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This is a list of English and non-English terms for administrative divisions.



This is an alphabetical list of native non-English terms for administrative divisions; some, such as arrondissement and okrug, have become English loanwords. Terms in italics are prefixes or suffixes.

Name Countries English

ambacht county amphoe district Amt

county apskritis county arrondissement French-speaking countries borough

autónoma Spanish-speaking countries
|| autonomous 
autônomo Portuguese-speaking countriesmarker autonomous avtonomny autonomous aimag province baladiyah (baladiyat) Arab countries municipality barangay village (rural) or ward bairro


barrio Spanish-speaking countries neighbourhood

Bezirk district Bundesland and federal state bwrdeistref borough county changwat province chef-lieu Chief Town/City canton canton comarca Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries county comuna Spanish-speaking countries commune comună rural commune comunidad community deelgemeente submunicipality departamento Latin America department département French-speaking countries department desa village distrito Spanish-speaking countries and

district do

Koreamarker (North and South)

circuit dzongkhag district estado

federal state imarah

emirate fylke county gemeente Dutch-speaking countries municipality Gemeinde German-speaking countries municipality gewog block gmina communemunicipality gobolka gouvernorat governorate guberniya Russian Empiremarker governorate hameau hamlet judeţ
county jurydyka village kabupaten regency Kanton (German-speaking) canton kanton canton kasselrij county or burgraviate kaza district kecamatan subdistrict ken prefecture khett province khoueng province kilil region kommun

municipality kota city kozhuun district krai region kraj

region Kreis district lalawigan province Län


county (Sweden)

province (Finland)
lieu-dit place name lugar hamlet lungsod city maakond county megye county mahoz district merindad Medieval Spain county mintaqah (mintaqat) Arab countries province

muban village muhafazah (muhafazat) Arab countries governorate municipalidad Latin America municipality municipio

Spanish and

Portuguese-speaking countries
municipality nafa subdistrict negeri state nomos prefecture novads municipality (amalgated urban areas without town rights) oblast
Slavic countries province

община (obshtina) municipality okres

district okrug

district opština

municipality ostan (ostan-e) province pagasts parish parroquia

parish pedanía county pilseta town/city powiat county pradesh state probinsya province provinsi province provincia Italian and Spanish-speaking countries province prowincja province райо́н (raion) Russian-speaking countries

district rajons district Regierungsbezirk district respublika republic selsoviet rural district sum district -stan

Central Asian countries

regions of Russia
"land" (denotes high level of autonomy) sýsla

district Tambon subdistrict Thesaban municipality tinh province todōfuken prefecture ulus district vilayet province wojewodztwo voivodeship volost , Russian Empiremarker voblast province wilayah

Arab countries province ziemia land županija (Croatian speaking)


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