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Tunnels in the United Kingdom is a link page for any road, railway, waterway or other form of tunnel, anywhere in the United Kingdommarker.

A tunnel is an underground passageway with no defined minimum length, though it may be considered to be at least twice as long as wide. Some civic planners define a tunnel as 0.1 miles (0.16 kilometers) in length or longer.

A tunnel may be for pedestrians or cyclists, for general road traffic, for motor vehicles only, for rail traffic, or for a canal. Some are aqueducts, constructed purely for carrying water — for consumption, for hydroelectric purposes or as sewers — while others carry other services such as telecommunications cables. There are even tunnels designed as wildlife crossings for European badgers and other endangered species.

The longest canal tunnel is the Standedge Tunnelmarker in the United Kingdom, over three miles (5 km) long.


County Tunnel Type Length (Metres) Construction method / Notes Date of opening
Bedfordshire Ampthill Tunnel Railway 1859
Bedfordshire Old Warden Tunnelmarker Railway (disused) 807 m Brick construction using Cut and cover. Carried the Bedfordmarker to Hitchinmarker line. 1853
Bedfordshire Wymington Tunnel Railway 1859
Cheshire Disley Tunnelmarker Railway 3535 m Bored tunnel 1901
Cheshire Prestbury Tunnel Railway Brick
  ||  1845
Cheshire Sutton Tunnel Railway 1724 m
Cornwall Saltash Tunnelmarker Road 410 m Carries the A38 1988
Cornwall Brownqueen Tunnel Railway
Derbyshire Alfreton Tunnel Railway 1862
Derbyshire Ashbourne Tunnel Railway
(now a cycleway)
350 m 1899
Derbyshire Ashwood Dale Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Barmoor Clough Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Bolsover Tunnel Railway 1897
Derbyshire Bradway Tunnel Railway 1870
Derbyshire Breadsall Tunnel Railway 1878
Derbyshire Burbage Tunnel Railway 1830
Derbyshire Butterley Tunnelmarker Canal (disused) 1794
Derbyshire Chee Tor Tunnel (1&2) Railway Tunnel 1 Tunnel 2 1863
Derbyshire Clay Cross Tunnelmarker Railway Brick
|| 1839
Derbyshire Cowburn Tunnelmarker Railway 1892
Derbyshire Cressbrook Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Dove Holes Tunnelmarker Railway (freight) Closed to passenger traffic in 1967 1865
Derbyshire Duffield Tunnel Railway 1867
Derbyshire Eaves Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Great Rocks Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Gregory Tunnel Canal 1794
Derbyshire Hollingwood Common Tunnel Canal (disused) Coalmine canal joining with Chesterfield Canalmarker
   || 1777
Derbyshire Haddon Tunnelmarker Railway (disused) Constructed with cut and cover methods. Closed in 1967 1863
Derbyshire Hag Tunnel Canal (disused) 1794
Derbyshire Headstone Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire High Tor Tunnels
(1, 1A & 2)
Railway Tunnel 1 Tunnel 1A Tunnel 2 1849
Derbyshire Holt Lane Tunnel Railway 1849
Derbyshire Hopton Tunnel Railway 1830
Derbyshire Hindlow Tunnel Railway 1832
Derbyshire Lea Wood Tunnel Railway 1849
Derbyshire Litton Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Mickleover Tunnel Railway 1878
Derbyshire Milford Tunnelmarker Railway 1839
Derbyshire Morley Tunnel Railway 1878
Derbyshire Newhaven Tunnel Railway 1830
Derbyshire New Mills Tunnel Railway 1867
Derbyshire Newtown Tunnel Railway 1902
Derbyshire Norwood Tunnelmarker Canal
Derbyshire Pic Tor Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Redhill Tunnels Railway 1839
Derbyshire Rusher Cutting Tunnel Railway 1863
Derbyshire Shirland Tunnel Railway
Derbyshire Spinkhill Tunnel Railway 1897
Derbyshire Stodhart Tunnel Tramway 1796
Derbyshire Toadmoor Tunnelmarker Railway 1839
Derbyshire Totley Tunnel Railway 1892
Derbyshire Whatstandwell Tunnel Railway 1849
Derbyshire Whitwell Tunnel Railway
Derbyshire Willersley Tunnel Railway 1849
Derbyshire Wingfield Tunnel Railway 1839
