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Live with Regis and Kelly is a syndicated American television morning talk show, hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. The show, known as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee when Kathie Lee Gifford was co-hosting, has aired since 1983 in New York Citymarker and 1988 nationwide. Tony Pigg has been the show's announcer since its conception.

It was announced on January 16, 2007, that Live with Regis and Kelly has been renewed through the 2010-2011 season.


The Morning Show (1983-1988)

The show began in 1983 as The Morning Show, a local New York program on WABC-TVmarker with Philbin and Cyndy Garvey as co-hosts. They were previously co-hosts on A.M. Los Angeles, a similar program on KABC-TVmarker in Los Angelesmarker. Ann Abernathy took over Garvey's co-hosting position in 1984. Gifford, then known as Kathie Lee Johnson from her first marriage, replaced Abernathy on June 24, 1985, and the show – which had held its own against Phil Donahue's show in the local market – took off.

Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1988-2000)

In the weeks leading up to the show's national debut, the title was changed to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee to prepare for the expansion. On September 5, 1988, Buena Vista Television (BVTV) began syndicating the show nationally.

In 1996, The Walt Disney Company, BVTV's parent company, acquired ABC (and WABC).

On February 29, 2000, Gifford announced her decision to leave the show to pursue her singing career, and spend more time with her family. Her last show was on July 28, 2000.

Live with Regis (2000-2001)

After Gifford's departure, the show, renamed Live with Regis, continued with guest co-hosts including Philbin's wife Joy, among others. During this time, Philbin won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host, and was also hosting ABC's popular Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. During "auditions" for co-hosts, Kelly Ripa became a favorite and front-runner, especially after a segment on the first episode on which she was a guest host on November 1, 2000.

Live with Regis and Kelly (2001-)

Ripa was named the permanent co-host on February 5, 2001. Since Ripa took over, the show's ratings have increased according to E!. Kathie Lee Gifford returned as special co-host alongside Regis and Kelly on September 14, 2007, to celebrate Live’s 20 years in national syndication, and as a guest on April 14, 2009.

The show is still owned and produced by WABC-TVmarker, and shares the same studio as WABC's Eyewitness News broadcast. Not seen in the nationally syndicated show is a WABC Eyewitness News update, which is produced from its newsroom, as are all of its updates during Good Morning America due to the shared studio. In the beginning of the 2007-2008 television season WABC-TV announced that Live with Regis and Kelly would move to the set used for the unsuccessful The Tony Danza Show; construction began in the summer of 2007, and with the new sets scheduled to debut in 2009.

Philbin announced on March 12, 2007, that he would undergo heart bypass surgery the following Wednesday after experiencing symptoms of heart disease. Guest co-host, Jimmy Kimmel, hosted alongside Ripa during Philbin's absence.
He returned to his hosting duties on April 26, 2007.

Studio fire

On the night of May 27, 2007, a fire occurred near the news studio of WABC-TV, adjacent to Live with Regis and Kelly's set. Although both studios were affected by smoke and water damage, damage to Live's set was minimal. The flooding in Live's control room was enough to require the show to temporarily relocate. Beginning with the show's May 29, 2007 broadcast, the show moved to the set of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, located nearby, on the same street as the Live studio.


Live, as implied in its name, is broadcast live weekdays at 9 a.m. ET, except for some markets.

The show features bantering between Regis and Kelly, phone-in contests, and celebrity guests. It is produced by Michael Gelman. The first 15 to 22 minutes, known as "host chat", is improvised, often involving Gelman. Other foils for the co-hosts have included WABC-TV program director Art Moore, who supervises Live, former WABC-TV weatherman and current Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion, and other program staffers. Following the host chat, a home viewer is called to participate in a trivia contest, with the chance to win a vacation prize package and a prize for an audience member. Following the contest, the rest of the show features mostly celebrity interviews. During the final minutes selected viewer e-mail is read.

Its latest theme song, composed by Gabriel Saientz after an on-air, $100,000 contest, made its debut on January 5, 2009, the day "Live" started broadcasting in high definition; slight changes such as new furniture and flooring were made to the set.

