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Long Island Bus is the name used by MTA's Regional Bus unit for its bus service servicing primarily Nassau Countymarker. It also serves parts of western Suffolk Countymarker as well as parts of Queensmarker. Long Island Bus is the trading name of Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, a name which has not been used publicly since 1995, and which is now a unit of Regional Bus as noted above.


What is today Long Island Bus began service in 1973 under the name Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority by the combination of 11 private operators:

  • Bee-Line, Inc. (N1-N6) and subsidiaries:
    • Rockville Centre Bus (N14-N17)
    • Utility Lines (N19; extended to Patchogue along current S40 (Suffolk Transit) route)
    • Stage Coach Lines (N71, 73-74, and earlier N70): NOTE: The N70 under Stage Coach was a loop route from Hempstead to Levittown, Bellmore, Wantagh, and back to Hempstead.
    • Mid-Island Transit (N78-N81): This operator was acquired by Stage Coach, which would be acquired by Bee-Line. Also operated by this operator was a route from today's Broadway Mall to Oyster Bay.
  • Schenck Transportation (N20-N27) and previously acquired:
    • Nassau Bus Line (N31-N33)
    • Universal Auto Bus (N57 and N58)
  • Jerusalem Avenue Bus Line (N51, N54/55)They also operated the Massapequa Park loop, which operated north and south of the LIRR station. No longer operates.
  • Hempstead Bus Corporation (N40/41, N45, N47-N49)
  • Roosevelt Bus Line (N62)
  • Branch Bus Corporation (N69; transferred to Long Beach in 1984)

In the 1980s, the N28, N46, N50, and N70 would be created (the N70 as an N72 branch, and the others from scratch). The 1990s saw the creation of a shuttle around Roosevelt Field, two shuttles designed to take customers from train stations to work sites (the N94 and N95), and a service connecting Nassau County to JFK Airport (the N91, since discontinued), with the 2000s seeing a Merrick shuttle and the N8 and N43 routes being created.

In 2007, Long Island Bus averaged over 108,000 weekday riders, many of which include customers connecting to other MTA services in the region. Routes under Long Island Bus are prefixed with N (the route designation is not shown on vans that operate on the N53 line). Long Island Bus today is operated as a division of MTA Regional Bus.


The current fare is US$2.25 (US$1.10 for seniors and disabled customers). Students with ID receive a discount of 25ยข from the base fare. Dollar bills are not accepted on any Long Island Bus fixed-route buses. Transfers are available upon request with coins, and are included automatically with MetroCard. Transfers are valid on any other Long Island Bus, Suffolk Transit, City of Long Beach bus, or HART with the following restrictions:
  • Transfers to non-MTA buses are available for MetroCard passengers.
  • Transfers to New York City Subway, or New York City Bus or MTA Bus express service, are available with MetroCard only.(express buses require additional fare). New transfer paper will be good for connecing MTA Bus or Long Island Bus.
  • Transfers from non-MTA services require payment of a "step-up" fare, which is the difference between the base fares of the systems.

The Able-Ride paratransit fare is US$3.75, payable in Able-Ride tickets or exact fare.

Bus depots

MTA Long Island Bus operates from three garages in Nassau County, New Yorkmarker as follows:

Rockville Centre Depot

The Rockville Centre Bus Depot is located on 50 Banks Avenue in Rockville Centremarker. This garage, originally the home of Bee Line, Inc., is only used on weekdays and houses the following routes: N1, N2, N3, N4, N8, N14, N15, N31, N32, N33, N36, and N62.

Mitchel Field Depot

The old logo
The Mitchel Field Depot or Senator Norman J. Levy Transit Facility is located on 700 Commercial Avenue in Garden Citymarker, and is the headquarters and central garage for Long Island Bus. The garage is named after the Mitchel Air Force Basemarker that operated there from 1918 until 1961.

Stewart Avenue Depot (Able-Ride)

The Stewart Avenue Depot is located on 947 Stewart Avenue in Garden Citymarker. All Able-Ride Nassau County shared-ride ADA paratransit service is dispatched from this garage.

Bus stop signage

Long Island Bus stops are signed as follows.
Sign color Type of service
  • Pick-up points in Queens (pickup and drop-off within Far Rockaway).
  • N6 Limited pickup points in Queens.
  • Late night Long Island Bus pickup points in Queens.
  • N6 Limited pick-up and drop-off points within Nassau County.
  • All other Long Island Bus service in Nassau County.

Current fleet of buses

#1520 in past Long Island bus livery, still present on the older fleet.

Except for the N53 line, which uses small van-based buses, Long Island Bus runs Orion CNG buses in regular route service. Older buses are of the Orion V model (as shown to the left) with an orange-and-blue stripe (the van-based buses for the N53 Merrick Shuttle and vans for Able-Ride paratransit also have this livery), with the most recent order of buses being of the Orion VII Next Generation model (as shown at the top of the page). The entire fleet of buses is owned by Nassau County.


The Hempstead Transit Center sees service from 21 different routes.

Long Island Bus runs fixed-route service on 60 routes, servicing the towns of Hempsteadmarker, North Hempsteadmarker, and the southern part of Oyster Baymarker, along with parts of the cities of Long Beachmarker and Glen Covemarker. Routes are designated "N" for Nassau County (although this designation is not shown on N53 buses), with service provided daily (although not all routes operate 7 days a week), and 24-hour service provided on the N6 Hempstead Turnpike route.

Long Island Bus routes operating into Queensmarker operate express service (that is, service is not provided solely for travel within Queens) with three exceptions:

  • N8: Open-door service along Hook Creek Boulevard where it runs along the New York City line.
  • N24: Open-door service within Queens along Jamaica Avenue and Jericho Turnpike and Jamaica Avenue as far west as 239 Street, where one side of Jericho Turnpike/Jamaica Avenue is in New York City, but the other side of the street is in the Town of Hempsteadmarker. Eastbound drop-off begins at 225 Street, where state maintenance of Jamaica Avenue begins.
  • N31, N32, and N33: Open-door service in Far Rockaway. NOTE: The N33 operates closed-door within the City of Long Beach.


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