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This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses.


Sea-Forest Plantation is the name of a seventeenth century Fishing Plantation established by John Guy at Cuper's Covemarker (present day Cupids) in Newfoundlandmarker, Canadamarker in 1610 under a royal charter issued by King James I. It is maintained by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a provincial heritage site.

Mockbeggar is the name of a eighteenth century Fishing Plantation situated at Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada. It is maintained by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a provincial heritage site.

Pool Plantation is the name of a seventeenth century Fishing Plantation maintained by Sir David Kirke and his heirs at Ferrylandmarker in Newfoundland, Canada. The site was first settled in 1621 under a royal charter issued by King James I to Lord Baltimore. Pool Plantation was destroyed by French invaders in 1696. It is maintained by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a provincial heritage site.


In Jamaicamarker, a number of historic plantation houses are listed as Great Houses under the Jamaica National Heritage Trust.

United States

For those listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, a reference number is given.

small test table

Name Photo Location State Description
1 Abingdonmarker Arlingtonmarker VA
2 Acadia Plantation Thibodauxmarker LA NRHP-listed
3 Albania Plantation House Jeanerettemarker LA NRHP-listed
99 Belle Grovemarker Frederickmarker, Shenandoahmarker, and Warrenmarker counties, near Middletown, Virginiamarker

VA NRHP-listed, a National Historical Park
999 Barboursvillemarker Barboursvillemarker

VA Designed by Thomas Jefferson

big table

NRHP Reference Number Name Community State
Abingdonmarker Arlingtonmarker VA
87000849 Acadia Plantation Thibodauxmarker LA
Accokeek Brooke VA
01000007 Albania Plantation House Jeanerettemarker LA
83002891 Alexander Plantation House Midwaymarker KY
96001263 Allendale Plantation Historic District Port Allenmarker LA
80003716 Allison Plantation Yorkmarker SC
93001132 Alston--DeGraffenried Plantation Pittsboromarker NC
95001322 Altonamarker Charles Townmarker WV
Ampthill Richmondmarker VA
72001389 Ampthill Cartersvillemarker VA
Analostan Islandmarker Washingtonmarker DC
95000245 The Anchorage Kilmarnockmarker VA
73001709 Annandale Plantation Georgetownmarker SC
69000015 Appomattox Manor Hopewellmarker VA
78002509 Arcadia Plantation Georgetownmarker SC
82000469 Ardoyne Plantation Housemarker Houmamarker LA
66000040 Arlington House, The Robert E.marker Lee Memorialmarker Arlingtonmarker VA
80004476 Arlington Plantation Lake Providencemarker LA
82000457 Arlington Plantation Housemarker Franklinmarker LA
82004676 Arlington Plantation Housemarker Washingtonmarker LA
72000402 Arnold-Callaway Plantation Washingtonmarker GA
Ash Grovemarker Tysons Cornermarker VA
75001691 Ashley Hall Plantation Charlestonmarker SC
72000552 Asphodel Plantation and Cemetery Jacksonmarker LA
87000729 Audubon Plantation House Baton Rougemarker LA
91000465 Avirett--Stephens Plantation Richlandsmarker NC
82000434 Avondale Plantation Homemarker Clintonmarker LA
66000849 Bacon's Castlemarker Surrymarker VA
07000424 Bagatelle Plantation House Sunshine LA
02000606 Bannerman Plantationmarker Tallahasseemarker FL
69000267 Barboursvillemarker Barboursvillemarker VA
79001056 Battleground Plantation Sicily Islandmarker LA
73001914 Beall-Airmarker Halltownmarker WV
Beauregard Brandy Stationmarker VA
85000984 Beaver Creek Plantation Martinsvillemarker VA
79001735 Beaver Dam Plantation House Davidsonmarker NC
78001576 Bedford Plantation Natchezmarker MS
75001741 Beechwood Hall Newport TN
76001305 Belfont Plantation House Latham NC
74002232 Belle Air Charles Citymarker VA
80004198 Belmont Belmontmarker VA
84003588 Belvederemarker Charles Townmarker WV