Live has consistently been rated among the top three syndicated daytime talk shows in the US, behind The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil.

The Live series has inspired similarly formatted talk shows. Some have been successful (The View), while others have had limited or no success (The Tony Danza Show, Living It Up! With Ali & Jack). The now canceled British television series, Today with Des and Mel, was based on Live.

Guest co-hosts

Substitutes for Philbin include Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Survivor host Jeff Probst, Bryant Gumbel, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, and Kelly's husband Mark Consuelos. Joy Philbin, Regis' wife, is a frequent substitute for Ripa.

In August 2009, on-air personalities from ten television stations which carry the show were chosen as guest hosts for one day each in a "From Local to Live!" contest. Substitutes for Philbin, airing the week of August 3 to 7, were Louis Aguirre from WSVNmarker in Miamimarker, Floridamarker, Pat Tomasulo from WGNmarker in Chicagomarker, Illinoismarker, Chris Parente from KWGNmarker in Denvermarker, Coloradomarker, Jason Colthorp from WILXmarker in Lansingmarker, Michiganmarker and Jeff Varner from WWMTmarker in Kalamazoomarker, Michiganmarker. Substitutes for Ripa, airing the week of August 17 to 21, were Lucy Bustamante of WWLmarker in New Orleansmarker, Louisianamarker, Janelle Wang of KGOmarker in San Franciscomarker, Californiamarker, Sandra Shaw of WBALmarker in Baltimoremarker, Marylandmarker, Tram Mai of KPNXmarker in Phoenixmarker, Arizonamarker and Tamara Taggart of CIVTmarker in Vancouvermarker, British Columbiamarker, Canadamarker.


Every season, LIVE! tapes about 260 episodes.

Special Weeks | Special Episodes


  • “LIVE!” FROM MIAMI BEACH From May 5th through May 8th, the show went on location to Miami Beachmarker in Floridamarker. Guests that week included, Nicole Richie, Rob Lowe, Eric Dane, and many more. On the final show from Miami Beach, Regis and Kelly did their annual, Mom’s Dream Come True special. They showcased various mothers and the great things they do.

  • LIVE! in LAS VEGAS For the week of November 23, the show went on location to Las Vegasmarker in Nevadamarker. The talk show duo taped the show from the Encore at Wynn Las Vegasmarker. Musician David Cook, actor Mark Harmon, comedian Jimmy Kimmel, actor Thomas Gibson, and actor Neil Patrick Harris were all guests on the special week of LIVE!. During the week, Kelly and husband Mark, who eloped in Vegas, went back to the Chapel of the Bells to see how things had changes and to relive her own wedding. Regis and Joy also performed a song from their new album. Cirque de Soleil performed one of their pieces from their show. The show that aired on Thanksgiving Day was taped in the normal studios in New York City, due to the holiday. The show was back in Vegas for Friday's episode.

September 11 attacks

On the day after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Live was on the air for an extended time with Philbin and Ripa discussing the attacks. The opening credits featured a still image of an American flag and the World Trade Center.


The show has been parodied for its banter and the personalities of its co-hosts.

