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This is a list of recurring minor characters on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

Regularly recurring characters

This section is for supporting characters who appear in almost every episode, but who do not receive star billing. Beginning with season three, these three received star billing.


Jack's loyal assistant who admires Jack and often times shows overt affection for him.

Grizz and Dot Com

"Grizz" Griswold and Walter "Dot Com" Slattery form Tracy's entourage.


J. D. Lutz is one of the more prominently featured writers. Lutz is portrayed as a lazy, overweight man who eats a great deal and is often times insulted or made fun of by the rest of the staff.

Other recurring characters

This section is for recurrent characters who do not not make regular appearances.


The following table lists all the recurring characters featured below. Down the bottom of the page are recurring extras that are normally in the background and rarely have speaking roles. They don't appear in this table.

Character Actor Episode Count First Season Most Recent Season
Dr. Leo Spaceman Chris Parnell 12 1 3
Floyd Jason Sudeikis 8 1 2
Don Geiss Rip Torn 7 1 3
Elisa Salma Hayek 6 3 3
Kathy Geiss Marceline Hugot 7 2 4
Dennis Duffy Dean Winters 6 1 3
Colleen Donaghy Elaine Stritch 5 1 3
Angie Jordan Sherri Shepherd 5 1 3
Devon Banks Will Arnett 5 1 4
Celeste Cunningham (C.C.) Edie Falco 4 2 2
Lenny Wosniak Steve Buscemi 4 2 4
Phoebe Emily Mortimer 3 1 1
Greta Johansen Rachel Dratch 3 1 1
Howard Jorgensen Brian Stack 3 1 3
Jeffrey Weinerslav Todd Buonopane 3 3 3
Dr. Drew Baird Jon Hamm 3 3 3
Donny Lawson Paul Scheer 2 2 2
Bianca Donaghy Isabella Rossellini 2 1 1
Milton Greene Alan Alda 2 3 3


Dr. Leo Spaceman

Dr. Leo Spaceman ( , , except by Tracy, who pronounces it as the English word "spaceman") is a fictional character portrayed by Chris Parnell in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Spaceman is a graduate of the Ho Chi Minh City School of Medicine.

GE/NBC Employees

Don Geiss

Don Geiss ( , ) is the chief executive officer of General Electric within the show's universe and is Jack's immediate boss and first appeared in Season 1, Episode 14.

In "Corporate Crush" he demoted Jack to "Vice President of East Coast Programming" and took away his "Microwave Oven Programming" duties after Jack's "Fireworks" special turned into a major fiasco and embarrassment for NBC. He has told Jack he is on the short list of contenders to succeed him as CEO. He also has a secret (second) family up in Canadamarker which is a reference to Torn's co-starring role in Eulogy. He promised Jack the CEO position in Succession, but after he went into a diabetic coma (accidentally induced by Liz), the reins of the company were handed over by his handpicked board to his daughter Kathy (Below) and her fiance Devon. In "Cooter", he says "Jackie Boy", which prompted Jack (who left GE for a job in Washington) to return to New York. Finally, in "Reunion", Geiss emerges from his coma but tells Jack that he will remain as CEO, but Jack is still a high contender for his Job when the time comes.

Don Geiss is a big fan of Tracy Jordan and while turning down Tracy's film pitch for a movie about Thomas Jefferson, he was really interested in making "Fat Bitch 2", a sequel to one of Tracy Jordan's previous films.

Don Geiss has appeared in the following episodes:

# Season Episode
1 1 14 - "The C Word"
2 1 19 - "Corporate Crush"
3 2 2 - "Jack Gets in the Game"
4 2 13 - "Succession"
5 2 14 - "Sandwich Day"
6 3 5 - "Reunion"
7 3 12 - "Larry King"

Kathy Geiss

Kathy Geiss (Marceline Hugot) is Don Geiss' daughter. She appears to be mentally handicapped and hardly ever speaks; however, she does say one word three times in Season 3 episode "Do-Over." She held the title of Chairman and CEO of GE and President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming, but she was more of a figurehead, as her fiance, Devon Banks, called most of the shots. She makes Jack her chief business advisor after a soap opera-style twist with Lemon, replacing Devon. She also demonstrated an impressive vocal talent, in homage to Susan Boyle.