69000243 Belle Grove marker Middletownmarker VA
Belle Grove Plantation marker Iberville Parish, Louisianamarker LA
73002029 Belle Grove marker Port Conwaymarker VA
73002031 Belle Islemarker Lancastermarker VA
69000177 Belle Meade Plantationmarker Belle Meade TN
82003495 Belvidere Plantation House Hampstead NC
73002337 Belvoirmarker Fort Belvoirmarker VA
88000526 Beneventum Plantation House Georgetownmarker SC
86000157 Bennett Bunn Plantation Zebulonmarker NC
79001083 Bennett Plantation House Alexandriamarker LA
71001040 Berkeleymarker Charles Citymarker VA
69000246 Berry Hillmarker South Bostonmarker VA
87000486 Beverleymarker Charles Townmarker WV
71000280 Birdsville Plantation Millenmarker GA
94000062 Black River Plantation House Georgetownmarker SC
99000712 Blackwood-Harwood Plantations Cemeterymarker Tallahasseemarker FL
82004319 Blakeleymarker Charles Townmarker WV
93000145 Blantonia Plantation House Lormanmarker MS
73001698 Bleak Hall Plantation Outbuildings Edisto Islandmarker SC
99001397 Boidstones Placemarker Shepherdstownmarker WV
82004573 Boldrup Plantation Archeological Site Newport Newsmarker VA
93001512 Boone Hall Plantation House and Historic Landscape Mount Pleasantmarker SC
72001224 Borough House Plantationmarker Stateburgmarker SC
83000527 Bouverans Plantation House Lockportmarker LA
89002015 Box Hall Plantation Thomsvillemarker GA
75001780 Brabson's Ferry Plantationmarker Seviervillemarker TN
96000495 Brandon Plantationmarker Alton VA
69000241 Bremo Bremo Bluffmarker VA
80001709 Breston Plantation Housemarker Columbiamarker LA
86003198 Brooklands Plantation Edisto Islandmarker SC
81000089 Brown Bay Plantation Historic District Brown Bay VI
70000480 Buck Spring Plantation Vaughan NC
83000503 Buckmeadow Plantation Housemarker Lake Providencemarker LA
70000185 Bulow Plantation Ruinsmarker Flagler Beachmarker FL
86000157 Bunn, Bennett, Plantation Zebulonmarker NC
02000002 Burn Brae Plantation-Krueger Housemarker Stuartmarker FL
90000705 Burnside Plantation Bethlehemmarker PA
71000621 Burnside Plantation House Williamsboro NC
79001103 Butler--Greenwood Plantation St. Francisvillemarker LA
82002754 Calliham Plantation House Hamburg LA
84002859 Calumet Plantation Housemarker Pattersonmarker LA
73001857 Carnton Franklin TN
73002003 Carter Hallmarker Millwoodmarker VA
79001069 Carter Plantation Springfieldmarker LA
69000249 Carter's Grove Grovemarker VA
75001288 Cascade Plantation Edenmarker NC
82002757 Cashpoint Plantation Housemarker Elm Grove LA
92000583 Caspiana Plantation Store Natchitochesmarker LA
72001379 Castle Hillmarker Cismontmarker VA
75000615 Casulon Plantation Good Hopemarker GA
Catalpa Culpepermarker VA
88001049 Cedar Bend Plantation Natchezmarker LA
93000599 Cedar Grove Plantationmarker Faunsdalemarker AL
91000231 Cedar Grove Plantation Chapel Pawleys Islandmarker SC
74002004 Cedar Lawnmarker Charles Townmarker WV
76000965 Cedars Plantation Oak Ridgemarker LA
Ceelys on the James Newport Newsmarker VA
84001156 Champion-McGarrah Plantation Friendship GA
82002491 Chapman, John, Plantation Jeffersonvillemarker GA
95000633 Charlton Hall Plantation House Hickory Tavern SC
82000442 Chatchie Plantation Housemarker Thibodauxmarker LA
Chatham Manor Fredericksburgmarker VA
80004195 Chericokemarker Falls VA
84000384 Cherokee Plantation Fort Paynemarker AL
73000869 Cherokee Plantation Natchitochesmarker LA
83000949 Cherry Grove Plantation Natchez MS
03000208 Chester Plantation Disputantamarker VA
73002211 Chesterville Plantation Site Hamptonmarker VA
Chestnut Grove New Kentmarker VA
Chestnut Hill Leesburgmarker VA
73001710 Chicora Wood Plantation Georgetown SC
82003089 China Grove Plantation Natchez MS
93000235 Chinqua--Penn Plantation Reidsville NC
69000283 Chippokes Plantationmarker Surrymarker VA
Chopawamsic Quanticomarker VA
77001519 Chretien Point Plantation Sunsetmarker LA
03000346 Christian Allemong Housemarker Summit Pointmarker WV