  • In Frisky Dingo, Live with Mitzi and Verl is a spoof of Live with Regis and Kelly. When the super-villain Killface attempts to pitch his plan to destroy the world, the co-hosts are oblivious to what he says and are more concerned with their conversation and the product placement of a new car.
  • Saturday Night Live has parodied Live with Regis and Kelly (2000-2007) with Darrell Hammond as Regis Philbin, Amy Poehler as Kelly Ripa, and Chris Kattan and Rachel Dratch as Michael Gelman. Kelly Ripa appeared in one sketch as Angelina Jolie. Live with Regis and Kathie Lee was also parodied (1990-1991) with Dana Carvey as Regis Philbin and Jan Hooks as Kathie Lee Gifford.
  • In addition, Saturday Night Live aired a skit called Morning Latte (1997-2000). The co-hosts, played by Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri, tell each other their personal stories, similar to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee's "host chat", but they respond over-enthusiastically to each other. They also take a light-hearted tone with their guests.
  • On a 1996 TBN episode of Colby's Clubhouse, two of the cast members did a Prodigal Son segment where then-co hosts Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford were parodied.
  • Kanye West included the following line in his hit song, "Jesus Walks": "The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus".
  • In the third season of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana goes on the "Mack and Mickey in the Morning Show", a parody of Live with Regis and Kelly.
  • On Episode 4 of Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex and Harper are getting a new job from Alex's dad and they're talking during work time, Alex's dad interrupts their conversation by going, "Regis, Kelly, back to work." Alex played by Selena Gomez has appeared on the show.
  • In an episode of Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh, Drake reads a list of guests to be invited, and Regis was on it. Drake knowingly loves girls, made a remark but takes it back saying maybe he will bring Kelly with him.
  • In Treehouse of Horror IX of The Simpsons, Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis Philbin appear on the Simpsons TV, when Bart and Lisa are trapped in the TV, and fall into a pot of stew that Gifford and Philbin are cooking from Dom DeLuise's recipe. When Philbin and Gifford get spilled on, Gifford responds to this by storming off, declaring "That's it! I'm going home! Dom DeLuise can interview himself!"
  • In an episode of Hey Arnold, the character "Stinky" appears as a guest on the show. During his interview, Regis uses his catchphrase "I'm out of control!" and Kathie Lee tearfully exclaims, "I love my kids!"
  • In an episode of Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer appears on the show to promote his new coffee table book about coffee tables and spits coffee on Kathie Lee. Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford appeared as themselves.
  • In an episode of Family Guy, Peter Griffin is granted a wish by a genie to see Kelly Ripa behind the scenes. The genie shows the Griffins Ripa's "Live with Regis and Kelly" dressing room, where Kelly (voiced by herself) rips off her human face, which reveals an alien. The alien Kelly then goes to a tied-up human, removes his heart and eats it. However, she is called back to the set of the show, so she quickly has to replace her fake human face mask.
  • In the 1998 episode of Diagnosis Murder titled Talked to Death, Philbin and Gifford portray, respectively, Darrin Tate and Mary Montgomery, hosts of a talk show very similar to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. In the episode, various staged events intended to boost ratings of the talk show go awry, including Darrin having a heart-attack after being punched by Mary, as well as Mary being fatally shot by Darrin using a gun that was meant to contain blanks.

The show's website often times has various behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers, as well as video archives.

  • Fashion Finder One popular feature is Kelly's Fashion Finder, which showcases what co-host Kelly Ripa has worn on that day's episode. The online "segment" began on April 1, 2008. Through time a few additions have been made to the Fashion Finder, such as a Guest Fashion Finder, in which a few guests and fashion experts share what they are wearing with the internet world.

  • Exclusives Another great feature of the show's website is the Web Exclusives. Here the ordinary viewer can go behind the scenes at LIVE! and see how the show is put together. Often times clips from commercial breaks are uploaded to the Web Exclusives.

  • Poll On the homepage, visitors can vote on an Audience Poll which often times has a question about a previous show or a silly question in reference to one or both of the co-hosts.

  • Inbox The Regis and Kelly Inbox is a segment on the regular broadcast of LIVE!. Submissions can be made on the Regis and Kelly's Inbox page which also allows viewers to see older editions as well as some Bonus Inbox segments that are exclusively aired on the website.

  • Host Chat If a viewers has missed or wants to see the Host Chat again for that day they can visit the Host Chat page which archives the shows Host Chat segments.

Regis and Kelly TWITTER

The Live with Regis and Kelly Twitter page began around February 2009 and has become popular ever since. The show often times gives away exclusive offers on the Regis and Kelly Twitter account. Kelly Ripa always pokes fun at the peculiar username that was chosen for the account, Regis_and_Kelly. Often saying, "It just rolls right off the tongue."

The account is also used by Kelly Ripa herself, often times updating her viewers on what she is doing with the family or even what she is cooking for dinner. Regis refuses to use Twitter as he jokingly believes that computers are just a phase.

Regis and Kelly FACEBOOK

Although not as publicized as the Twitter account, Regis and Kelly do have a Facebook page. Here updates about the show and previews of upcoming guests and shows are posted. The LIVE! Facebook page can be accessed at

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