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The Lord Mayor is the title of the Mayor of a major city, with special recognition.

Rendering other languages:
  • In Denmarkmarker, as the translation of Danish Overborgmester, it is the title of the highest Mayor of Denmark's capital city, Copenhagenmarker.
  • In Germanymarker, it is sometimes (and perhaps anachronistically or incongruously) used to translate German Oberbürgermeister, the title of the mayors of large, often county-free cities. As in Australia, Germany's mayors serve as the actual executive leaders of their cities. Moreover, the post of mayor in the three German city-states is equivalent to that of a Ministerpräsident (head of government of one of Germany's constitutive States) and the respective post is referred to as Regierender Bürgermeister (Governing Mayor) in Berlinmarker and Erster Bürgermeister (First Mayor) in Hamburgmarker.
  • In Finlandmarker, the head city manager of the capital, Helsinkimarker, is customarily given by the country's President the title ylipormestari [loosely translated: "high mayor"] (which then generally is much more used of the official than kaupunginjohtaja, the title of the office itself), a tradition that resembles closely the Lord Mayoralties in other countries.
  • In Romaniamarker and Moldovamarker, the mayors of the capitals (Chişinăumarker and Bucharestmarker respectively) are named Primar General which means General Mayor. The name is ceremonial and it has no higher powers than mayors of other cities.

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