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Mòoré language (also Mooré, Moré, Moshi, Mossi, Moore or More) is a tonal language spoken primarily in Burkina Fasomarker by the Mossi (or Moshe), closely related and mutually intelligible with the Dagbani language spoken in northern Ghana. It is spoken by approximately 5 million people in the country plus 50,000 others in Beninmarker, Côte d'Ivoiremarker, Ghanamarker, Malimarker and Togomarker. Dialects of the language include Saremdé, Taolendé, Yaadré, Ouagadougoumarker, Yaande, Zaore and Yana.

It is classified as follows: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, North, Gur, Central, Northern, Oti-Volta, Western, Northwest. Mòoré is the language of the Mossi people (Moaaga in singular). Second-language speakership of More in Burkina Faso is probably significant.

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