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The following is a list of programs currently and formerly broadcast on CMT and its former incarnation as NCN.

Current programs

Shows currently broadcast on CMT include:

Program Years Host(s) (current) Notes
According to Jim 2009-present Syndicated
America's Funniest Home Videos 2009-present Tom Bergeron Syndicated
Candid Camera 2006-present Peter Funt & Dina Eastwood Syndicated
Chevy Cross Canada Countdown 2008-present Casey Clarke & Lindsay Stone CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Dakota Sessions 2008-present CMT (Canada) original
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2008-present Produced by CMT
Dedicated 2007-present Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Due South 2009-present Syndicated
CMT 4 Tracks 2008-present CMT (Canada) original
Gilmore Girls 2009-present Syndicated
CMT's Greatest 2008-present Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
Home Improvement 2008-present Syndicated
Karaoke Star 2007-present Paul McGuire & Phil Guerrero CMT (Canada) original
Karaoke Star Junior 2009-present Paul McGuire & Phil Guerrero CMT (Canada) original
Meet the Wilsons 2009-present CMT (Canada) original
CMT Music 2006-present Lindsay Stone Music videos
My CMT Morning 2008-present Music videos
My CMT Top 5 2009-present Lindsay Stone Music videos
Project Mom 2007-present Beverley Mahood CMT (Canada) original
Pure Country 2004-present Music videos
Reba 2002-present Syndicated
CMT Rewind 2009-present Music videos
Saturday Night Movie 2009-present Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original
The Show 2009-present Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
CMT Spotlight 2006-present Music videos
CMT Star 2005-present CMT (Canada) original
CMT Star Crossed 2009-present CMT (Canada) original
Talkin' 'Bout 2009-present CMT (Canada) original
Texas Cheer Moms 2009-present Produced by TLC
Totally 2006-present CMT (Canada) original
Tuckerville 2009-present Produced by TLC
CMT Ultimate 2006-present Beverley Mahood CMT (Canada) original; music videos
UnStable 2009-present CMT (Canada) original
Wide Open Country 2008-present Music videos

Former programs

Shows formerly broadcast on CMT include:

Program Years Notes
CMT After Hours 1997-2002 Music videos
All About... 2008-2009 CMT (Canada) original
CMT All Access 1998-2001 Produced by CMT
CMT AM 2002-2005 Music videos
Austin City Limits 1998-1999; 2002 Syndicated
Barn Satellite Network 2001 CMT (Canada) original
Beyond Chance 2006-2008 Syndicated
CMT Big 12 2003-2006 Music videos
Big 12 Karaoke 2006-2008 Music videos
Big Ticket 1996-1998 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Bonanza 2003 Syndicated
CMT Buzz 2003 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Celtic Country 2000-2002 Music videos
(CMT) Central 2003-2007 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Cheerleader Nation 2007-2008 Produced by Lifetime Television
Chevy Top 20 1995-2008 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Chick Flick Fridays 2009 CMT (Canada) original
CMT30 2007-2008 CMT (Canada) original
Coast to Coast 2002-2006 Music videos
Commercial Free Zone 1999-2000 Music videos
Country Couples 2003-2004 CMT (Canada) original
Country Now 2000-2001 CMT (Canada) original
Cowboy U 2004-2005 Produced by CMT
Crossroads 2002-2003 Produced by CMT
Crystal: Living the Dream 2008 CMT (Canada) original
D-J-U 2003-2005 Music videos
Daily Dozen 1997-1998 Music videos
Delivery Room 1996-1999 Music videos
The Dukes of Hazzard 2004-2009 Syndicated
Ed 2005-2009 Syndicated
eQuest 2002-2004 Music videos
Evening Shade 2003-2006 Syndicated
Everyone's a Critic 2002 Music videos
Face the Music 1999-2001 Produced by CMT
Flashback 2005-2007 CMT (Canada) original
Four Strong Winds 2005 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Goldrush 1998-2000 Music videos
Gone Country 2008-2009 Produced by CMT
CMT Got Me in with the Band 2003-2004 Produced by CMT
Grand Ole Opry Livemarker 2001-2009 Produced by GAC
Heart & Home 1997-2005 Music videos
Heartthrobs 1998 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Hits 2001-2002 Music videos
Hope & Faith 2007-2009 Syndicated
CMT Hot 1's 1999-2001 Music videos
HotWire 2003-2005 Music videos
Impact 2003 CMT (Canada) original
Indie Scene 1999-2003 Music videos
The Industry 2003 CMT (Canada) original
Inside Country 1996-1999 CMT (Canada) original
Inside Fame 2003-2005 Produced by CMT
Jammin' Country 1996-1997 Music videos
Little House on the Prairie 2002-2006 Syndicated
Lonesome Dove 2004-2007 Syndicated
Lost Highway 2003 Produced by BBC
Married… with Children 2006-2007 Syndicated
Matlock 2003-2005 Syndicated
CMT Morning 1997-2002 Music videos
CMT Most Shocking 2004-2005 Produced by CMT
CMT Most Wanted Live 2002-2003 Produced by CMT
MWL Star 2003 Produced by CMT
Nashville 2007 Produced by FOX
Nashville Star 2003-2007 Produced by USA Network
New Rockin' Country 1997 Music videos
Not Your Daddy's Country 2005 CMT (Canada) original
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy 2005 Syndicated
One on One 1998-2001 CMT (Canada) original
Our Song 2009 CMT (Canada) original
Personal Playback 2001 Produced by CMT
Personal Top 5 2000-2001 CMT (Canada) original
Picture This 2006-2008 Produced by Discovery Home
Plucked 2006 CMT (Canada) original
Power Trip 2002-2006 Music videos
CMT Prime 2001-2002 Music videos
Project Dad 2006-2008 CMT (Canada) original
Pure Country 1998-1999 Music videos
Rebel Country 1998 Music videos
Rehearsal 1999 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Request Line 1998-2000 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Road Hammers 2005-2007 CMT (Canada) original
Rock N' Country 1999-2002 Music videos
Rockin' Country 1998-1999 Music videos
Roseanne 2005-2008 Syndicated
Screening Room 1999-2002 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Sessions at West 54th 2000-2002 Syndicated
Shaye: This Is It! 2007 Produced by Global
Sheet Music 2002 Music videos
CMT Showcase 1996-2001 Produced by CMT
CMT Smash Hits 2004-2006 Music videos
CMT Songbook 1998-2001 Music videos
Songwriter 1997-1998 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Star Horoscope 1999-2000 Music videos
Storytellers 1998 CMT (Canada) original
The Tara Diaries 2008 CMT (Canada) original
CMT 3rd Shift 2002-2008 Music videos
Three Chords from the Truth 2009 CMT (Canada) original
Three Wishes 2006-2008 Syndicated
Today's New Country 1997-2000 Music videos
CMT Top 10 CDs 1997-1998 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Top 10 Countdown 1997-1998 Music videos
Top 10 Time Capsule 1998 Music videos
Top 12 People's Choice 1998-2002 Music videos
Touched by an Angel 2005-2007 Syndicated
CMT TXT Me 2006 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
CMT TXT Us 2005-2007 Music videos
CMT's Ultimate 2004-2005 Music videos
Ultimate Country Home 2003 Produced by CMT
The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search 2006-2009 Produced by CMT
Ultimate Power Trip 2005 Music videos
Undiscovered Country 2004 CMT (Canada) original
Video Bio 1999-2001 Produced by CMT
NCN Video Premiere 1995-1996 Music videos
Vote Nation 2006-2007 Music videos
CMT Wake Up 2006-2008 Music videos
CMT Weekend 2002-2009 Music videos
Western Beat with Billy Block 1999-2001 Syndicated
The Wilkinsons 2006-2008 CMT (Canada) original
Wings 2003-2004 Syndicated
CMT Workout 2000-2002 Music videos
Xtreme Country 1999-2001 CMT (Canada) original; music videos

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