Apparently somewhat mentally disabled, the pudgy, red-faced 40-something displays her affinity for unicorns and Mark Wahlberg in Jack's former office. She also puts toy race cars in her mouth, eats flowers, and really enjoys soap operas.

Kathy Geiss has appeared in the following episodes:

# Season Episode
1 2 2 - "Jack Gets in the Game"
2 2 13 - "Succession"
3 2 14 - "Sandwich Day"
4 2 15 - "Cooter"
5 3 1 - "Do-Over"
6 3 5 - "Reunion"
7 4 4 - "Audition Day"
8 4 6 - "Sun Tea"

Devon Banks

Devon Banks is NBC's Vice President of West Coast News, Web Content, and Theme Park Talent Relations. He first appeared in Season 1, Episode 18 and has occasional appearances. He has served as the nemesis of the much older Jack Donaghy, at one point going so far as to attempt to cause Jack to have another heart attack so he would look weak in front of Don Geiss, the head of NBC's parent company, General Electric.

Devon was introduced in season 1, episode 18 ("Fireworks"), when his surprise visit from Los Angelesmarker led Jack to believe that Devon was trying to take his job as Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. After learning that Devon is gay and attracted to NBC page Kenneth, Jack sends Kenneth to seduce Devon in order to make him late for an important meeting. However, Devon sees through this plan and makes it to the meeting. Like Jack, Devon speaks in a deep, breathy voice. It is also revealed, in season 2, episode 13, that Devon is attracted to Kenneth's cousin, Clay Aiken.

In Devon's next appearance (season 2, episode 2), Jack and Devon competed once again, this time to be the successor of Don Geiss, who is the chief executive officer of General Electric, after they hear that Don is approaching retirement. Devon, in order to compete for the job, becomes engaged to Don's daughter Kathy, claiming to have been cured of his homosexuality by the Church of Practicology. This alleged cure was quickly discovered to be untrue by Jack as Devon continued to show homosexual tendencies.

Later that season ("Succession"), Devon is having his bachelor party as Don Geiss crowns Jack the CEO, which Devon finds out about. He and Jack tell each other they "hate-respect" one another. However, Geiss goes into a diabetic coma, and Devon, ignoring Geiss' true wishes, convinces the board to turn over control of the company to Kathy, making himself the power behind the throne.

Early in season 3, Devon is having trouble in the job, with various departments failing to meet projections and theme park fires that "didn't destroy any of the stuff it was supposed to." Desperate to keep the company afloat, he explains to Jack that he sold the 'E' from "GE" to Samsung, who are now "Samesung," and saying he plans to shut the company down for two years to drive up its profits regardless of consequences. After Jack and Liz convince Kathy to hire Jack as a business consultant to oversee all GE affairs, Devon is last seen jumping into traffic in order to get hit by a car and sue the driver.

Devon returned in season 4, having "wormed his way into the Obama inner circle" (by becoming friends with Sasha and Malia). He becomes head of a committee investigating the incompetence at GE and again tries to destroy Jack.

Devon has appeared in the following episodes:

# Season Episode
1 1 18 - "Fireworks"
2 2 2 - "Jack Gets in the Game"
3 2 13 - "Succession"
4 3 1 - "Do-Over"
5 4 2 - "Into the Crevasse"

Howard Jorgensen

Howard Jorgensen is Vice President of Locomotives at GE and a member of the board of directors. A former mentee of Jack's, he is married to a Filipina woman, has two children and owns a house with a pool. Jack states that people use Jorgensen as a scapegoat. He has appeared in four episodes.

Howard has appeared in the following episodes; (He has appeared in all three seasons)
# Season Episode
1 1 6 - "Jack Meets Dennis"
2 2 11 - "Succession"
2 3 13 - "Cooter"
3 3 12 "Larry King"

Sue Laroche-Van der Hout

Liz's Boyfriends

Dennis Duffy

Dennis Duffy was Liz's sleaze ball boyfriend for three consecutive episodes in the early part of the show's first season, also making appearances in the second and third seasons. He is generally disliked by most of the characters, notably Jenna and often Liz, but is occasionally favored by Jack. Dennis claims to be the love of Liz's life, which she disputes. The few good memories she has of him are mostly food-related, but she does admit he makes her laugh.