78000269 Cinnamon Bay Plantation Cruz Bay VI
85000970 Clarendon Plantation Housemarker Evergreenmarker LA
Clarens Alexandriamarker VA
73001908 Claymont Courtmarker Charles Townmarker WV
73001318 Clear Springs Plantation Jasper NC
80002193 Cliffs Plantation Natchez MS
85002721 Clifton Plantation House Howard MS
Clover Hill Culpepermarker VA
75001687 Coffin Point Plantation Frogmore SC
88001730 Coffin Point Plantation Caretaker's House Frogmore SC
73001917 Cold Springmarker Shepherdstownmarker WV
93000045 Coleman--Desha Plantation Cynthiana KY
74000703 Colonsay Plantation Crawfordville GA
Colrossmarker Alexandriamarker VA
71000581 Coolmore Plantation Tarboro NC
97001132 Coplin Plantation Schoolhouse Stratton ME
70000805 Corotomanmarker Weemsmarker VA
75000857 Cottage Plantation St. Francisville LA
80002897 Covington Plantation House Rockingham NC
80001039 Cowdry, William D., Plantation Cave Spring GA
90000805 Craig, Robert, Plantation Lawrenceville GA
93000475 Crawford's Plantation House Edisto Island SC
84000144 Crescent Plantationmarker Tallulah LA
73002043 Criss Crossmarker New Kentmarker VA
93000601 Cuba Plantationmarker Faunsdale AL
Curles Neck Plantation Varinamarker VA
73000620 Curry Hill Plantation Bainbridge GA
07000098 Dantzler Plantation Holly Hill SC
73000868 Darby Plantation New Iberia LA
74001851 Darby Plantation Edgefield SC
71000776 Davis Plantation Monticello SC
75001266 Davis, Archibald H., Plantation Justice NC
79000731 Davis-Felton Plantation Henderson GA
93001517 Dellet Plantation Monroeville AL
70000873 Denbigh Plantation Site Newport News (Independent City) VA
87000543 Desert Plantation Woodville MS
86001054 Desire Plantation House Vacherie LA
73002132 Destrehan Plantationmarker Destrehan LA
95000741 Dickey--Birdsong Plantation Beachton GA
87000851 Dixie Plantation House Franklin LA
78002418 Donegal Mills Plantationmarker Mount Joy PA
75000397 Dortch Plantationmarker Scott AR
79003777 Dortch Plantation Scott AR
66000701 Drayton Hallmarker Charleston SC
99000250 Dry Forks Plantationmarker Coy AL
85002759 Ducros Plantation House Thibodaux LA
94000742 Dulcito Plantation House New Iberia LA
73000606 Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar Millmarker Port Orange FL
80004081 Durazno Plantation Jones Creek TX
97000559 Early Hill Plantation Greensboro GA
86001501 Eayres Plantation and Mill Site Lumberton NJ
82004537 Edgehillmarker Shadwell VA
06000706 Edgewood Amherstmarker VA
83003265 Edgewood Plantation and Harrison's Mill Charles Citymarker VA
82002791 El Dorado Plantation House Livonia LA
07000220 Elk Hill Nellysfordmarker VA
73001918 Elmwoodmarker Shepherdstownmarker WV
72000963 Elmwood Plantation Gatesville NC
69000252 Elsing Green Tunstallmarker VA
88003135 Emilie Plantation House Garyville LA
Endview Plantation Newport Newsmarker VA
75000848 Enterprise Plantationmarker Jeanerette LA
76002217 Estate Carolina Sugar Plantation Coral Bay VI
74000662 Eudora Plantation Quitman GA
89000486 Evelynton Charles Citymarker VA
91001386 Evergreen Plantation Wallacemarker LA
77000786 Evergreen Plantation Grenada MS
74001838 Fairfield Plantation McClellanville SC
88000102 Fairhaven Plantation House Zachary LA
92000630 Fairhope Plantationmarker Uniontown AL
73001337 Fairntosh Plantation Durham NC
93000821 Fairview Plantation House Ethel LA
82001517 Farmfield Plantation House Charleston SC
73001353 Farmville Plantation Elmwood NC
93000602 Faunsdale Plantationmarker Faunsdale AL
72001417 Ferry Farm Fredericksburgmarker VA
04001545 Ferry Plantation House Virginia Beach (Independent City) VA
78001649 Finks-Harvey Plantation Roanoke MO
83002668 Fishpool Plantation Louisvillemarker KY
75002030 Flowerdew Hundred Plantation Garysvillemarker VA
79002382 Fonti Flora Plantation Monticellomarker SC
82003121 Forest Home Plantation Centrevillemarker MS
80002229 Forestdale Plantation Pachuta MS
98000197 Foscue and Simmons Plantations Pollocksbille NC
