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Rulers of Duklja (c.900-1186)

The First Rulers of Duklja

Name Reign Notes
Archont Petar c.855 Also known as Predimir. Was the Prince of Duklja, Travunia, Zahumlje and Podgoria (Transmontana).
Hvalimir I c.900 son of Archont Petar
Sylvester ca. 900 Son of Boleslav, Prince of Travunia and nephew of Hvalimir I
Tugemir ca. 900 Son of Sylvester
Hvalimir II ca. 900 Son of Tugemir
Petrislav 971-990 Son of Hvalimir II. Inherited his brother's, Miroslav's, domain of Podgoria (Transmontana) after Miroslav's death in Lake Scutarimarker.
Jovan Vladimir 990-1016 Also known as Saint Jovan Vladimir. Son of Petrislav.

Prince Dragomir, Byzantine client (1016-1034)

House of Vojislavljević

House of Nemanjić (1186-1355)

Rulers of Zeta (1356-1516)

House of Balšić

Despotate (1421-1451)

House of Crnojević

Rulers of Montenegromarker (1516-1918)

Vladikas (Prince-Bishops) of Montenegro (1516-1696)

Vladikas (Prince-Bishops) of Montenegro from the House of Petrović-Njegoš (1696-1852)

Princes of Montenegro (1852-1910)

House of Petrović-Njegoš

  • Danilo II (13 March 1852 - 13 August 1860)
  • Nikola I (13 August 1860 - 28 August 1910)

King of Montenegro (1910-1918)

House of Petrović-Njegoš

Pretenders to the Montenegrin throne after 1918

House of Petrović-Njegoš

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