Dennis acts unrealistically childish for a man of his age, often exclaiming things that would be expected of a young boy. In "The Break Up," he is shown sitting on Liz's bed, presumably playing Halo 3. Reacting to something that happened on screen, he yells in anger and throws the controller down, remarking that the controller is "defective" because "That grenade was right next to him!"

When we first meet Dennis in Season 1, he is the last remaining beeper salesman in New York Citymarker and has been known as "The Beeper King" since the original "Beeper King" killed himself. Liz first met Dennis in late 2002 or early 2003 at a screening of the film The Hours when they independently said that it should be called "The Weeks". She was dating him about a year before the first season (2005), but they ended up breaking up. In the episode "Jack Meets Dennis", she takes Dennis back when he is the only person who remembers her birthday.

Although Liz did not enjoy dating him and, in fact, did not like being seen in public with him, she could not seem to end it with him despite Jack and Jenna's encouragements as she feels that she can just be herself around him and doesn't have to try. He is a very devoted fan of the New York Islanders, stating that he had no reason left to live when they lost a game. After this, Liz asks Dennis to move in with her, although her original intention was to end the relationship.

In the episode "The Break Up," Dennis's behavior pushes Liz to the breaking point when he starts babysitting a Great Dane among other things. He got the dog knowing that Liz was allergic to it, believing allergies are all mental. In a later episode, Liz echoes this thought, believing the only reason she's allergic to dogs is because she was bit by one when she first got her period. He also destroys one of the walls in her apartment in an attempt to fit shelves and a television. Subsequently, Liz dumps Dennis and orders him to leave ASAP. Dennis objects, stating he loves her and also believes he has squatter's rights.

The following day, Dennis shows up with a good-bye note at her job with an apology, prompting everyone to feel sorry for Dennis, even Jack and Jenna. According to his apology, Liz's leaving him marked the first time he cried since the 1986 World Series. Dennis later privately explains to Jack that he intends to win her back, stating;

Liz decides to write a series of pros and cons about what she likes about him, prompting her to realize that Dennis wasn't that bad after all. When Liz returns home, she finds her place back to normal with a written apology from Dennis. When he shows up to give her an early Christmas present, she invites him to stay for dinner. However, when she sits down to watch Dateline NBC, she sees a hidden camera investigation that reveals Dennis is an online sexual predator, who was hoping to meet a sixteen-year-old, claiming he thought she was twenty-two. After Dennis sees Liz watching the program he tries to turn it off, but a fuming Liz throws him out, this time for good.

In Season 2, Dennis turns up once again when he becomes a hero by saving a person who fell in front of a speeding train. At first, Liz isn't happy he's around, but is forced to deal with him because Jack wants Dennis featured on the show. Jenna is aghast that Liz seems to be falling back into a relationship with Dennis, but Liz says she doesn't have to be nice, smart, or even hygienic around Dennis. Dennis proposes to Liz and she realizes that's a bad idea and refuses; Dennis' rude, stupid comments afterwards (together with losing the Stanley Cup) return him to pariah status, and Liz is furious after he tries to push her in front of another subway train to be a hero again. She tells him to get lost and walks away, but Dennis says "You'll be back, dummy."

In the final episode of Season 2, Liz has a pregnancy scare in which she believes she's pregnant with Dennis's baby. Dennis, who has been spending the day at Liz's place so his mom won't know he's unemployed, is pleased with the news and announces that they will deliver the baby at the hospital in Coney Islandmarker where he was born. Dennis also wants to name the baby Morpheus or Judy, respectively after the character in The Matrix and a girl he "used to boff". However, it turns out that Liz had eaten Mexican cheese puffs, which contained an ingredient (bull semen) that made her home pregnancy tests give false positives.

In Season 3's Apollo, Apollo, Dennis returns to Liz's apartment, telling her that he is a self-diagnosed sex addict with the help of WebMD and is going around to all his former sexual partners asking for forgiveness. He now owns a coffee vending machine located in the basement of a K-Mart. Later, while Liz is holding Jenna's phone on the set of TGS, she receives a call from Dennis revealing that he and Jenna had sex in Liz's bed while he and Liz were dating. Liz and Jenna initially refuse to let this revelation tear apart their friendship, but after they go to see Dennis to "give him a piece of their minds", Liz decides not to tell her that a hook is open while Jenna is flying in a "Peter Pan" sketch on TGS and she falls. As payback, Liz tells Jenna she can show the writers the commercial for a phone sex line she did while she was trying to be an actress in Chicago.