71000598 Foscue Plantation House Pollocksville NC
85000451 Foster Home/Sylvan Plantation Tuscaloosa AL
Four Mile Tree Surrymarker VA
72000996 Fox Haven Plantation Rutherfordton NC
78003026 Fox Hill Plantation Lively VA
75000616 Francis Plantation Davisboro GA
82004579 Frascatimarker Somersetmarker VA
69000209 Freeman Plantation House Jefferson TX
96000409 Friendfield Plantation Georgetown SC
88001754 Frogmore Plantation Complex Frogmore SC
82004674 Frozard Plantation House Grand Coteau LA
77001474 Garrett, William, Plantation House San Augustine TX
66000850 George Washington Birthplace National Monumentmarker Colonial Beachmarker VA
79003380 Glen Mary Plantation and Tenant House Natchez MS
80000735 Glenn-Thompson Plantation Pittsview AL
99000499 Glenwild Plantation Manager's House Grenada MS
93001548 Godchaux--Reserve Plantation House Reserve LA
86000528 Goodwill Plantation Eastover SC
97000967 Gracelane Plantation House Baton Rouge LA
92000510 Graugnard Farms Plantation House St. James LA
76001688 Gravel Hill Plantation Allendale SC
74001370 Green River Plantation Columbus NC
78000261 Green Springmarker Williamsburgmarker VA
80001019 Green, Mitchell J., Plantation Claxton GA
Greenbottom Plantation Guyandotte WV
76001316 Greenfield Plantation Somer NC
76000650 Greenwood Plantation Thomasville GA
71000616 Grimesland Plantation Grimesland NC
78002495 Grove Plantation Adams Run SC
66000832 Gunston Hallmarker Mason Neckmarker VA
88002956 Gwinn, Samuel, Plantation Lowellmarker WV
88000968 Hamilton Plantation Slave Cabins St. Simons Islandmarker GA
70000582 Hampton Plantationmarker McClellanvillemarker SC
73001912 Happy Retreatmarker Charles Townmarker WV
71000588 Hare Plantation House Comomarker NC
73001909 Harewoodmarker Charles Townmarker WV
82000451 Harlem Plantation Housemarker Pointe à la Hachemarker LA
07001504 Harmony Plantation Wendellmarker NC
75001695 Harrietta Plantationmarker McClellanvillemarker SC
71000971 Hatfield Plantation Brenhammarker TX
74001341 Hayes Plantationmarker Edentonmarker NC
76001938 Hazelfieldmarker Bardanemarker WV
78001438 Hazelwood Plantation Laurel Hill LA
66000722 The Hermitagemarker Nashville TN
81000094 Hermitage Plantation Historic District Hurricane Hole VI
74002121 Hickory Hill Ashlandmarker VA
73001990 Highlandmarker Charlottesvillemarker VA
85003521 Hillsidemarker Charles Townmarker WV
94001236 Hobcaw Baronymarker Georgetownmarker SC
76000635 Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Brunswickmarker GA
96000186 Hogan, Alexander, Plantation Chapel Hillmarker NC
90001408 Holder Plantation Jeffersonmarker GA
Hollin Hall Alexandriamarker VA
96001313 Holly Grove Plantation Housemarker Boltonmarker MS
03001138 Hollywood Plantation Thomasvillemarker GA
70000842 Homeplace Plantation House Hahnvillemarker LA
86003129 Homestead Plantation Complex Plaqueminemarker LA
70000441 Hope Plantationmarker Windsor NC
04001470 Hope Plantation House Garyville LA
94000214 Hopewellmarker Millvillemarker WV
97001159 House Plantation, Old Ridgeland SC
72001398 Howard's Neck Plantation Pemberton VA
88002608 Humphrey--Williams Plantation Lumberton NC
72001392 Huntleymarker Alexandriamarker VA
96000874 Hurt--Rives Plantation Sparta GA
87002449 Inglewood Plantation Historic District Alexandria LA
84001116 Jackson, John S., Plantation House and Outbuildings White Plains GA
73000624 Jarrell Plantationmarker East Juliette GA
84000042 Jerdone Castle Bumpassmarker VA
84001163 Jones-Florence Plantation Odessadale GA
01000669 Katie Plantation House Breaux Bridge LA
88000529 Keithfield Plantation Georgetown SC
06000317 Kenilworth Plantation House St. Bernard LA
69000325 Kenmoremarker Fredericksburgmarker VA
71000806 Kensington Plantation House Eastover SC
71000362 Kent Plantation Housemarker Alexandria LA
93000774 Kilauea Plantation Head Bookkeeper's House Kilauea HI
93000775 Kilauea Plantation Head Luna's House Kilauea HI
93000777 Kilauea Plantation Manager's House Kilauea HI
