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This list of universities and college in Swedenmarker is based on the Higher Education Ordinance of 1993 (as amended until January 2006). With few exceptions, all higher education in Sweden is publicly funded. The listing includes the officially recognised independent higher education institutions that operate under contract with the Swedish Ministry of Education, Research and Culture. Independent programme providers are not included.

The Swedish higher education system differentiates universities (Swedish: universitet) and colleges (Swedish: högskola).


State universities

Universities have the right to award the academic degrees of bachelor, master and doctor. They carry out extensive research in a variety of academic disciplines and contribute new knowledge to the world of science.

The order of precedence is based on their year of establishment as a university. Only Uppsala Universitymarker (est. 1477) and Lund Universitymarker (est. 1666) were actually founded as universities, whereas all the other universities were raised from högskola (college) status to the higher university status after they had been founded.

A number of formerly Swedish universities are now located in other countries and are not included in this list, e.g. the University of Helsinkimarker (1640, Finlandmarker), the University of Tartumarker (1632, Estoniamarker), and the University of Greifswaldmarker (est. 1456, Germanymarker, Swedishmarker from 1631–1815).

University Established as a university First establishment Student population (FTE, 2008) Research grants (2007, in million SEK)
Uppsala Universitymarker 1477 1477 19,900 2,889
Lund Universitymarker 1666 1666 24,600 3,403
University of Gothenburgmarker 1954 1891 24,100 2,512
Stockholm Universitymarker 1960 1878 22,400 1,844
Karolinska Institutetmarker 1965 1810 5,500 3,243
Umeå Universitymarker 1965 1965 15,600 1,626
Royal Institute of Technologymarker 1970 1827 11,700 1,785
Linköping Universitymarker 1975 1969 16,900 1,259
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciencesmarker 1977 1977 3,600 1,669
Luleå University of Technologymarker 1997 1971 6,600 628
Karlstad Universitymarker 1999 1977 7,600 279
Växjö Universitymarker 1999 1977 7,300 215
Örebro Universitymarker 1999 1977 8,300 271
Mid Sweden University 2005 1993 6,900 264
Linnaeus Universitymarker 2010 2010 15,000 --

Independent institutions

Chalmers University of Technologymarker in an independent university founded in 1829 in Gothenburgmarker.


In contrast to the above-mentioned universities, the Swedish colleges (Swedish: högskola) usually do not carry out much research on their own, nor do they usually have the right to award Doctor's degrees. The translation into English by the Swedes is often "university college" or simply "university", but this may be misleading as they are neither colleges of another university nor a proper university by Swedish definitions. Some of the colleges listed here offer courses only in a certain academic discipline such as business or music, and hence do not cover the whole spectrum of academia. Some former colleges have been raised to university status in the past by the Swedish government and are now listed above.

Awarding doctoral degrees

College Location Subject area
Blekinge College of Technology Karlskronamarker, Ronnebymarker, Karlshamnmarker Engineering
Kalmar College Kalmarmarker Natural sciences
Mälardalen Collegemarker Västeråsmarker and Eskilstunamarker Engineering
Stockholm School of Economicsmarker Stockholmmarker Business and Economics
Malmö College Malmömarker Medicine
Jönköping International Business School Jönköpingmarker Business and Economics
Jönköping University Foundation Jönköpingmarker

Awarding Bachelor's and Master's degrees

College Location
Södertörn Collegemarker Huddingemarker
Stockholm Institute of Education Stockholmmarker
Stockholm College of Physical Education and Sports Stockholmmarker
Borås Collegemarker Boråsmarker
Dalarna College Falunmarker and Borlängemarker
Gävle College Gävlemarker
Gotland Collegemarker Visbymarker
Halmstad Collegemarker Halmstadmarker
Kristianstad College Kristianstadmarker
Skövde College Skövdemarker
University West Trollhättanmarker, Uddevallamarker and Vänersborgmarker

Art Colleges

The art colleges are usually a relatively independent part of a university. They award undergraduate degrees, but also conduct research and development in the arts.

Academy Location
School of Design and Crafts Gothenburgmarker
Dramatiska Institutet - University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre Stockholmmarker
Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Designmarker Stockholmmarker
Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting Stockholmmarker
Operahögskolan - University College of Opera Stockholmmarker
GOArt - Göteborg Organ Art Center Gothenburgmarker
School of Photography and Film Gothenburgmarker
Royal College of Music in Stockholm Stockholmmarker
University College of Dancemarker Stockholmmarker
Valand School of Fine Arts Gothenburgmarker

The universities of Karlstad, Luleå and Örebro and the university college of Malmö have their own Music Academies. Five academies of great public recognition but without legal status of their own are found at the University of Gothenburg, where the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts is in charge of the Valand School of Fine Arts, the School of Design and Crafts, the School of Theatre and Opera, the School of Music and Musicology and the School of Photography and Film. Certain other universities and university colleges also offer individual courses and/or programmes within the Arts sector.

Medical schools and university hospitals

There are six medical schools in Sweden, each associated with a university and a university hospital. Often, their division (faculty) of the respective university also includes a nursing school, physiotherapy and/or other health-related professional training programmes.

University (Medical school) Hospital
University of Gothenburgmarker (Sahlgrenska Academy) Sahlgrenska University Hospitalmarker
Karolinska Institutetmarker Karolinska University Hospital
Linköping Universitymarker (Faculty of Health Sciences) Linköping University Hospital
Lund Universitymarker (Faculty of Medicine) Lund University Hospital and Malmö University Hospital
Umeå Universitymarker (Faculty of Medicine) Norrland's University Hospitalmarker
Uppsala Universitymarker (Faculty of Medicine) Uppsala University Hospitalmarker

Örebro Universitymarker has no faculty of medicine of its own, but Örebro University Hospitalmarker is in the process of building a research and education institute.

International rankings

THE–QS World University Rankings

Ranking list according to the THE–QS World University Rankings:
Institution 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
University of Lundmarker (Lunds Universitet) 171 180 122 106 88 67
University of Uppsalamarker (Uppsala Universitet) 140 180 111 71 63 75
Royal Institute of Technologymarker (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) 122 196 172 192 173 174
University of Gothenburgmarker (Göteborgs Universitet) NR 190 NR NR NR 185
Chalmers University of Technologymarker (Chalmers Tekniska Högskola) 110 166 147 197 162 198
University of Stockholmmarker (Stockholms Universitet) 139 NR NR NR NR NR


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