Derbyshire Woodhead Tunnelmarker Railway
Devon Whiteball Tunnel Railway
Dorset Beaminster Tunnel Road (A3066) Carries the A3066. Brick lined construction. 1832
Dorset Buckhorn Weston Tunnel Railway
Dorset Bincombe Tunnel Railway North Tunnel South Tunnel
Dorset Evershot Tunnel Railway
Dorset Frampton Tunnel Railway
Dorset Middlebere Plateway Tunnels Railway (disused) Built in two stages 1807/1825
Dorset Poundbury Tunnel Railway
Dundee Marketgait Tunnel Road approx Cut and cover
East Sussex Cuilfail Tunnelmarker Road 430 m
  ||      ||
Essex Dartford Tunnelmarker Road 1436 m 1963
Essex Bell Common Tunnel Road 470 m Cut and Cover on the M25 motorwaymarker 1984
Glamorgan Cwmcerwyn, Maesteg Railway Built by the Port Talbot Railway and Docks Company. Single track, curved.
Glamorgan Cymmer, Afan Valley Railway Built by the Great Western Railway. Single track. Straight. North end relandscaped
Glamorgan Gelli, Afan Valley Railway Built by the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway. Single track. Short
Glamorgan Gylfichi, Afan Valley Railway (disused) Single track. North end collapsed 1947.
Glamorgan Nottage, Porthcawl Railway Single track. Short, south portal relandscaped
Glamorgan Abernant / Merthyr Railway Mainly single track, curved at ends.
Glamorgan Cefn-Glas, Abercynon Railway Single track
Glamorgan Garth, Taff's Well Railway Double track. Partly breached by operations at Garth Quarry
Glamorgan Morlais, Merthyr Tydfil Railway Double track, curved at west end. 3 airshafts.
Glamorgan Quaker's Yard, Abercynon Railway Built by the Taff Vale Railway. Demolished in 1857 when track dualled. 1840
Glamorgan Rhondda, Treherbert Railway Single track. Longest tunnel in Wales
Glamorgan Tinworks, Treforest Railway (disused) Built by the Taff Vale Railway to carry mineral line under exchange sidings of the Cardiff Railway at Treforest. Mineral line never completed. 1907
Glamorgan Treforest Railway
Glamorgan Union, Cardiff Railway
Glamorgan Queensgate Tunnel Road 715m Part of the A4232 Butetown link road 1995
Glasgow Clyde Tunnelmarker Road 762 m 1964
Glasgow M8 Motorway, Charing Cross. Road Cut and cover, short esctions
Glasgow Glasgow Subway Railway
Gloucestershire Chipping Sodbury Tunnelmarker Railway 4064 m; 2 miles, 924 yards
   ||      ||
Gloucestershire Patchway tunnels Railway 1609 m
1 mile
 ||      ||
Gloucestershire Sapperton Canal Tunnelmarker Canal 1789
Gloucestershire Sapperton railway tunnelsmarker Railway Larger Smaller
  ||    Consists two tunnels. Tunnels are on the Golden Valley Line from Stroudmarker to Swindonmarker  ||
Gloucestershire Severn Tunnel Railway 7012 m
4 miles, 628 yards
Hampshire Fareham Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Greywell Tunnel Canal 1230 yards (1125 m) Brick construction
Hampshire Micheldever Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Midhurst Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Popham No 1 Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Popham No 2 Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Privett Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Southampton Civic Centre Tunnelmarker Railway Allows the South Western Main Line to pass under the Civic Centremarker in Southhampton 1847
Hampshire Wallers' Ash Tunnel Railway
Hampshire Winchester Tunnel Railway
Hertfordshire Hatfield Tunnel Road Cut and Cover A1 motorway between J3 and J4
Hertfordshire Holmesdale Tunnel Road Cut and Cover M25 motorwaymarker between J25 and J26
Hertfordshire Weston Hills Tunnelmarker Road 230 m Cut and Cover 2006
Isle of Wight Ryde Tunnel Railway
Isle of Wight Ventnor Tunnel Railway
Kent Channel tunnelmarker Railway 50470 m
31 miles, 635 yards
Kent Dartford Tunnelmarker Road 1436 m
Kent Royal Harbour Tunnel Road 800m
Kent Roundhill Tunnel Road
Kent Shakespeare Tunnel South Eastern Main Line
  ||  Railway   ||  1260 m 
1387 yards || Two individual single bore tunnels.