02000836 Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic Districtmarker Tallahasseemarker FL
70000182 Kingsley Plantationmarker Jacksonvillemarker FL
Kinhega Lodge FL
72001401 Kingsmill Williamsburgmarker VA
07000799 Kippax Plantation Archeological Site Hopewellmarker VA
80004451 Knob, Wilkes, Plantation Marshallville GA
84000145 LaBranche Plantation Dependency Kenner LA
88002124 Laing House of Plainfield Plantation Edison NJ
74000466 Lakeport Plantation Shives AR
78000271 Lameshur Plantation Cruz Bay VI
99000044 Land's End Plantation Scott AR
72001453 Land's End Plantation Stonewall LA
02001296 Landry Plantation House Youngsville LA
86003520 Landsford Plantation House Landsford Township SC
93000322 Lane Plantation House Ethel LA
92001842 Laura Plantation Vacherie LA
97000095 Laurel Bay Plantation Beaufort SC
82000569 Laurel Hill Plantation Natchez MS
78001426 Laurel Valley Sugar Plantationmarker Thibodaux LA
88001264 Lawrence, John P., Plantation Grissom NC
77001213 Lawson's Pond Plantation Cross SC
79000704 Lebanon Plantation Savannah GA
93000694 LeBeuf Plantation House New Orleans LA
84003565 Leesylvania Dumfriesmarker VA
91001893 Lenoir Plantation House Prairie MS
73001678 Lewisfield Plantation Moncks Corner SC
Lexington Mason Neckmarker VA
84003476 Lick Run Plantationmarker Bedington WV
71000970 Liendo Plantationmarker Hempstead TX
94000705 Linwood Plantation Manager's House Newellton LA
79001057 Lisburn Plantation House Ferriday LA
74000924 Live Oaks Plantation Rosedale LA
94001215 Lockhart--Cosby Plantation Talbot GA
Locust Hill Leesburgmarker VA
80001748 Logtown Plantation Monroe LA
96000180 Long Moss Plantation House Canton MS
86000468 Long Point Plantation Mt. Pleasant SC
69000271 Lower Brandon Plantationmarker Burrowsvillemarker VA
84000071 Lower Sauratown Plantation Eden NC
77000678 Loyd Hall Plantation Cheneyville LA
02001603 Lucky Plantation House Sunshine LA
73000582 Lyndhurst Plantation Monticello FL
86000253 Magnolia Lane Plantation House Westwego LA
77000669 Magnolia Mound Plantation Dependency Baton Rouge LA
72000549 Magnolia Mound Plantation Housemarker Baton Rouge LA
79001071 Magnolia Plantationmarker Derry LA
75000926 Magnolia Plantationmarker Knoxville MD
72001198 Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Charleston SC
04000311 Maidstone-on-the-Potomacmarker Falling Watersmarker WV
04000142 Mala Compra Plantation Archeological Sitemarker Palm Coast FL
66000837 Marlbourne Richmondmarker VA
77001223 Mansfield Plantationmarker Georgetown SC
87002135 Marengo Plantation House Jonesville LA
73001700 Marshlands Plantation House James Islandmarker SC
Martin's Hundred Williamsburgmarker VA
83000533 Mary Plantation Housemarker Braithwaite LA
75001270 Massenburg Plantation Louisburgmarker NC
00000225 Massenburg Plantation Louisburgmarker NC
86003456 Mathews, John Frank, Plantation Prattsburg GA
07000648 McGehee Plantation Senatobiamarker MS
96000189 McGehee, Theodore L., Plantation House Summitmarker MS
74001831 McLeod Plantationmarker Charlestonmarker SC
82003101 McNair Plantation Raymondmarker MS
01000946 Meadow Woods Plantation House Starkvillemarker MS
93000616 Mediamarker Shenandoah Junctionmarker WV
89002275 Melrose and Sinkola Plantations Thomasvillemarker GA
72000556 Melrose Plantationmarker Melrosemarker LA
72000964 Mendenhall, Richard, Plantation Buildings Jamestown NC
69000276 Menokin Warsawmarker VA
Merchant's Hope Hopewellmarker VA
70000568 Middleburg Plantation Huger SC
71000770 Middleton Placemarker Charleston SC
71000755 Middleton's Plantation Edisto Island SC
78002518 Midfield Plantation Boykin SC
76001694 Midway Plantation Fort Motte SC
07000543 Midway Plantation House and Outbuildings Knightdale NC
97000300 Mill Creek Plantation Thomasville GA
82004630 Miller Plantation House Olive Branch MS
71000808 Millford Plantation Pinewood SC
76000651 Millpond Plantation Thomasville GA
83001904 Mills-Screven Plantation Tryon NC