Dennis has appeared in the following episodes;
# Season Episode
1 1 6 - "Jack Meets Dennis"
2 1 7 - "Tracy Does Conan"
3 1 8 - "The Break-Up"
4 2 12 - "Subway Hero"
5 2 15 - "Cooter"
6 3 16 - "Apollo, Apollo"


Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) is a lawyer (he prefers "law stylist") working in 30 Rock. He first appeared in Season 1, Episode 13 where he accidentally sends flowers to Liz Lemon for Valentine's Day, intending to send them to his girlfriend Liz Lemler. Liz Lemon, who doesn't know his name, calls him "flower guy." Liz and Floyd share an awkward moment after this and she develops a crush on him. A few episodes later, they have more interaction, before dating and then splitting up. He is Liz's main love interest in Season 1.

In the episode "The Fighting Irish," Jack asks Liz to fire some employees to save money, and Liz considers firing Floyd's girlfriend, Liz Lemler, so that she can get closer to Floyd. Against Pete's advice, Liz actually fires Liz Lemler and the rest of the accounting staff. However, Jack cleans up Liz's mess by rehiring the staff and transferring Liz Lemler to a job at GE headquarters in Connecticut. This causes Liz Lemler and Floyd to break up.

In the episode "Fireworks," Liz follows Floyd into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in order to get close to him. He reveals that he is alcoholic and that the rules are important to him, stating that the last time he drank he did a man on the street promo for "Tarzan on Ice" despite never seeing the show. She lies about being an alcoholic in order to hear Floyd openly talk about his secrets and to spend more time with him. When Floyd tells her that members of the same AA group cannot date, she confesses to him that she was never an alcoholic and just had a crush on him. Floyd feels betrayed by this because she heard him talk about his secrets, but Liz makes it up to him by telling Floyd all of her secrets. After this, Liz and Floyd begin dating.

Over the first season, Jack becomes very good friends with Floyd and starts calling him "Floydster", much to Liz's dismay. It becomes that Floyd seems to want to spend more time with Jack than Liz, making Liz a third wheel on their outings with Jack. This causes Liz to tell Jack to get his own "Floyd", as this one is taken. He backs off after this.

At the end of Season 1, Floyd decides that New York is too much for him, and seeks to move to Cleveland. Liz and Floyd go there on a vacation, where Floyd gets a job and decides that he is going to move there. Liz thinks about moving to Cleveland, and getting a job there, but ends up staying at 'TGS with Tracy Jordan' in New York City. Despite seeming perfect for each other, Floyd and Liz seem to have broken up due to long-distance relationship-related stress since Floyd moved to Cleveland.

At the start of Season 2, Liz rings Floyd when a girl answers the phone causing her to pretend to be a telemarketer. This angers Liz as she can't believe that Floyd has moved on already. However, later in the season when Floyd visits New York, she confronts Floyd and he states that he has no idea who Liz is talking about. Also in this episode, Liz doesn't know if she and Floyd are going to rekindle their love or not, in the end, Floyd deceives her a bit before he returns to Cleveland. But before he can, Liz runs after him and finds him at the airport, in the end she makes Floyd keep her apartment key as they "never know what might happen". He has not been seen since this episode.

An interesting side note is that the actor that plays Floyd, Jason Sudeikis, is the real-life husband of Kay Cannon, who is a writer and occasional actress on 30 Rock.

# Season Episode
1 1 13 - "Up All Night"
2 1 16 - "The Source Awards"
3 1 17 - "The Fighting Irish"
4 1 18 - "Fireworks"
5 1 19 - "Corporate Crush"
6 1 20 - "Cleveland"
7 1 21 - "Hiatus"
8 2 14 - "Sandwich Day"

Dr. Drew Baird

Dr. Drew Baird (Jon Hamm) is a pediatrician and is Liz's neighbour. He first appeared in Season 3, Episode 10 when Liz accidentally got his mail, and with Jenna's help, opens and reads it. Through his mail, Liz believes this guy is perfect for her and sets out to create a false portrayal of herself to get Drew, using his mail against him. Eventually, Liz's scheme unravels and Drew is disappointed in her. However, he returns the mail of Liz that he got, telling her that by her mail, including her magazine subscriptions and DVD's, he feels that Liz would have been someone he really would have wanted to know. At the end of the episode they both decide to have a fresh start.