|| 1890
Kent Abbotscliffe Tunnel South Eastern Main Line Railway 1800 m Twin track (ie single bore).
Kent Martello Tunnel South Eastern Main Line Railway 500 m Twin track (ie single bore).
Kent Boxley Abbey to Detling Pedestrian An entrance was present where the A249 now passes at the foot of Detling Hil. The air shafts are visible to the side of the North Downs Waymarker between Boxley and Detling.
Kent Ramsgate Harbour Tunnel Railway
Kent Charlton Tunnel Railway
Kent Dover Harbour Tunnel Railway
Kent Fort Pitt Tunnel Railway 391 m
428 yards
Twin track (ie single bore)
Kent Chatham Tunnel Railway 272 m
297 yards
Twin track (ie single bore)
Kent Knockholt Tunnel Railway 732 m
800 yards
Kent Shepherd's Well Tunnel Railway 2138 m
2376 yards
Kent Bourne Park Tunnel Railway (disused) Used to hide a giant railway borne artillery piece in World War Two.
Kent Somerhill Tunnel Railway Single track due to low roof, originally twin track with low height stock.
Kent Wells Tunnel Railway Twin track unlike the other tunnels on the same line.
Kent Grove Tunnel Cuckoo Linemarker / Wealden Line Railway (closed) Closed on 6 July 1985 with the rest of the Tunbridge Wells West branch, but was not reopened when Spa Valley Railwaymarker reopened much of the line. Single track.
Kent North Downs Tunnelmarker High Speed 1 Railway 3200 m Under Blue Bell Hillmarker, this line is to the UIC GB gauge (ie height) rather than the smaller gauges of other, older British railway lines. It is twin track (ie siongle bore), but due to air pressure of opposing trains at high speed, trains are scheduled not to pass at the high speed (the line is 186mph).
Kent Tyler Hill Tunnel Railway (disused) 828 yards Underneath the current mains site of the University of Kent.The line was closed 1953, and part of the tunnel collapsed in July 1974 1830
Kent Greenhithe Tunnel Railway 228m
253 yards
Kent Higham and Strood tunnel Railway 3931 yards / 3595 m It was built between 1819 to 1824 for the Thames and Medway Canal. A single track railway was laid on the tow-path in 1845, and was soon doubled by infilling the canal. A 100 yard air vent was cut into the middle when the tunnel. 1824
Lancashire Sough Tunnelmarker Railway 1 mile, 255 yards
Leicestershire Ashby de la Zouch Tunnel Railway
Leicestershire Husbands Bosworth Tunnelmarker Canal
Leicestershire Saddington Tunnelmarker Canal
Leicestershire Glenfield Tunnel Railway
Lincolnshire Kirton-in-Lindseymarker Railway 1200 m
Lincolnshire Stamford Tunnel Railway 341 yards
London London Underground Tunnels Railway 17,100 m in total Sub-surface lines opened in 1863 using cut and cover method. Deep level 'tube' lines opened in 1890 using Tunnelling shields. 1863 onwards
London Blackwall Tunnelmarker Road 1.3 km (Western Tunnel) Western Tunnel opened in 1897 using Tunnelling shields. Eastern tunnel opened in 1967 1897/1967
London East India Dock Link Road
London Greenwich foot tunnelmarker Pedestrian
London Islington tunnel and Maida Hill tunnels Canal
London Kingsway Exchangemarker Telephone (disused) N/A Originally part of the Holborn deep shelter, it was used for telephone exchanges until closure in the 1990s due to asbestos 1954
