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Lorraine Broderick is an Americanmarker television soap opera writer who got her start on All My Children as a protégée of Agnes Nixon's.


She left the writing team of AMC in 1991 to join the writing staff of Guiding Light. While Broderick wrote for Guiding Light, the show received much critical acclaim, and the early '90s are widely considered to have been a golden era for the show. In the spring of 1995, when Megan McTavish was fired from her writing post at All My Children, Broderick left Guiding Light and became the new head writer. Broderick went on to win three consecutive Daytime Emmy awards for her work on the show. She left All My Children in December 1997 when ABC Daytime decided to bring back McTavish. In early 1998, Broderick was hired at CBS Daytime's As the World Turns where her most notable story was the resurrection of evil David Stenbeck and the switch of Lily Snyder's baby with another baby.

In July 1999, a complete behind-the-scenes overhaul at the show led to Broderick's exit. Shortly after, she was hired by Days of our Lives Executive Producer Ken Corday to helm his show's writing team. However, she was there for less than a month before she left over disagreements with Co-Executive Producer Tom Langan (who would assume the writing duties himself). Reportedly, Langan wanted to rapidly age the next generation of teens and immediately place them in front-burner storylines, while Broderick wanted to phase them in gradually; Broderick's character-driven storytelling style was also reportedly not favored by Langan, who preferred more outlandish plotting. Broderick defected to Port Charles as a staff writer, before being made head writer of One Life to Live in 2001.

In 2003, she was demoted to associate head writer upon the returns of famed One Life to Live writing team Michael Malone and Josh Griffith. At that time, ABC Daytime reportedly offered her a return to the head writing duties at All My Children, but she declined. Broderick left One Life to Live altogether in 2004, returning as a staff writer for Guiding Light.

In November 2009, it was stated that she would be taking over on an intern basis as the headwriter of All My Children, following the firing of Charles Pratt Jr.. Here's what Sara A. Bibel had to say about Broderick's return: All My Children fans will have reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Friday AMC fired nearly universally reviled headwriter Chuck Pratt. According to Daytime Confidential, Lorraine Broderick, who wrote for the show during the 1980s and 90s. With the possible exception of Dena Higley on One Life To Live, no one has done more to wreck a soap in a shorter amount of time. Under his pen, Police Chief Jesse Hubbard covered up a murder. Liza Colby returned to town deSORASED twenty years and immediately had sex with Zach Slater without so much as exchanging first names with him. Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon schemed to convince David Hayward his child was stillborn. The whole town participated in a weeklong dance marathon. Marian went insane for no reason. Instead of giving Bianca and Reese a groundbreaking lesbian motherhood and marriage storyline, he made Reese obssesed with Zach. Stuart Chandler was murdered and the mystery turned out to focus mainly on Zach hiring someone to impersonate Kendall in prison. Is it any wonder that Thorsten Kaye decided to leave the show? His character was among the most ruined. In fact, Pratt managed to render nearly every character on the show unlikable. Those who escaped unscathed tended to be saved by the backburner. He reveled in darkness and misanthropy, somehow thinking that people wanted to watch unrelenting bleakness during lunch. The most disheartening part of all of this is that ABC had to sign off on every single bad decision. The network that micromanages every episode had no problem with him killing the heart of Pine Valley or Zach tearing off Liza’a panties. Of course, the network’s executives also greenlit Dixie Martin’s death by pancakes. ABC has been mishandling the show for years. I was stunned that ABC chose to let Pratt go, given the network’s track record. I assume that low ratings were the culprit, though perhaps the show’s upcoming 40th anniversary was a wake up call. I hope that the decision to hire Lorraine Broderick is an acknowledgment that AMC needs to return to its roots.

Broderick has a difficult task on her hands. She has to rehabilitate numerous characters while coming up with compelling storylines that will win back the audience. Carlivati managed it on One Life To Live, though the ratings have not reflected his accomplishments. Broderick’s task is complicated by the show’s move to L.A., and its resulting cast changes. In my humble opinion, Broderick needs to restore the family units first, making the Kane women, the Martins and the Hubbards moral and rootable again to contrast with the morally grey Chandlers. Next, there needs to be some actual love on the show. Zach and Kendall have been the show’s leads for the past few years. Zach’s departure means that Kendall is going to need a new love interest, someone other than Ryan. I would love to see her in an epic romance with an interesting new character. Most of all, Broderick needs to bring back AMC’s light, optimistic tone. It used to be a fun show with plenty of comedy.

Writing positions

All My Children
  • Head Writer: October 1995 - December 1997; February 2010 (hired by Brian Frons)
  • Associate Head Writer: 1981 - 1987, 1988 - 1991
  • Co-Head-Writer: 1987 - 1988
  • Script Writer: 1979 - 1981

Another World
  • Associate Head Writer: 1994 - 1995

As the World Turns
  • Head Writer: March 1998 - August 1999

Days of our Lives (hired by Ken Corday)
  • Head Writer: October 1999

Guiding Light

One Life to Live
  • Associate Head Writer: February 2003 - March 2004
  • Co-Head Writer (with Christopher Whitesell): 2001 - January 2003

Port Charles
  • Associate Head Writer: 2000 - 2001

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