He has seen Liz on the toilet and is recently divorced from a woman named Mandy. He has one daughter from the marriage, named Bethany, who is a rebellious teenager who drinks wine and frequently starts fires. Liz met Bethany on their first date, which was on Valentines day, during which not only did Bethany end up at Liz's apartment, but Drew's mother died in the hospital after being ill. However, on her death bed, she told Liz that she was not Drew's mother (Though Drew thought she was) and that the person Drew thinks is his sister, is in fact his mother. Liz tells Drew this later in the episode. He also has an Aunt named Gloria.

In episode 15 of the third season (The Bubble), Liz is concerned with Drew's behavior, as he is outwardly handsome and unintentionally "manipulates" the people around him (with his looks) to give him the best. Liz shows Drew that this is called "living in the bubble" and shows him that this is not how normal people are treated when making him wait 45 minutes at a restaurant and ordering off the menu. When Liz beats him in a tennis match, he becomes angry with his "sore-loser" attitude. Drew later apologizes for his behavior and asks Liz if she would like to take a ride with him on his new motorcycle. Liz declines the offer, preferring not to be in the bubble, leading us to believe that the relationship has ended.

Dr. Drew Baird has appeared in the following episodes; (He has only appeared in Season 3)
# Season Episode
1 3 10 - "Generalissimo"
2 3 11 - "St. Valentine's Day"
3 3 15 - "The Bubble"

Jack's Girlfriends

The following characters have at some point during the show, been Jack's girlfriend, wife or fiancée.


Bianca (Isabella Rossellini) is Jack Donaghy's ex-wife, whose years of marital bliss with the network exec weren't all that rosy, since Jack's mother never liked her from the beginning. She was first introduced in Season 1, Episode 12 and had her second and most recent appearance in the following episode. As of her last appearance, she is engaged to a man named Vincent Foley and in Season 1, Episode 13 she finalised her divorce with Jack (Although they had been legally separated since 1989).

Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him which is why they divorced. Bianca is able to tolerate most of Jack's meaningless affairs but she seems to have a jealous streak towards women who can actually make Jack happy, as evidenced by Liz pretending to be Jack's fiancée, which resulted in Bianca attacking her at the event.

Bianca has appeared in the following episodes; (She has only appeared in Season 1)
# Season Episode
1 1 12 - "Black Tie"
2 1 13 - "Up All Night"


Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) is an art dealer and auctioneer who works at the Christie's branch in Rockefeller Centermarker. She first appeared in Season 1, Episode 19 and subsequently in the following two episodes. She is supposedly English and claims to have something called "avian bone syndrome", which requires that no one touch her, as well as vertigo. Interestingly, "Avian bone syndrome," is a common name and misnomer of an actual little known illness Osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease, which is rare, but real and often fatal. She always introduces herself to Liz every time they meet, and states that her parents were poets.

After Liz told Jack to find his own "Floydster" (he tried to build a friendly relationship with Liz's boyfriend Floyd), Jack finally attracts Phoebe's attention and the two start dating. However, after Liz gave the two her blessing, Jack quickly asks Phoebe to marry him and she accepts, stunning Liz.

Liz is not happy about this sudden turn of events, even after Jack takes Phoebe to Parismarker, and would find out later on that Phoebe is actually a gold digger. In "Cleveland", Liz discovers Phoebe at a restaurant holding hands with an older man. When Phoebe sees her after being caught, she tells Liz that it is a former lover, but after Liz says that Phoebe can either tell Jack the truth or Liz will do it herself, they have an argument where Phoebe accidentally drops her British accent and reveals herself to be American. Phoebe tries to cover this up by picking up the accent again and using several Britishisms, but Liz isn't fooled.

However, when Liz tells Jack about this, he refuses to believe her. Apparently, Phoebe had told him that Liz was making things up about her since it appears that Jack was being manipulated by Phoebe. When Jack's mother Colleen shows up in "Hiatus", she takes an instant dislike to Phoebe. After she visits Jack in the hospital, she discovers that Jack wasn't in love with Phoebe as his heart rate monitor becomes a polygraph. Jack and Phoebe's wedding was subsequently cancelled.