80001769 Monte Vista Plantation House Port Allen LA
87002505 Montegut Plantation House LaPlace LA
66000826 Monticellomarker Charlottesvillemarker VA
66000843 Montpeliermarker Orangemarker VA
82000444 Montrose Plantation Housemarker Tallulah LA
82000468 Moro Plantation Housemarker Waterproof LA
77000254 Morrison Plantation Smokehouse Saginaw AR
06000779 Moss Grove Plantation House Jonesville LA
76002167 Moundville Plantation House Washington LA
66000845 Mount Airymarker Warsawmarker VA
Mount Brilliant Farrington VA
Mount Eagle Alexandriamarker VA
80001717 Mount Hope Plantation Housemarker Baton Rouge LA
66000833 Mount Vernonmarker Mount Vernonmarker VA
79002394 Mountain Shoals Plantation Enoree SC
66000697 Mulberry Plantation Moncks Corner SC
80003673 Mulberry Plantation marker Camden SC
79001094 Myrtle Grove Plantation Waterproof LA
74002185 Myrtle Hill Plantation House Gloster LA
78001439 Myrtles Plantation St. Francisville LA
76000966 Narcisse Prudhomme Plantation Natchitoches LA
85000976 Narrows Plantation Housemarker Lake Arthur LA
74001850 Newington Plantation Stallsville SC
89001107 North Bendmarker Weyanoke VA
75001795 Northcutt Plantation McMinnville TN
80001733 Nottoway Plantation Housemarker White Castle LA
82003898 Numertia Plantation Eutawville SC
74002187 Oak Alley Plantationmarker Vacherie LA
01000535 Oak Grove Plantation Newnan GA
92000036 Oak Grove Plantation Dependencies St. Francisville LA
66000842 Oak Hillmarker Leesburgmarker VA
Oaklawn Plantation FL
72000924 Oakland Plantationmarker Carvers NC
80002829 Oakland Plantation Tarboro NC
75001689 Oakland Plantation Fort Motte SC
? Oakland Plantationmarker Natchez LA
80001720 Oakland Plantation House Gurley LA
77001218 Oakland Plantation House Mount Pleasant SC
79001072 Oaklawn Plantation Natchez LA
73000878 Oakley Plantation House St. Francisville LA
94001630 Oaklyn Plantation Darlington SC
80001697 Oakwold Plantation House Evergreen LA
74002327 Oatlandsmarker Oatlandsmarker VA
Okeley Manor Alexandriamarker VA
75001961 Old Brulay Plantation Brownsville TX
71000756 Old House Plantation Edisto Island SC
87000656 Old House Plantation and Commissary Edisto Island SC
72000961 Old Town Plantation Battleboro NC
88001774 Orange Grove Plantation Frogmore SC
80001764 Orange Grove Plantation House Houma LA
90001748 Ormond Plantation House Destrehan LA
73001294 Orton Plantationmarker Smithville Township NC
Ossian Hall Annandalemarker VA
78003191 Otranto Plantation Hanahan SC
89002150 Otranto Plantation Indigo Vats Goose Creek SC
01000146 Otterburnmarker Bedfordmarker VA
02000354 Outlaw, Dossey A., Plantation Starkville MS
80002227 Overseer's House and Outbuildings of Lang Plantation Langsdale MS
76000330 Owen Plantation House Bessemer AL
77000665 Palo Alto Plantationmarker Donaldsonville LA
79003338 Palo Alto Plantationmarker Palopato NC
Pampatike Manquinmarker VA
70000258 Parlange Plantation Housemarker Mix LA
93000236 Pearson--Boyer Plantation Sparta GA
90000146 Pebble Hill Plantation Thomasville GA
90000146 Pebble Hill Plantation Thomasville GA
03001064 Pegram Plantation House Lecompte LA
73001699 Peter's Point Plantation Edisto Island SC
90001414 Phillips, Joseph and Esther, Plantation Atglen PA
90000105 Pine Bloom Plantation Newton GA
88001775 Pine Island Plantation Complex Frogmore SC
85003052 Piney Grove at Southall's Plantation Holdcroftmarker VA
92000819 Pitts, Samuel R., Plantation Pittsview AL
83002227 Pleasant Hill Plantationmarker Glen Moore PA
84001347 Pleasant View Plantation Housemarker Oscar LA
80004251 Poche', Judge Felix, Plantation House Convent LA
74002116 Point of Fork Plantation Columbia VA
86003213 Point of Pines Plantation Slave Cabin Edisto Island SC
84001874 Pomfret Plantationmarker Marion MD
78001977 Pool Rock Plantation Williamsboro NC
69000223 Poplar Forestmarker Forestmarker VA
87002136 Poplar Grove Plantation House Port Allenmarker LA
97001561 Potts Plantation Corneliusmarker NC