London Kingsway tramway subwaymarker Tramway (disused) Constructed using 'cut and cover' method. Abandoned in 1952 with the rest of the tram network, and now partially used as the Strand Underpassmarker 1906
London Limehouse Link tunnelmarker Road 1800 m Constructed with cut and cover methods. Used by the A1203 1993
London London Deep Level Shelters Air Raid Shelter 3,700 m each Eight built in total 1942
London Heathrowmarker link road Road Part of the airport link road which tunnels from M4/A4 roads to terminals 1,2 and 3
London Heathrow ARTmarker Road 1420 m Links the airside roads at terminals 1,2 & 3 with the new terminal 5. Only open to vehicles with security clearance 2005
London Heathrow Cargo Tunnel Road 885 m Links terminals 1,2 & 3 with terminal 4
London London Post Office Railway Railway (decommissioned) 10,500 m Narrow gauge railway built to transport mail between sorting offices. Now decommissioned but still kept in working order. 1927
London Rotherhithe Tunnelmarker Road 1705 m
London Strand Underpassmarker Road Formed from the disused Kingsway Tramway Subwaymarker 1964
London Sydenham Hill Railway
London Thames Tunnelmarker Railway Built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and originally opened as a pedestrian link between Rotherhithemarker and Wappingmarker. Taken over by the East London Railway and now part of the London Overground 1843
London Tower Subwaymarker Pedestrian (disused) Built using Tunnelling shields. Closed in 1898 due to the opening of the Tower Bridgemarker. Now used for water mains only 1870
London Woolwich foot tunnelmarker Pedestrian
Manchester - Greater Disley Tunnelmarker Railway 3535 m
2 miles, 346 yards
Manchester - Greater Farnworthmarker Tunnel Railway Built around 1832 by the Manchester and Bolton Railway
Manchester - Greater Guardian Exchangemarker Telephone 1300 m Concrete and brick 1954
Manchester - Greater Summit Tunnelmarker Railway 2638 m
1 mile, 1125 yards
Merseyside Kingsway Tunnelmarker Road 2483 m
Merseyside Mersey Railway Tunnel Railway 6860 m
4 miles, 462 yards;
Merseyside Queensway Tunnelmarker Road 3237 m

Merseyside Victoria Tunnelmarker 2475 m
Merseyside Wapping Tunnelmarker 2030 m
Merseyside Waterloo Tunnelmarker 862 m
Merseyside Williamson's tunnelsmarker 3000 m
Monmouthshire Severn Tunnel Railway 7012 m
4 miles, 628 yards
Monmouthshire Brynglas Tunnelsmarker Road
Monmouthshire Gibraltar Tunnels
Monmouthshire Bryn, Hengoed Railway
Monmouthshire Clydach Tunnels Railway
Monmouthshire Gaer Railway
Monmouthshire Gelli-felen Tunnels Railway
Monmouthshire Hillfield Tunnels Railway
Monmouthshire Monmouth Railway
Monmouthshire Pennar, Crumlin Railway 239 yd
Monmouthshire Usk Railway 256 yd
Norfolk Aylsham Bypass Tunnelmarker Railway
Norfolk Cromer Tunnelmarker Railway
Northamptonshire Blisworth tunnelmarker Canal
Northamptonshire Braunston Tunnelmarker Canal
Northamptonshire Corby Tunnel Railway 1 mile 160 yards 1878
Northamptonshire Crick Tunnelmarker Canal
Northamptonshire Kelmarsh Tunnelmarker Pedestrian
Northamptonshire Kilsby Tunnelmarker Railway 2218 m
1 mile, 666 yards
Northamptonshire Oxendon Tunnelmarker Pedestrian
Nottinghamshire Annesley Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Barnstone Tunnel Railway 98 yards 1899