Although Phoebe is revealed to not actually be English, it is never established whether or not her "avian bone syndrome" or vertigo were real.

Phoebe has appeared in the following episodes; (She has only appeared in Season 1)
# Season Episode
1 1 19 - "Corporate Crush"
2 1 20 - "Cleveland"
3 1 21 - "Hiatus"

Celeste Cunningham

Celeste "C.C." Cunningham (Edie Falco) is the Congresswoman for the state of Vermontmarker. She is a Democrat.

C.C., as she is most commonly known, is first introduced in Season 2, Episode 6 at a cocktail party honouring Robert Novak. At the party, she meets Jack Donaghy. Jack and C.C. end up sleeping together. Soon after, Jack discovers she is a Democratic Congresswoman from Vermont and she is also trying to sue NBC's fictitious parent company, the Sheinhardt Wig Company, for apparently dumping some "Auburn Fantasy Dye Number 260" into the Chickatagua River which turned the children of Chickatagua orange.

Despite Jack and C.C.'s conflicting political beliefs, they decide to pursue a relationship, which is at first kept secret. Jack and C.C. eventually reveal their relationship in Jack's executive dining room.

Due to job related commitments and the fact that Jack lives in New Yorkmarker and C.C. lives in Washington, D.C.marker, they decide to break up. However, she returns in "Cooter" and approves development of a gay bomb to help get Jack fired from his position in Washington, partly because of a favour she owed Jack.

C.C. has appeared in the following episodes; (She has only appeared in Season 2)
# Season Episode
1 2 6 - "Somebody to Love"
2 2 8 - "Secrets and Lies"
3 2 10 - "Episode 210"
4 2 15 - "Cooter"


Elisa (Salma Hayek) is a Puerto Rican nurse who is deeply religious, family valuing and was Jack's love interest in Season 3. She was introduced in Season 3, Episode 7 where she takes care of Jack's mother, Colleen, after she injures both her hips in the episode previous. While caring for Colleen, she forms a romantic relationship with Jack and they start dating. She also cares for another patient, an elderly male Alzheimer's patient.

According to Elisa and Jack, Colleen hates that Elisa and Jack are together because she hates every women that Jack is with. Elisa's grandmother, Concepcion, used to hate Jack, but is now quite fond of him. Elisa has big breasts which has been mentioned in various episodes and although her and Jack had some relationship trouble in "St. Valentine's Day", they made up and kissed on Valentine's day, partly due to their joint love of McDonald's McFlurries. In "Larry King" Jack proposes to Elisa, which she accepts, but afterwards informs Jack that she is going to Puerto Rico but that she will call Jack. In "The Ones", it is revealed that Elisa is infamous among Spanish speakers because she killed her husband when she discovered he was cheating on her.

An interesting note is that Teresa Yenque, who plays Elisa's grand mother, appeared in a season one episode as a cleaning lady.

Elisa has appeared in the following episodes; (She has only appeared in Season 3)
# Season Episode
1 3 7 - "Senor Macho Solo"
2 3 8 - "Flu Shot"
3 3 10 - "Generalissimo"
4 3 11 - "St. Valentine's Day"
5 3 12 - "Larry King"
6 3 19 - "The Ones"

Main character's family

Angie Jordan

Angie Jordan is Tracy Jordan's wife and first appeared in Season 1, Episode 4. Tracy and Angie frequently use rather odd forms of sexual roleplaying. Tracy implied in "Black Tie" that he and Angie have an open marriage, but in "The Collection" Angie is shown to be less than happy with her husband's extramarital escapades. She kicked Tracy out of their house in "SeinfeldVision", but took him back in "Jack Gets in the Game". She seems to have a domineering, bombastic personality and is rather demanding of her husband, both financially and sexually.

In her initial appearance in the episode "Jack the Writer," which basically consisted of a non-speaking cameo, she was played by Sharon Wilkins. In all subsequent episodes, starting with "Up All Night," she is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd and is given a more substantial role. Angie has only appeared in a handful of episodes so far, but she is frequently mentioned by Tracy.

