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The term Twin Towers in architecture refers to two tall structures with nearly identical characteristics and similar height. The charts below lists most twin and other multi-column structures with similar characteristics. Buildings and structures shorter than are not included.

Twin buildings

The following list includes only twin buildings that are continuously habitable.
Name City Country Height (max) Floor count (t1/t2)
Petronas Twin Towersmarker Kuala Lumpurmarker 88/88
Bahrain Financial Harbourmarker Manamamarker 53/53
The Imperialmarker Mumbaimarker 60/60
Bahrain WTCmarker Manamamarker 50/50
Time Warner Centermarker New York Citymarker 55/55
Parque Central Complexmarker Caracasmarker 56/56
Karachi Financial Towers Karachimarker 45/45
The St. Francis Shangri-La Place Mandaluyongmarker 60/60
Orchid Enclave Mumbaimarker 54/54
Dolmen City Karachimarker 40/40
Berjaya Times Squaremarker Kuala Lumpurmarker 48/48
Bankers Hallmarker Calgarymarker 52/52
The St. Francis Square Towersmarker Mandaluyongmarker 51/51
The Tokyo Towersmarker Tokyomarker 58/58
Jordan Gate Towersmarker Ammanmarker 44/44
Marina Citymarker Chicagomarker 65/65
Pacific Plaza Towersmarker Taguig Citymarker 49/49
Century Plaza Towersmarker Century Citymarker 44/44
El Faro towersmarker Buenos Airesmarker 57/57
Blue and Green Diamondmarker Miami Beachmarker 44/44
Renoir towers Buenos Airesmarker 57/58
Tours Société Généralemarker Parismarker 37/37
GA Twin Towers Mandaluyongmarker 30/30
Residences of College Parkmarker Torontomarker 51/45
Deutsche Bank Twin Towersmarker Frankfurtmarker 40/38
WTC Colombomarker Colombomarker 40/40
Belgacom Towersmarker Brusselsmarker 28/28
Highlight Towersmarker Munichmarker 32/27
Rosslyn Twin Towers Arlingtonmarker 31/31
Casablanca Twin Centermarker Casablancamarker 28/28
Gate of Europemarker Madridmarker 26/26
Denver World Trade Centermarker Denvermarker 28/29
Centro Simon Bolivar Caracasmarker 25/25
Deira Twin Towersmarker Dubaimarker 22/22

Twin structures

This list consists of nonbuilding structures. In other words, they are not continuously habitable. Masts and towers are considered structures.
Structure City Country Height (max)
Nackasändarenmarker Stockholmmarker
RKS Liblice 2marker Liblicemarker

Buildings and structures with more than two identical columns

Name City Country Height (max) No. of columns Floor count (max/min)
Abraj Al Lulumarker Seef   3 50/40
Malecon Center Santo Domingomarker 3 31/31
Havelock City Projectmarker Colombomarker   8 29/22

Multi-column buildings and structures which no longer exist

Name City Country Height (max) No. of columns Floor count (t1/t2) Status
World Trade Centermarker New York Citymarker 2 110/110 Destroyed


  • A. By official height (height to roof, in this case)

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