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Lymm (pronounced "Lim") is a large village and civil parish in Warringtonmarker, Cheshiremarker, in North West Englandmarker. Lymm was an urban district of Cheshire from 1894 to 1974.

The parish of Lymm incorporates the hamlets of Booths Hill, Broomedge, Church Green, Deansgreen, Heatley, Heatley Heath, Little Heatley, Oughtrington, Reddish, Rushgreen and Statham. According to the 2001 Census it had a population of 10,552.


The name, of Celtic origins, means a "place of running water" and is likely derived from an ancient stream that ran through the village centre.


The village is part of the Lymm ward of the Borough of Warrington. There are three councillors: two represent the Liberal Democrats and one represents the Conservative Party.

Twin towns

 Meung-sur-Loiremarker, in central Francemarker.



Note: Statistics expressed as percentages may not add up to 100%

Census data is based on that of Lymm Ward

  • Total Population: 11,040 residents
  • Male:Female ratio: 49.1%:50.9%
  • Average age of population: 40.3 years

Ethnicity breakdown

  • 98.2% White
  • 0.7% Mixed
  • 0.1% Black
  • 0.6% Asian
  • 0.4% Other

Housing and social situation

  • Households: 4,431
    • 83.2% are owner occupied
    • 9.5% are socially rented (i.e. council accommodation)
    • 5.6% are privately rented
    • 1.7% are rent free


  • 65.4% are employed.
  • 2.0% are unemployed.
  • 2.2% are full-time students (therefore classed as active).
  • 30.4% are classed as "economically inactive".


  • 18.8% have no qualifications whatsoever.
  • 40.8% have only level 1 or 2 qualifications.
  • 34.2% have level 3 or higher (i.e. non-compulsory) qualifications.

Architecture and landmarks

Lymm village centre is a designated conservation area, notable for its historic buildings, both listed and unlisted. These include the Frenchmarker-style terracotta former Lymm Town Hall (currently unlisted); Oughtrington Hall & Lodge, formerly owned by a cadet branch of the Leigh family and now Lymm High Schoolmarker; Lymm Hall, a former Domville family residence; Foxley Hall, home to a cadet branch of the ancient Booth family, before ownership passed to the Carlisle family is no longer standing, but fustian cutting cottages on Booth's Hill Road and Arley Grove do survive. The parish church of St Peter's Church, Oughtringtonmarker is an example of Gothic Revival architecture. St Mary's Church, Lymmmarker is next to Lymm Dammarker. By 1850 an earlier 14th century building was in disrepair, and the Newcastlemarker architect John Dobson was commissioned to rebuild it. The 1521 tower was retained and raised, but the additional stonework meant that the tower had to be rebuilt in 1887.

Lymm's village crossmarker, known simply as "The Cross", is a Grade I listed structure. A twenty-four hour webcam overlooks the landmark.


The M56 (junctions 7 & 9) and M6 (Junction 20) motorways are both within 3 miles of Lymm. The conjunction of these motorways is known as the Lymm Interchange, and hosts a service station known as the Poplar 2000 services, a well used truck stop. The A56 also passes just south of the village, connecting the nearby towns of Warrington and Altrinchammarker. Buses to Lymm from Warrington and Altrincham are frequent during the weekday and on Saturdays


The Bridgewater Canal passes through the centre of Lymm. The Manchester Ship Canal passes to the north, and beyond its route lies the River Merseymarker.To the east of Lymm the River Bollinmarker flows along the village's border with Warburtonmarker and the borough of Traffordmarker.


Football can be played at Lymm Rovers FC whilst Lymm Rugby Club fields four teams on a regular basis.

There is angling at Meadow View, Whitbarrow Road, Statham, where there are three man-made lakes stocked with a variety of fish. Angling is represented in Lymm by Lymm Angling Club.

Lymm has a number of other sports facilities, including Lymm Golf Club and nearby High Leghmarker Park Golf Club; Lymm Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club; Lymm Oughtrington Park Cricket Club, whose home ground is in the former grounds of Oughtrington Hall, a former ancestral home of a cadet branch of the Leigh family; and Lymm Leisure Centre which is next door to the cricket club at Lymm High Schoolmarker. Burford Lane Farm is one of many horse riding venues in north Cheshire.

Notable residents


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