94001305 Prairie Plantation House Clarksdalemarker MS
73001916 Prato Riomarker Leetownmarker WV
69000260 Prestwould Clarksvillemarker VA
85001977 Printup, Peter W., Plantation Union Point GA
85000939 Prothro, Nathaniel, Plantation Richland GA
79001073 Prud'homme, Jean Pierre Emmanuel, Oakland Plantation Natchez LA
76001329 Puppy Creek Plantation Rockfish NC
88000238 Purefoy--Dunn Plantation Wake Forest NC
83003293 Queen Hith Plantation Complex Site Newport News (Independent City) VA
85003122 Quinby Plantation House--Halidon Hill Plantation Huger SC
Raspberry Plain Leesburgmarker VA
97000359 Ravenwood Plantationmarker Neyles SC
Ravensworth Annandalemarker VA
72000311 Red Bank Plantationmarker Jacksonville FL
78003012 Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorialmarker Brooknealmarker VA
01000943 Residence Plantation House Houma LA
79001064 Richland Plantationmarker Norwood LA
78000966 Richmond Hill Plantation Richmond Hill GA
88000537 Richmond Hill Plantation Archeological Sites Murrells Inletmarker SC
80003653 Richmond Plantation Cordesville SC
77001535 Richneck Plantation Newport Newsmarker VA
73001911 Richwood Hallmarker Charles Townmarker WV
01001328 Ridgedalemarker Ridgedale WV
80001736 Rienzi Plantation Housemarker Thibodauxmarker LA
82004320 Rion Hallmarker Halltownmarker WV
78002532 Rip Raps Plantation Sumtermarker SC
71000988 Rippon Lodge Woodbridgemarker VA
80002221 Riverside Plantation Enterprisemarker MS
88001776 Riverside Plantation Tabby Ruins Frogmore SC
73002002 Roanoke Plantation Saxe VA
83003084 Robertson, Col. Elijah Sterling Clack, Plantation Salado TX
80001771 Rosale Plantation St. Francisville LA
83000557 Rosale Plantation St. Francisville LA
76000974 Rosalie Plantation Sugar Mill Alexandria LA
75001781 Rose Glenmarker Sevierville TN
Rose Hill Plantation FL
83002185 Rose Hill Plantation Housemarker Bluffton SC
73000880 Rosebank Plantation House Weyanoke LA
03001451 Rosedale Plantation Barn Arkadelphia AR
01000765 Rosedown Plantation St. Francisville LA
93001476 Roseland Plantationmarker Faunsdale AL
93000459 Rosemont Plantation Waterloo SC
97001158 Roseville Plantation Florence SC
07000800 Roseville Plantation Aylett VA
69000244 Rosewell Gloucester Courthousemarker VA
88000409 Royster, Marcus, Plantation Wilbourns NC
66000837 Ruffin, Edmund, Plantation Richmond VA
88000533 Rural Hall Plantation House Georgetown SC
81000093 Rustenberg Plantation South Historic District Cinnamon Bay VI
69000277 Sabine Hall Tappahannockmarker VA
75000919 Salisbury Plantationmarker Westover MD
83000970 Salisbury Plantation Woodville MS
73002011 Salonamarker McLeanmarker VA
00000591 Salters Plantation House Salters SC
74002186 San Francisco Plantation Housemarker Reserve LA
99001039 Sandbar Plantation House Port Allen LA
78003448 Santa Maria Plantation House Baton Rouge LA
80000979 Sapp Plantation Sardis GA
70000788 Saratoga Boycemarker VA
66000835 Scotchtown Ashlandmarker VA
82000445 Scottland Plantation Housemarker Tallulah LA
74001841 Seabrook, John, Plantation Bridge Rockville SC
79002375 Seaside Plantation Beaufort SC
82003840 Seaside Plantation House Edisto Island SC
86001495 Sebastopol Plantation House St. Bernard LA
00001400 Sedgewood Plantation Canton MS
Selma Leesburgmarker VA
89000207 Selma Plantation House Natchez MS
Shadwell Shadwell VA
74001342 Shelton Plantation House Edenton NC
66000922 Sherwood Forestmarker Charles Citymarker VA
69000328 Shirleymarker Charles Citymarker VA
80001061 Simmons, William S., Plantation Cave Spring GA
78000513 Sitka Spruce Plantation Unalaska AK
74001856 Slave Houses, Gregg Plantation Mars Bluff SC
83002187 Slave Street, Smokehouse, and Allee, Boone Hall Plantation Mount Pleasant SC
69000341 Smith's Fortmarker Surrymarker VA
95000387 Smithfield Plantation House Port Allen LA
95000418 Snow Hillmarker Leetownmarker WV
80004204 Soldier's Joymarker Winginamarker VA
96000579 Soldier's Rest Berryvillemarker VA
