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Elizabeth "Liz" Jayne McDonald (née Greenwood, previously Tomlin) is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Streetmarker. Portrayed by actress Beverley Callard, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 27 October 1989.

Background and arrival

Liz first appeared in 1989 with her husband, ex-army sergeant Jim McDonald, and their twin sons Steve and Andy. Liz and Jim had a stormy marriage, caused by his hot temper and her habit of playing away. Soon after arriving on the Street, Liz made friends with Deirdre Barlow, whose daughter Tracy was slightly younger than the twins.
Liz as she appeared in 1991.


Marriage to Jim McDonald

Liz and Jim's marriage was tested many times. In 1992, Liz gave birth to a baby girl prematurely. The couple named her Katie but she only lived for one day.

The following year, Jim believed Liz was having an affair with brewery boss Richard Willmore and they separated. She had a brief relationship with Colin Barnes but reconciled with Jim. After taking a job at the local bookmakers', she was attracted to her boss, Colin's brother, Des. She resisted temptation and resigned.

After an army reunion in 1996, Jim forced Liz to confess she had slept with one of his colleagues while he was away. He assaulted her in the street and she obtained a court injunction to keep him away. He spent time in prison when he broke it and they divorced. Steve, too, served time in prison and Liz was flattered by the attentions of his fellow inmate Fraser Henderson. She visited regularly and he gave her a job in a wine bar he owned when he was released. A policeman friend, Alan McKenna, persuaded Liz to inform him about Fraser's activities but Fraser found out. He disappeared and sent a henchman to hold Liz, Jim and Andy hostage.

In 1998, Liz and Jim reconciled when Jim was left in a wheelchair for several months, following an accident. Liz looked after him but had an affair with his physiotherapist, Michael. Jim was about to propose to Liz when he found them in bed together. Liz and Michael left Weatherfield but their relationship did not last.

In 2000, Liz returned when Jim was sent to prison for manslaughter after attacking a drug-dealer (Jez Quigley) who tried to kill Steve. The couple reunited and married in a prison ceremony on 30 November 2000, and she left Weatherfield in 2001, so she could visit him.

Liz returned in 2003, working in a bar in Blackpool, when Jim escaped from prison. He was caught and sent back to prison. A few months later she came to Weatherfield for Steve's wedding and discovered she was a grandmother. Steve and Tracy had had a daughter, Amy Barlow, following a one-night-stand. In 2005, on hearing Jim's remission was cancelled because he assaulted another inmate, Liz decided not to wait for him and they divorced for a second time.

Working as a barmaid and landlady

Liz has worked as a barmaid throughout her life, working at the Rovers Return from 1991 until offered her own pub, The Queen's, in 1993. In 1995, Liz and Jim made a bid for the Rovers Return, but their offer was rejected. Since then, Liz has worked at pubs in Blackpool, Brighton and also at the British Legion and the Weatherfield Arms.
In 2006, Liz became landlady of the Rovers when her son Steve bought the business.

Relationship with Vernon Tomlin

After several romantic encounters, Liz met Vernon Tomlin, a workshy drummer. He was very laid-back and totally unlike Jim, but they had fun and Liz felt like a teenager again. The pair split when Liz, tired of being taking for granted and his roving eye, threw him out. He returned, begging her to take him back and they got engaged in 2007.

Liz was not happy and sought excitement in a fling with brewery delivery man, Derek. Derek's wife, Linda, told Liz she knew he was having an affair but didn't know who with so Liz told Derek they would have to stop seeing each other. Eventually Liz resumed things with Derek but when she found herself on a balcony in her underwear, realised she couldn't continue the affair. She ended the relationship and confessed to his wife.

When Jim was released in November 2007, Liz was wary of allowing him into her life. But, impressed by how he had changed, they stayed friends. However, when Jim cornered her on her wedding day, her initial fears were justified. He told her he loved her and would not allow the marriage to take place, launching a violent attack when Vernon intervened. Liz suppressed her doubts about marrying Vernon and - determined not to let Jim win - went ahead. The couple went on honeymoon to Nashville, but only after Vernon discovered Liz had nearly called off the wedding. On returning from honeymoon, Liz revealed she would not be changing her name.

On June 30 2008, Vernon and Liz went to view a bar, possibly intending to buy it. Liz admitted to Vernon that she would not be happy and no longer loved him, ending their marriage. A devastated Vernon moved out of the Rovers that day.

Relationship with Harry Mason

In early 2008, it was obvious there was a spark between Liz and bookie Harry Mason. In May 2008, Vernon and his bandmates went on a cruise gig. Liz was supposed to go too but told him she couldn't leave the pub. She later confided in Deirdre that she couldn't stand being with Vernon 24/7. When Vernon left, Harry took advantage and invited Liz to the opening of a bookies.

In May 2008, Liz accepted an invitation for dinner at Harry's flat. She told Steve Deirdre had personal problems to get the night off work. The evening almost ended with a kiss but Liz, thinking of Vernon, rejected his advances but was tempted. The next day Liz went to his place again, for lunch this time. However, Harry's son Dan Mason guessed what was happening when he saw Liz and Harry leaving the Rovers at the same time and told Steve. Steve confronted Deirdre, Harry and Liz but Liz told him to stay out of her private life.

Since splitting from Vernon, Liz got closer to Harry, making Harry's ex-wife Clarissa jealous. The tables were soon turned and Liz was jealous when Harry told her he and Clarissa were back together. In September 2008, Liz and Harry slept together on a couple of occasions. Vernon wrote Liz a letter, proclaiming his love and asking her to go to London with him. Liz, however, was preoccupied by a charity ball date with Harry to take much notice. Unfortunately Harry let Liz down by taking Clarissa instead. Liz rushed to catch Vernon before he left but was too late. She swore revenge and she and Clarissa teamed up to humiliate Harry. He left the street with Clarissa when she agreed to take him back, providing he never returned to Weatherfield.

Relationship with Lloyd Mullaney

On December 2008, Liz had kissed Steve's best friend Lloyd Mullaney during a Brazilian crunch party whilst he was on a date with a girl named Danielle. They are now in a relationship. However she became mad at him when he was too embarrassed to say she was his girlfriend in public, but later forgave him.

Steve's Marriage To Becky

Liz disapproved of Steve and Becky's marriage from the very beginning, stating that she thought it wouldn't go ahead. Their wedding was on March 13, but Becky turned up drunk, and they never got married, proving her right.On her return from Spain, she avoided Lloyd and finally told him that what they had was just a bit of fun, a tearful Lloyd attempted to win her back. Later, Liz tearfully revealed to Betty that she had entered menopause and she caould no longer conceive.Liz was furious when her pub was raided by the police for drugs and resultantly banned Becky from serving as barmaid.



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