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{{Infobox settlement

official_name = Lower Austria
native_name =
native_name_lang = de
settlement_type = State of Austria
image_flag = Flag of Niederösterreich (state).svg
flag_size = 120px
image_shield = Niederösterreich CoA.svg
shield_size = 75px
image_map = Karte A Noe.svg
subdivision_type = Country
subdivision_name =
seat_type = Capital
seat = Sankt Pöltenmarker
leader_party = ÖVP
leader_title = Governor
leader_name = Erwin Pröll
area_total_km2 = 19174
population_total = 1588545
population_density_km2 = auto
timezone1 = CET
utc_offset1 = +1
timezone1_DST = CEST
utc_offset1_DST = +2
blank_name_sec1 =
€ billion ( ) }}
blank1_name_sec1 =
€ ( ) }}
blank1_name_sec2 = Votes in Bundesrat
blank1_info_sec2 = 12 (of 62)
blank_name_sec2 = NUTS Region
blank_info_sec2 = AT1
iso_code = AT-3
website =
footnotes =}}Lower Austria ( ) is the northeast state of the nine states or Bundesländer in Austriamarker. The capital of Lower Austria since 1986 is Sankt Pöltenmarker (most recent capital town in Austria), but formerly, the capital of Lower Austria was Viennamarker, even though Vienna is not properly part of Lower Austria. With a land area of 19,174 km² and a population of 1.6 million people, it is the largest state in Austria, and in terms of population second only to Vienna (which also is a federal state).


Located east of Upper Austria, Lower Austria derives its name from where it is situated on the Danube River, which flows from west to east. The state borders on Slovakiamarker, the Czech Republicmarker, and on the other Austrian states of Upper Austria, Styriamarker and Burgenlandmarker. The state surrounds Vienna.


The history of Lower Austria is very similar to the History of Austria. Many castles are located in Lower Austria. Klosterneuburg Abbeymarker, located here, is one of the oldest abbeys in Austria. Also, before World War II, Lower Austria had the largest number of Jews.

Administrative divisions

Lower Austria is divided into four regions: Waldviertelmarker, Mostviertel, Industrieviertel, and Weinviertel. The Wachaumarker valley, situated between Melkmarker and Kremsmarker in the Mostviertel region, is famous for its landscape, culture, and wine.

Administratively, the state is divided into 21 districts (Bezirke), and four Statutarstädte. In total, there are 573 municipalities within Lower Austria.



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