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Phoenix at Busch Gardens Africa, a custom Looping Starship ride

The Looping Starship (also can be called Space Shuttle) is a flat ride by Intamin AG of Switzerlandmarker. The concept of the ride is basically a swinging ship that can spin a complete 360-degree revolution. The ride can be very scary at times, especially if the park enables the feature to temporarily suspend the ride upside down. Unlike similar rides like the Sky Flyer, Kamikaze, Skymaster, and Ranger, the Looping Starship inverts its passengers rather slowly and deliberately.

The Looping Starship ride has been modified so instead of resembling a Space Shuttle it instead resembles a fighter jet, Egyptian cargo ship, and also one has been modified to look like a Looney Tunes ACME Rocket. Most parks require riders to be at least 48 inches tall or more.

Looping Starships were manufactured as both traveling models and permanent models. Intamin AG no longer produces the ride, however.



Name Park Year Built Year Removed Notes
Bounty's Revenge Wonderland Sydneymarker December 7th 1985 2004 Removed when Wonderland closed, and was sent to Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia. The Owners of Wonderland Sydney at the time of closure.
Looping Starship Six Flags Astroworldmarker 1986 2005 Removed for the park's closure.
Power Dive Six Flags Great Americamarker 1987 2001 Removed due to maintenance issues.
Looping Starship Six Flags over Georgiamarker 1985 2005 Removed to make way for Goliath.
Z-Force Six Flags Magic Mountainmarker 1987 1992 Removed to make way for Batman: The Ride
Aerovarvet Lisebergmarker 1989 2002 The only looping starship installed in Scandinavia! This one was themed to be a mix between a space shuttle and a fighter jet. In the first seasons, the staff had clothes similar to those working on real airplanes. The name Aerovarvet is Swedish for "Aero-Loop or "Looping Aeroplane". It ran a program unique for Intamin Looping Starship's. It gave you three revolutions at higher speeds and the last revolution left you inverted for several seconds (Often 8-12 seconds) which gave you the sensation of weightlessness. The guests experienced 3.3 G's in the lower position and 1.3-2.0 g's in the inverted position. It was wonderfully themed with the control boot themed as a flight observation tower and the lightning of the airplane was really well done with flashing light's on the wings and nice spotlights on the structure. Was rebuilt in the winter between 2001-2002 to a swining ship ride. They removed the aeroplane body, the counterweight and now it only runs like a pirate ship, not doing any complete 360 degree loops. The ride was a massive success when it opened and the reason why Liseberg rebuilt it was in lack of popularity which is very hard to believe because you never have to wait more than 5 minutes today compared to 20 minutes minimum when it was Aerovarvet. The investment 1989 for the ride was somewhere around 12 Million SEK.
Space Shuttle Six Flags Great Adventuremarker 1985 2008 (2007 offseason) Removed as a result of costcutting. The ride is currently in storage.
Perilous Pendulum Galaxylandmarker West Edmonton Mall 1985 2003 Removed for replacement with the Solar Flare ride. Fate Unknown

Existing Looping Starships (Space Shuttle)

Name Park Year Opened Notes
ACME Rock n' Rocket Six Flags over Texasmarker 2006 Most of the rides parts were salvaged from the Six Flags Astroworldmarker Looping Starship. An entirely new chassis was built for this installation, themed after a Looney Tunes ACME rocket.
Berserker King's Dominionmarker 1984 Themed after a Viking ship.
H.M.B. Endeavor California's Great Americamarker 1987 Themed after a pirate ship. Formerly called The Revolution.
Jet Scream Canada's Wonderlandmarker 1990 Themed after a space shuttle.
Looping Starship Valleyfairmarker 1985 Themed after a pirate ship.
Phoenix Busch Gardens Africamarker 1982 Themed after an Egyptian cargo vessel.
Space Attack Cosmo's World 2003 Themed after a space shuttle.
Pirates Revenge Sunway Lagoonmarker 2005 The Ex. Bounty's Revenge from Wonderland Sydneymarker
Southern Star Carowindsmarker 1986 Formerly called Frenzoid.

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