Nottinghamshire Ashwell Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Drakeholes Tunnel Canal 154 yards 1777
Nottinghamshire Mapperley Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Park Tunnel Horsedrawn carriages
Nottinghamshire Redhill Tunnel
Nottinghamshire Sherwood Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Sherwood Rise Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Sneinton Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Stanton Tunnel, Railway Test Track, Stanton on the Wolds
Nottinghamshire Thorneywood Tunnel Railway
Nottinghamshire Victoria Street Tunnel also known as Weekday Cross Tunnel
  ||  Railway   ||     ||      ||
Nottinghamshire Watnall Tunnel Railway (268 yards)
Nottinghamshire Mansfield Road Tunnel
Oxfordshire Bodleian Library Tunnelmarker
Rutland Glaston Tunnel Railway 1 mile 82 yards 1878
Rutland Manton Tunnel Railway 749 yards 1846
Rutland Seaton Tunnel Railway 206 yards 1878
Rutland Wing Tunnel Railway 353 yards 1878
Scottish Borders Whitrope Tunnelmarker
Scottish Borders Penmanshiel Tunnelmarker
Scottish Highlands Nevis Tunnel hydroelectric scheme
Stirling A9, City Centre Tunnel Road Cut and cover
Shropshire Knowlesands Tunnelmarker
Shropshire Oakengates Tunnelmarker Railway
Somerset Combe Down Tunnelmarker
Somerset Devonshire Tunnel
Somerset Whiteball Tunnelmarker Railway 990m
1092 yards
Staffordshire Harecastle Tunnelmarker Canal
Staffordshire Harecastle Tunnelmarker Railway 310yds
Staffordshire Meir Tunne Road 284yds
Staffordshire Shugborough Tunne Railway 777yds
Surrey Boxhill Tunnel Railway
Surrey Hindhead Tunnelmarker Road 1830 m Part of the A3 2011 (projected)
Surrey Merstham Tunnel Railway
Surrey Quarry Tunnel Railway
Tyne and Wear Tyne Tunnelmarker
Tyne and Wear Victoria Tunnel
Warwickshire Shrewley Tunnelmarker Canal
West Midlands Anchor Exchangemarker
West Midlands Snow Hill Railway Tunnelmarker Railway
West Midlands Dudley Tunnelmarker Canal
West Midlands Lapal Tunnelmarker Canal
West Midlands Netherton Canal Tunnelmarker Canal
West Midlands Queensway marker
West Sussex Balcombe tunnelmarker Railway 1036 metres
1133 yards
West Sussex Clayton Tunnelmarker Railway 2066 m
1 mile, 499 yards
West Sussex Southwick Hill Tunnelmarker Road 490 m
Wiltshire Box Tunnelmarker Railway 2937 m
1 mile, 1452 yards
Wiltshire Bruce Tunnelmarker Canal 459 m
502 yards
Yorkshire - North Burdale Tunnel Railway 1746 yards
Yorkshire - North Prospect Tunnel Railway
Yorkshire - North Falsgrave Tunnel Railway
Yorkshire - North Kettleness Tunnel Railway
Yorkshire - North Ravenscar Tunnel Railway
Yorkshire - North Sandsend Tunnel Railway
Yorkshire - South Bradway Tunnel Railway 1853 m
1 mile, 267 yards
Yorkshire - South Norwood Tunnelmarker Canal 2637m
1 mile, 1124 yards
Yorkshire - South Thurgoland Tunnelmarker Railway
Yorkshire - South Totley Tunnel Railway 5697 m
3 miles, 950 yards
Yorkshire - South Woodhead Tunnelmarker Railway 4840 m
3 miles, 13 yards
Yorkshire - West Bramhope Tunnelmarker Railway 3439 m
2 miles, 241 yards
Yorkshire - West Morley Tunnel Railway 3081 m
1 mile, 1609 yards
Yorkshire - West Standedge Tunnelsmarker Canal and railway 4887 m
3 miles, 64 yards
Yorkshire - West Summit Tunnelmarker Railway 2638 m
1 mile, 1125 yards

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