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This is a list of rivers in Bulgariamarker.

The longest river that Bulgaria has a bank on is the Danube (2,888 km), which spans most of the country's northern border. The longest one to run through the country (and also the deepest) is the Maritsamarker (480 km), while the longest river that runs solely in Bulgaria is the Iskar (368 km).


A country rich in water resources, Bulgaria has a large number of rivers that are divided into several regions depending on their mouth's location.

Rivers of northern Bulgaria, with the exception of the very east of the region, are typically tributaries of the Danube. Notable rivers in the area are the Iskar, Vitmarker, Ogostamarker, Osam and Yantramarker.

The rivers in the eastern part of the country are typically short (except for Kamchiyamarker) and flow into the Black Seamarker. Notable rivers in the region include the Kamchiyamarker, Batovamarker, Provadiyska, Devnenska, Ropotamomarker, Velekamarker and Rezovska.

Most of the rivers that rise in southern Bulgaria have their mouths in the Aegean Seamarker outside Bulgarian territory. A notable exception is the Iskar that takes its source from Rilamarker and runs through Stara Planinamarker forming a gorge to reach the Danube. Depending on their location, they are divided into two regions, a Western Aegean and Eastern Aegean one. The former embraces the Strumamarker and Mestamarker, while rivers in the latter include the Ardamarker, Maritsamarker and Tundzhamarker.


Note: in Bulgarian, reka means river.

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