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MILAN ( ; , "milan(e)" is French and German for "kite bird") is a European anti-tank guided missile. Design of the MILAN started in 1962. It was ready for trials in 1971, and was accepted for service in 1972. It is a wire guided SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command to Line-Of-Sight) missile, which means the sight of the launch unit has to be aimed at the target to guide the missile. The MILAN can be equipped with a MIRA thermal sight, to give it night-firing ability.


MILAN is a Frenchmarker and Germanmarker missile that has been license-built by Italymarker, Spainmarker, Britainmarker and Indiamarker. As it is guided by wire by an operator, this missile can avoid most countermeasures (flares and chaffs). The drawbacks are its short range, the exposure of the operator, and that it requires a skilled and well-trained operator.

Warhead variants

  • MILAN: Single, Shaped Charge (1972)
  • MILAN 2: Single, Shaped Charge (1984)
  • MILAN 2T: Tandem, Shaped Charge (1993)
  • MILAN 3: Tandem, Shaped Charge (1996)
  • MILAN ER: Extended Range

The later MILAN models have tandem HEAT warheads. This was done to keep pace with developments in Soviet Armour technology. Soviet tanks began to appear with explosive reactive armor, which could defeat earlier ATGMs. The precursor HEAT warhead penetrates and detonates the ERA tiles, paving the way for the main charge to penetrate the armor behind.



Image:MILAN P1220770.jpg|MILAN, 2007Image:MILAN AGDUS 1.JPG|German Army MILAN equipped with an ADGUS combat simulator

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