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Loir-et-Cher is a department in north-central Francemarker named after the rivers Loirmarker and Chermarker.


Loir-et-Cher is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790. It was created from parts of the former provinces of Orléanais and Tourainemarker.


Loir-et-Cher is part of the modern region of Centremarker. Adjacent departments are Eure-et-Loirmarker to the north, Loiretmarker to the north-east, Chermarker to the south-east, Indremarker to the south, Indre-et-Loiremarker to the south-west, and Sarthe to the west.

The department comprises 6,314 km2, which makes it the 31st largest of the French departments in terms of area. The line of the river Loiremarker traverses the land, ensuring easy communication between its own capital, Bloismarker, and the vibrant cultural and commercial centres of Toursmarker to the west and the fringes of the Seine-Paris basinmarker at Orléansmarker to the east.

Its main rivers are the Loiremarker, on which its prefecture (capital) Bloismarker is situated, the Loirmarker and the Chermarker.


The inhabitants of the department are called Loir-et-Chériens.


Château de Châteauvieux
Loir-et-Cher has a number of historic castles, including the following:

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