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MB and Mb may refer to

  • Megabyte (MB), a measure of amount of information used, for example, to quantify computer memory or storage capacity.
  • Megabit (Mb, or properly: Mbit), a measure of amount of information commonly used in the combination Mb/s (megabit per second) to express the rate data is transferred.

MB may further refer to

Mb may further refer to

mb may refer to

File format ".MB"

  • MapBasic, MapBasic Source Code;
  • Mathematica Binary before Mathematica 4.0;
  • Maya Binary, the 3D file format for Maya ;
  • MaBiao (码表), code table of IME Applet designed by Microsoft and Zhong Yi (中易), distributed with Windows.

mB may refer to

  • Millibel, a hundredth of a decibel


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