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Loki Software, Inc. (sometimes also called Loki Games or Loki Entertainment Software) was a software firm based in Tustin, Californiamarker, United Statesmarker, that ported several computer games from Microsoft Windows to Linux. It took its name from the Norse deity Loki.

Loki Software was founded in August 1998 by Scott Draeker and shut down in January 2002.

Loki Software also developed several free software tools, such as the Loki installer (also known as Loki Setup), and supported the development of the Simple DirectMedia Layer. They also started the OpenAL audio library project (now being run by Creative Technology and Apple Computermarker). The book Programming Linux Games (also available online (The Internet Archive)) by Loki Software and John R. Hall is recognized as one of the prominent tutorials for the Simple Direct Media Layer.

Many of Loki's free tools are still actively used and being developed, often by former employees of the company, many of them having moved to other computer game or Linux companies. Ryan Gordon (also known as Icculus), a former employee of Loki, has been responsible for the Linux and Mac OS X ports of many commercial games after the demise of the company.

Published Titles

Civilization: Call to Power was the first game ported by Loki
Postal Plus was the last game ported by Loki

In addition to the published titles, there is also an unfinished port of Deus Ex. The later update of Deus Ex for Microsoft Windows features the OpenGL driver for the Unreal engine from Loki Software's Linux port.

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