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The M90 is a motorway in Scotlandmarker. It runs from Inverkeithingmarker, at the north end of the Forth Road Bridgemarker, to Perthmarker, passing Dunfermlinemarker, Cowdenbeathmarker and Kinrossmarker on the way. It is Scotland's – and the United Kingdommarker's – most northerly motorway, the northernmost point on its spur into the western suburbs of Perth at Broxden.

The M90's arguably most substantial engineering feature is the Friarton Bridgemarker in Perth, a tall concrete pillared structure which traverses the River Taymarker. The bridge carries eastbound traffic from Broxden towards Dundee and along the Firth of Tay.

The road constitutes most of the southerly part of the crucial A90marker corridor from Edinburghmarker, through Perth, Dundeemarker and Aberdeenmarker to Fraserburghmarker along Scotland's North Seamarker coast.

The M90 is considered one of the UK's most sub-standard motorways of significant distance. Junctions 1 and 2 share a tiny common sliproad, forcing a conflict between entering and leaving traffic at the junction with the A823. It lacks hard shoulders for an eight-mile section. In this section there are emergency lay-bys at quarter-mile intervals instead. The M90 also has one of the tightest corners on the UK motorway network, for which some traffic is forced to slow down. The corner cuts through the northern side of the Ochil Hillsmarker and has a curve radius of 694.5m (2,278ft) (a minimum of 914m (3,000ft) was standard practice at the time of construction). This corner also corresponds with one of the steepest sections of the motorway, for which north-bound Heavy Goods Vehicles are sign-posted to stay in a low gear and often brake continuously through the turn. South-bound HGVs are normally substantially reduced in speed as they make the incline.

A large part of the northern section of the motorway follows the route of the former railway line linking Perth to Glenfargmarker, Kinrossmarker then onwards to the Forth Bridgemarker. It is not obvious when first driving along the road but close inspection of the 1:25,000 scale Ordnance Survey maps of the route illustrates this.

Near to its northern terminus, the motorway splits into two branches. The construction of this three-way interchange required the removal of about 900,000 cubic metres (31,783,000 cubic feet) of material, mostly rock. The motorway bends through more than 90 degrees, on a compound curve partly of about 500m and partly of about 800 m radius. One branch forms part of the western bypass of Perthmarker, and meets the A9 at its end. The gradient is 4.57% uphill and 5.65% downhill on this section.The slip roads forming this branch merge with shared priority to allow HGVs to maintain momentum on the steep upgrade. The other branch heads in a north-easterly direction, flowing into the A90marker at its end. The easternmost branch was formerly the M85 motorway, until the A85 was renumbered as A90.

The M90 forms part of the Euroroute E15 which runs from Invernessmarker to Algecirasmarker, but is not signposted within Scotland.


M90 Motorway

Northbound exits Junction Southbound exits

Road continues as 'A90 to Dundee, Aberdeen and Forfar J11 Perth A85, Invernessmarker A9
Non-motorway traffic

Perth A85 Start of Motorway

Perth, Stirlingmarker, Glasgowmarker (A9) J10 Perth, Stirling, Pitlochrymarker (A9)

Bridge of Earnmarker, Aberargiemarker A912 J9 Bridge of Earn, Aberargie A912

Cuparmarker, St Andrewsmarker A91 J8 No exit

No exit J7 Stirling A91
Milnathort A911

Kinrossmarker, Milnathortmarker A977
Kinross services
J6 Kinross, Crook of Devonmarker A977
Kinross services

Cleish, Crook of Devon B9097 J5 Cleish, Ballingrymarker B9097

Keltymarker, Ballingry A909 J4 Kelty, Lochgellymarker A909

Dunfermline A907 J3 Dunfermline A907, Kirkcaldymarker, Glenrothesmarker A92

Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes A92marker J2A No exit

Dunfermline, Rosythmarker A823 J2 Dunfermline, Rosyth A823(M)

Start of Motorway J1 Inverkeithing A921marker
Kincardinemarker, Glasgowmarker A985

Inverkeithing A921
Kincardine, Glasgow A985
Non-motorway traffic

Road continues as 'A90 to Edinburghmarker, M9, M8 to Glasgowmarker, Edinburgh Airportmarker, Livingstonmarker, Broxburnmarker A89

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