery story, but Tina refused to listen. Jason Grimshaw then tried to intervene but Gary left; Minnie praised Jason for his bravery and asked him out for a drink, to which Jason hesitantly accepted, although he was clearly interested in Tina. Jason got really drunk when with Minnie and embarrassed himself in front of her. Minnie initially let him hug and kiss her neck, but she later made it clear things weren't going further and left the pub.

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor, played by Pattie Clare, made her first onscreen appearance on 26 November 2008. She is a love interest for Norris Cole. The character has been introduced for this specific storyline as both herself and Norris have an obsession with entering competitions. Mary lives with and takes care of her invalid mother and uses the competitions as a way to enjoy life. Norris initially resented Mary, as she often beat him in competitions, but when they met, they quickly became close, and Mary offered Norris one of the tickets she'd won for a Cliff Richard concert. Mary began to visit Norris more often. Norris' fellow lodger, Jed Stone, enjoyed flirting with Mary, but Mary only had eyes for Norris. Norris invited her to his home for Christmas. Near the end of January, Mary returned, telling Norris they'd won a motor home. Norris was pleased, but began to be concerned about how far she wanted to take their relationship. On 13 February 2009, in the Rovers they said an awkward goodbye to each other, Mary was expecting a kiss or a hug from Norris, but got nothing, leaving her devastated. In March 2009, she returned and she asked Norris if he'd like to go travelling, this left his friends Emily and Rita unsure how they'd feel if he left. In April, Mary told Norris that her invalid mother had died but she admitted that she felt a sense of relief as she had been a very domineering woman. On 15 May she and Norris said goodbye and she drove off in the motorhome, but not before promising to keep in touch with Norris via postcards.

Digital Spy reported in September 2009 that Mary would make a comeback in the New Year hoping to restart her relationship with Norris.

Pat Gordon

Patrick 'Pat' Gordon was a character played by actor Jamie Lee. The character was first mentioned on 3 October 2008 when his brother Tony Gordon asked Liam Connor to be his best man after claiming that he had fallen out with his brother. However, when Liam was murdered by Tony after he hired Jimmy Dockerson as a hitman, Carla then invited Pat for their wedding. He then served as best man to Tony on the wedding on 3 December 2008. Pat and Tony were on friendly terms, but did not seem overly close, as Pat mentioned to Maria. Pat also tried to tell several wedding guests that he'd originally dated Tony's first wife, Lindsey but Tony quietened him down. Pat left the day after Tony's wedding, after unwittingly telling Maria that Tony had lied about his reasons for not being at the first wedding, and that Tony would have killed Liam if he'd found out Liam had had an affair with Carla.

Colin Grimshaw

Colin Grimshaw was played by Edward de Souza and made his first appearance on 12 December 2008. He arrived by meeting Peter Barlow at the bookies. As he was putting on a bet, daughter Eileen phoned though he said he was on the bus to Weatherfield as he is known for his betting and drinking. He stopped off at the Rover's and took a fancy to a bemused Rita Sullivan. He spoke to Eileen, again lying to her about his whereabouts, but she recognised the pub owner's voice in the background. She marched across the street and handed him his cold dinner, pouring the entire salt canister on top for good measure. Colin followed her home and gave her some flowers Tyrone Dobbs had thrown away (Colin told her he'd paid for them at great expense). Eileen forgave him. Colin continued to give short strift to his daughter, lying to her on Christmas Day so he could spend the day with Rita. When Rita found out what he'd done, she apologised to Eileen, but Eileen told her it was to be expected.

On 27 April 2009, Colin celebrated his 70th birthday with his partner Rita, Eileen, his grandson Jason along with many other friends at a party in the Rovers Return, organised by Rita. During the celebrations, Colin proposed to Rita and she gladly accepted. However, the party was interrupted by the arrival of Eileen's childhood friend Paula Carp who had recently heard that her daughter Julie had slept with Jason. Paula and Julie got into an argument, with Paula urging her to stop seeing Jason. Paula then dropped the bombshell that Julie and Jason were related. When Colin tried to get her to leave the pub, Paula turned on him and revealed the shocking truth that he was Julie's father, having got her pregnant when she was just 14 and he was 38. This meant that Julie and Jason were aunt and nephew, while Eileen was Julie's half-sister.

On 1 May, Colin suffered a stroke while visiting Eileen, and she refused to go with him to the hospital. On 11 May, Colin discharged himself from hospital, and Jason and Julie looked after him at Eileen's. She vowed never to speak to her father again and didn't want him in the house but relented due to his frail state. The police arrived to question him over his child abuse past after Paula reported him to the police, but he collapsed and died instantly from a heart attack whilst in Eileen's living-room.

Poppy Morales

Poppy Morales was played by Sophiya Haque. She first appeared on 17 December 2008. She arrived at the Rovers Return Inn with friend Liz McDonald, whom she had met in a Brazilian Crunch exercise class. Poppy caught Liz's attention as she is a well known barmaid.
 She is the 51st Rovers barmaid, she was offered 'Assistant Manager' which she accepted, following Michelle Connor hinting at not wanting extra shifts. Poppy also offered to take on Betty Williams' shifts while she visited her son Gordon Clegg and his family in Wimbledonmarker over the Christmas period. At Christmas when Tony and Carla were kissing in the Rovers, Poppy jokingly grabbed Lloyd Mullaney to show what a "real kiss" was like, unknowingly annoying Liz, who had feelings for Lloyd.

In March 2009, Poppy was disgusted when she witnessed Dev Alahan leave the Rovers with Lisa Dalton, as it was clear that they were going to sleep together. She was stunned the following day when Dev came into the pub with his girlfriend Tara who was oblivious to his infidelity. In order not to see her friend get hurt, Poppy told Tara about Dev and Lisa's night of passion. Poppy was given the sack from the Rovers in June 2009, after she fired long-serving Betty Williams. Betty complained to Steve and he tried to get Poppy to reconsider. Poppy then verbally attacked Steve and his girlfriend Becky Granger which led to Becky dragging her out of the Rovers by her hair.

Mike Scott

Mike Scott, played by Anthony Bessick, first appeared on 29 December 2008, when Janice Battersby was forced to do community service at the local hospital. One day she went for a smoke break and met Mike. He told her he was in for a chest infection, downgraded from pneumonia. She told him about her community service, and they laughed over their shared misfortune. Janice then went back to work, but that night her friends told her she'd been beaming the whole time she'd been out with them, which suggested that she still had Mike on her mind.

He reappeared on 30 January 2009, when Janice met up with him again, they chatted together, though Mike keeled over and collapsed. When Janice tried to get help, Mike asked her to stay with him. Janice screamed for help, with other people in the car park alerting doctors at the hospital. Some time after he was taken inside, a nurse told Janice that Mike had died. The doctors said that he had a clot on his lung. Janice learned Mike had been much more ill than he'd let on to her, and had just had major surgery some days prior to his death. She later learned he had a wife when she received flowers and a card, and Emily Bishop told her how grateful his wife had been that someone was with him after his collapse. Mike's death shook Janice deeply and she considered becoming a nurse.

Anthony Bessick has made two appearances in character on Harry Hill's TV Burp, lampooning the way his character died on screen.


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