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Región de los Lagos
See other Chilean regions
Capital Puerto Monttmarker
Provinces Osorno




  - Total
Ranked 5th

67,013.1 km²

  - 2002 Census

  - Density
Ranked 7th


15.8 /km²
ISO 3166-2 CL-LL

The X Los Lagos Region (Spanish: X Región de Los Lagos, literally Region of the Lakes) is one of Chile's 15 regions which are first order administrative divisions and comprises five provinces: Chiloé, Llanquihue Province, Palena, Osorno, and Valdivia. The "Los Lagos Region" contains the country's second largest island, Chiloémarker, and the second largest lake, Llanquihuemarker.

Its capital is Puerto Monttmarker; other important cities include Osornomarker, Castromarker, Ancudmarker, and Puerto Varasmarker.

Geography and demography

The region has an area of 67,013 km² and its population, according to the 2002 INE Census was 1,073,135, with a population density of 15.8 /km² including Valdivia Province that in 2007 became a region of its own. It is bordered on the north by Los Ríos Regionmarker, on the south by Aisén Regionmarker, on the west by the Pacific Oceanmarker and on the east by Argentinamarker (provinces of Neuquén, Río Negromarker and Chubut).

Geography and climate

The region, in general, has a temperate rainforest. The coastal part, except for the south of the Chiloé Islandmarker, has a temperate climate with cold winter rain. To the south, the climate is characterized by constant rain and not having dry seasons.


The regional economy is dominated by agriculture, forestry and fisheries, all of which have become increasingly industrialized.The livestock sector emphasizes the breeding of dairy cattle. Seafood, including salmon, is sold fresh or canned. Cereals are grown extensively. Tourism has grown considerably in the past few decades.

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