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M-96 is a largely urban state trunkline highway in the U.S. state of Michiganmarker between Kalamazoomarker and Marshallmarker. Its termini are both on business loops of I-94, the eastern one coincides with an intersection with I-69. Between Kalamazoo and Marshall it passes through Comstockmarker, Galesburgmarker, Augustamarker, and Battle Creekmarker intersecting I-194/M-66 in Battle Creek and I-94 near Ceresco.

Throughout its route, most of M-96 follows the path of the old Alternate US 12 (which had been US 12 previously). US 12 was moved after the completion of I-94 in southern Michigan. Some parts of M-96 lie within of I-96, which could cause confusion.

Route description

All of M-96 is surface road, little of it divided. It runs from Kalamazoo in the west, starting at an intersection with BL I-94 in downtown. It follows King Highway and Michigan Avenue east through Comstockmarker and north of Morrow Lake. At Galesburgmarker, M-96 turns northeast along Augusta Drive to Augustamarker, skirting Fort Custer State Recreation Area and the Fort Custer National Cemeterymarker. In Augusta, M-96 turns to follow Dickman Road to Battle Creek, passing north and east of the WK Kellogg Airport on Dickman and Helmer roads. At Columbia Avenue, M-96 turns east crossing the I-194/M-66 freeway next to the Riverside County Club. Near Brownlee Park, M-96/Columbia Avenue merges with BL I-94/Michigan Avenue. Together BL I-94/M-96 continue along Michigan Avenue to I-94 where BL I-94 ends. M-96 passes the Firekeepers Casino (opens August 2009), which is located just east of the ending of BL I-94, between 11 and 12 Mile Roads. M-96 continues along Michigan Avenue from Emmettmarker to Marshallmarker ending at an interchange with I-69/BL I-94.


M-96 was formed as a state trunkline in 1926 from parts of M-17 which became US 12. The section of M-17 between Galesberg and Battle Creek was not utilized for US 12 and became M-96. A rerouting of trunklines in 1941 lead to the creation of a BUS US 12. M-96 runs concurrently with BUS US 12 and M-37 was truncated to end at M-96. US 12 was rerouted between Galesburg and Kalamazoo in 1954, and M-96 was extended along the former US 12 routing to end in Kalamazoo. M-96 was rerouted in downtown Battle Creek to one-way streets in 1958, and BUS US 12/M-96 was extended the next year when the I-94/US 12 freeway was completed in the area. BUS US 12 was redesignated as BL I-94 in 1960 and M-96 was shortened to end at BL I-94/M-78 running on Capital Avenue. M-37 was reextended in 1961 in Battle Creek to a concurrent routing with M-96 in 1961.

M-89 was extended along the roadway used b M-96 west of Battle Creek to M-37 in 1965, truncating M-96 in the process. M-96 was reextended back to Battle Creek along Dickman Road and Fort Custer Highway from Augustamarker east. Several changes in Battle Creek are made on October 31, 1998. M-96 was extended along BL I-94/Dickman Road to M-37/Helmer Road and along M-37/Helmer Road to Columbia Avenue. At Columbia, M-96 turns west and M-37 turns east. M-96 rejoins BL I-94 along Michigan Avenue to I-94 and on to Marshall. Signing contracts were let in 2000 to make these changes in the field.

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