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Live Three was a CD by Coil which documents their live performance on 2002 April 06 at Teatro delle Celebrazioni in Bolognamarker, Italymarker. This CD was one of four releases in a series. Its counterparts are Live Four, Live Two and Live One. This album was later released as part of Coil's box set The Key To Joy Is Disobedience.

"Anarcadia: All Horned Animals" is an unreleased song based on The Restitution Of Decayed Intelligence. "Amethyst Deceivers" was originally released on Autumn Equinox in its studio form. This live version, however, is more similar to "The Last Amethyst Deceiver" from The Ape Of Naples. "Slur" was originally released in studio form on Horse Rotorvator. "A Cold Cell" was released in studio form on Пособие для начинающих: Глас Сéребра and an alternate version on the compilation The Wire Tapper 6. A new version, titled "Cold Cell", was later released on The Ape Of Naples. "Broccoli" was released in studio form on the album Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1. Another live version of this song appears on the compilation Not Alone. "Paranoid Inlay" was originally released in studio form on the album Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 2. "Sick Mirrors", a highly improvised live song of that era, was never given a proper studio release. "A.Y.O.R." was originally available on the bootleg Backwards but later became officially available on Пособие для кончающих: Волос Злата. The song was later completely stripped down and reworked, forming the song "It's In My Blood" on The Ape Of Naples. "Backwards" was also based primarily on "Bee Has The Photos" from the bootleg Backwards. It uses many of the same samples as "Protection" from Born Again Pagans. The song was finally given a studio release on the posthumous 2008 release The New Backwards.

For this recording, Coil were: Jhon Balance, Peter Christopherson, Ossian Brown, Cliff Stapleton and Mike York.

This album is currently available in CD format at Coil's official website,

Track listing

  1. "Anarcadia: All Horned Animals" – 6:52
  2. "Amethyst Deceivers" – 7:44
  3. "Slur" – 5:46
  4. "A Cold Cell" – 6:23
  5. "Broccoli" – 9:13
  6. "Paranoid Inlay" – 8:06
  7. "Sick Mirrors (Version)" – 8:47
  8. "A.Y.O.R." – 6:44
  9. "Backwards" – 15:22


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