83000558 Solitude Plantation Housemarker St. Francisville LA
72001487 Sotterley marker Hollywood MD
74002188 Southdown Plantation Houma LA
07001183 Spinks Plantation Magnolia MS
71000454 Springfield Plantation Fayette MS
85002387 Springfield Plantation House Fort Mill SC
82000470 St. George Plantation Housemarker Schriever LA
05000987 St. Joseph Plantation House Vacherie LA
80003693 St. Julien Plantation Eutawville SC
75000849 St. Louis Plantation Plaquemine LA
79001104 St. Maurice Plantation St. Maurice LA
84000265 Stafford Plantation Historic District St. Marys GA
03000680 Star Hill Plantation Dependency Star Hill LA
98000570 Stephanie Plantation House Arnaudville LA
01001411 Stone Plantation Montgomery AL
94000038 Stoney--Baynard Plantation Hilton Head Islandmarker SC
03000212 Stony Creek Plantation De Witt VA
66000851 Stratford Hallmarker Lertymarker VA
Strawberry Vale Manor Tysons Cornermarker VA
70000793 Sullymarker Chantillymarker VA
91000095 Summers Plantation Opelikamarker AL
83002188 Summit Plantation House Adams Run SC
94000024 Sunnyside Plantation Foreman's House Edisto Islandmarker SC
70000205 Susina Plantation Beachton GA
75002040 Swann's Point Plantation Site Scotland VA
80004021 Sycamore Dalemarker Romneymarker WV
82000432 Synope Plantation House Columbia LA
79001059 Tacony Plantation House Vidalia LA
89000240 Tall Timbers Plantation Tallahassee FL
80001731 Tally-Ho Plantation House Bayou Goula LA
77001229 Tanglewood Plantation Lynchburg SC
89002037 Tarver Plantation Newton GA
01001132 Taylor, Archibald, Plantation House Oxford NC
04001188 Teel--Crawford--Gaston Plantation Americus GA
Temple Hallmarker Leesburgmarker VA
04001212 Thornton Plantation Pine Mountain GA
75001688 Tombee Plantation Frogmore SC
Towlston Grange Great Fallsmarker VA
99000257 Trio Plantation House Rayville LA
68000049 Tuckahoe Manakinmarker VA
75001648 Tulpehocken Manor Plantationmarker Myerstown PA
72001388 The Tuleyriesmarker White Postmarker VA
76001867 Tutu Plantation House Charlotte Amalie VI
96000495 Upper Brandon Plantation Alton VA
02000297 Valverda Plantation House Maringouinmarker LA
77001489 Varina Plantationmarker Varinamarker VA
80004082 Varner-Hogg Plantationmarker West Columbiamarker TX
Vaucluse Alexandriamarker VA
84003594 Vintonmarker Charles Townmarker WV
70000603 Walnut Grove Plantationmarker Spartanburgmarker SC
74001369 Waverly Plantation Cunningham NC
80003660 Wedge Plantationmarker McClellanvillemarker SC
72001505 Weston Manor Hopewellmarker VA
66000923 Westovermarker Charles Citymarker VA
84000488 Westwood Plantation Uniontownmarker AL
75001785 Wheatlandsmarker Sevierville TN
77000209 Wheeler, Joseph, Plantation Courtlandmarker AL
77000677 White Hall Plantation Housemarker Simmesportmarker LA
98000423 White Hall Plantation House Ruins and Oak Avenue Ridgelandmarker SC
White House White Housemarker VA
78001966 White Oak Plantation Charlottemarker NC
09000538 White Plainsmarker Algoodmarker TN
79001720 White Rock Plantation Hollistermarker NC
87001475 Whitehall Plantation House Monroemarker LA
92001566 Whitney Plantation Historic Districtmarker Wallacemarker LA
78002511 Wicklow Hall Plantation Georgetownmarker SC
88000977 Wildwood Plantation House Jacksonmarker LA
82002493 Wimberly Plantation Jeffersonvillemarker GA
88000418 Wimbish, Lewis, Plantation Grassy Creekmarker NC
74001837 Windsor Plantation Edisto Islandmarker SC
74002104 Wintonmarker Clifford VA
Woodbridge Woodbridgemarker VA
98000702 Woodland Plantation West Pointe à la Hachemarker LA
78001605 Woodland Plantation Church Hill MS
01000607 Woodland Plantation Carlislemarker SC
06000183 Woodlane Plantation Eufaulamarker AL
70000792 Woodlawn Plantationmarker Alexandriamarker VA
73000615 Wormsloe Plantationmarker Savannahmarker GA
85001168 Wyolah Plantation Church Hill MS
76001695 Zante Plantation Fort Motte SC


  1. Jamaica National Heritage Trust

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