In the second season episode, "The Collection," it is shown that, like her husband, she always addresses Liz Lemon by her full name. She is rude to Liz and nearly attacks her after Liz stops trying to appease her and orders her off the set. She and her husband were apparently supporting the 2008 Presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich, although in her absence Tracy has expressed interest in becoming a Republican and also filmed a PSA advising African-Americans to not vote at all.

In season 3, Tracy, with Jack's help, tried to get Angie to sign a pre-nup (described as "post-nup," as they are already married), in case she ever decides to leave him. However, Tracy decides that she doesn't have to sign it after she states that she will never leave him, and will be with him till the end. She still angrily partly signed the pre-nup form before Tracy stopped her.

In "The Ones," Tracy states that he has known Angie for 20 years, meeting her when she slipped him a free shrimp cocktail at the restaurant he was residing in. He adds that despite his partying lifestyle, he has never once cheated on her, and the numbers he hands out to women at parties belong to other NBC employees such as Brian Williams.

Angie has appeared in the following episodes:
# Season Episode
1 1 4 - "Jack the Writer"
2 1 13 - "Up All Night"
3 2 2 - "Jack Gets in the Game"
4 2 3- "The Collection"
5 3 7 - "Senor Macho Solo"

Colleen Donaghy

Colleen Donaghy (neé Murphy) is Jack Donaghy's overbearing mother, Jack generally wants nothing to do with her, even though it has been shown that deep down, he actually does love her. She first appeared in Season 1, Episode 21 and is generally critical at best of Jack's abilities, and is highly hesitant of showing him any real affection. While in her first appearance she got along well with Liz Lemon, upon meeting her family in the episode "Ludichristmas," she set out to show Jack that the Lemon family's seemingly perfect attitude was, in fact, a lie (at which she succeeded).

In the third season episode "Christmas Special" it is revealed that Colleen went to great lengths to provide happy Christmas memories to Jack despite the family's poverty and lack of a father. This makes Jack state that he loves her. Colleen also injures both her hips in this episode, both caused by Jack. This leads to her being in a wheelchair for the remainder of the episode, and needing a nurse, Elisa, to care for her in following episodes. Elisa soon becomes Jack's girlfriend, which makes Colleen dislike her.

Colleen has appeared in the following episodes:
# Season Episode
1 1 21 - "Hiatus"
2 2 9 - "Ludachristmas"
3 3 6 - "Christmas Special"
4 3 7 - "Senor Macho Solo"
5 3 20 - "The Natural Order"

Milton Greene

Milton Greene is Jack Donaghy's father. After a DNA test in the episode "Mama Mia", he was found to be one of three possible candidates to be his father- it is revealed near the end that he was paying rent to Colleen Donaghy, but did not have the money to pay for it, so, he instead got her pregnant; he left before the birth of Jack, however. Jack apparently does not wish to tell his mother, however, that he ended up finding his father. He was fortunate enough to find his father at the right time; it turns out that he is in dire need of a kidney.

Milton appeared again in the season 3 finale, "Kidney Now!", and after tests from Dr. Leo Spaceman, it is realized that Jack cannot donate one of his kidneys to his father. In a last resort to save his father, he uses up any favors he is still owed, in order to find a compatible person who is willing to donate. The episode ends with all of the celebrities who owed Jack a favor singing a song in hope that someone will be able to donate one to Milton- it is unknown whether Jack found a kidney in time, as the episode ends immediately after the audience' applause.

In "Into the Crevasse", he is shown to have written a book called From Peanut to President.

Milton Greene has appeared in the following episodes after his introduction in late season 3;
# Season Episode
1 3 21 - "Mama Mia"
2 3 22 - "Kidney Now!"

Tracy Jr.


Donny Lawson

Donny Lawson is the somewhat insane Head Page of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, known for his weak one-liners and bizarre hand gestures. He hates Kenneth because of his excessive cheerfulness and wishes to transfer him to a CNBCmarker station in Paramusmarker, New Jerseymarker. Donny is first introduced in Season 2, Episode 4; Jenna tries to find a replacement jacket for Kenneth and Donny uses this as an excuse to give Kenneth a demerit. He challenges him to a "page-off" ("a savage contest mixing physical stamina with NBC trivia"), but this is quickly broken up by Pete, who then orders Donny to give Kenneth a new jacket.

In the last episode of Season 2, Donny tries to sabotage Kenneth's opportunity to apply as a page at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. He sent a memo to Kenneth telling him the applications were due in two weeks, when they were actually that day. After stalling Kenneth with a fake paper delivery, Donny gets his way but then Pete shoots him in the leg with an arrow (referencing his mention that he nearly made it into the Olympic games as an archer). This gives Kenneth enough time to deliver his application.

Donny has appeared in the following episodes; (He has only appeared in Season 2)
# Season Episode
1 2 4 - "Rosemary's Baby"
2 2 15 - "Cooter"

Lenny Wosniak

Lenny Wosniak is a private investigator who has been hired by Jack on some occasions. Jack first hired him in the second season episode "The Collection", where, while spying on Jack to determine if he has any skeletons in his closet which could prevent him from being named the new CEO of General Electric, he discovers Jack has a large collection of homemade cookie jars. Jack also hired him in the third season to find out personal information concerning the true identity of his father. He is noted for having a strange personal life, and belongs to a local gym. He was later hired by Jack to infiltrate Kenneth's page strike, but found him to be incorruptible.

Lenny has appeared in the following episodes:
# Season Episode
1 2 3 - "The Collection"
2 3 20- "The Natural Order"
3 3 21- "Mamma Mia"
4 4 1- "Season 4"

Jeffrey Weinerslav

Jeffrey Weinerslav (pronounced "weener-slave") works for HR. He tried to mediate a dispute between Jenna and Tracy, but failed. He is a self-described "overweight transgender". He counseled Liz during her enforced leave for sexual harassment, a leave she tried to extend by making a pass at him.

Jeffrey has appeared in the following episodes:
# Season Episode
1 3 38 - "Reach for the Stars"
2 3 53 - "Cutbacks"
3 3 54- "Jackie Jormp-Jomp"

Former Characters

The following character is no longer a part of the show.

Greta Johansen

Legreta "Greta" Johansen is a cat wrangler who works on the show. In the episode "The Baby Show", she offers to carry the child that Liz wants and reveals that she owns a small ferret farm 60 miles north of New York Citymarker. Greta also hints towards an obsession with Liz, mentioning that she likes to watch Liz watching TV.

Rachel Dratch left the show after the first season, making it highly unlikely for the character to return. Rachel Dratch also played a large array of different characters in season 1.

Greta has appeared in the following episodes; (She has only appeared in Season 1)
# Season Episode
1 1 1 - "Pilot"
2 1 9 - "The Baby Show"
3 1 14 - "The C Word"

Other characters

  • Lee (Tom Broecker) - the show's costume manager; appears in eleven episodes. He also works on 30 Rock as an actual costume manager.
  • Stage manager (Teddy Coluca) - appears in six episodes.
  • Rachel Baze (Rachel Hamilton) - one of the writers on the show; in "The Aftermath", Jack mentions her last name and that she just got engaged; she has speaking parts in two episodes.
  • Anthony (Anthony Atamanuik) - one of the writers on the show
  • Sue Laroche-Van der Hout ("Girl Writer") (Sue Galloway) - one of the writers on the show; has speaking parts in three episodes. She appears to be fluent in both dutch and french and until recently didn't own a bra.
  • Donald (Donald Glover) - A stagehand on the show; has a speaking part in one episode
  • Matt (Matt Dickinson) - Jack's assistant in two season-one episodes in place of Jonathan
  • Stage manager (Brendan Walsh) - shouts "shut it down!" at the end of each of the two episodes he appears in (Referred to in credits as "Shut It Down").
  • Alfonso/TGS Piano Player (Jeff Richmond) - Jenna's piano player. He appears in "Ludachristmas" and "Christmas Special". Richmond also appeared in "The Aftermath" and "St. Valentine's Day". He also appears at the TGS Piano Player in an episode in the first season episode "Baby Show". Jeff is the main music composer on 30 Rock and Tina Fey's real life husband.
  • Tim Grandy (actor unknown) - one of the writers on the show; in the "The Aftermath", Jack mentions he is from Bowie, Maryland; he has a brief speaking part in the "The C Word".
  • Grace Park (Charlene Yi) - another NBC page who has a very slight romantic history with Kenneth. Appeared in "The C Word."



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