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52nd Parliament (1997)
53rd Parliament (2001)
54th Parliament (2005)
55th Parliament (2009/10)
This is a list of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected to the House of Commonsmarker for the Fifty-Fourth Parliament of the United Kingdommarker at the 2005 general election, held on 5 May 2005.

The list is arranged by constituency. New MPs elected since the general election and changes in party allegiance are noted at the bottom of the page.

Notable newcomers to the House of Commons included Nick Clegg.


Affiliation Election Current
Labour Party 354 350
Conservative Party 196 193
Liberal Democrats 62 63
Democratic Unionist Party 9 9
Scottish National Party 6 7
Sinn Féin 5 5
Plaid Cymru 3 3
Social Democratic and Labour Party 3 3
Health Concern 1 1
Respect – The Unity Coalition 1 1
Ulster Unionist Party 1 1
Independent (Dai Davies, Andrew Pelling, Bob Spink, Bob Wareing) 1 4
Independent Conservative (Derek Conway) 0 1
Independent Labour (Clare Short) 0 1
Speaker and Deputies 4 4
Vacant 0 0
 Total 646 646
 Notional Government Majority 66 57
 Effective Government Majority 71 62

Note: The effective Government majority is higher than the notional majority, because Sinn Féin's MPs do not take their seats due to their policy of abstentionism.

Graphical representation of the House of Commons

This is a comparison of the party strengths in the British House of Commons (as of 24 June 2009):

Image:Parliament-54.pngpoly 1 166 644 166 644 211 659 211 659 284 1 284 Labour Party poly 1 121 14 121 14 136 29 136 29 150 14 150 14 165 1 165 Speaker and Deputies poly 1 1 359 1 350 106 374 106 374 119 1 119 Conservative Party poly 361 1 479 1 479 119 376 119 376 104 361 104 Liberal Democrats poly 481 1 539 1 539 14 524 14 524 29 481 29 Scottish National Party poly 481 31 524 31 524 44 481 44 Plaid Cymru poly 481 46 509 46 509 104 494 104 494 119 481 119 Democratic Unionist Party poly 496 106 509 106 509 119 496 119 Sylvia Hermon poly 511 46 524 46 524 119 511 119 Sinn Féin poly 526 76 539 76 539 119 526 119 Social Democratic and Labour Party poly 526 61 539 61 539 74 526 74 George Galloway poly 526 46 539 46 539 59 526 59 Clare Short poly 526 31 539 31 539 44 526 44 Derek Conway poly 526 16 539 16 539 29 526 29 Richard Taylor poly 541 1 554 1 554 14 541 14 Dai Davies poly 541 16 554 16 554 29 541 29 Andrew Pelling poly 541 31 554 31 554 44 541 44 Bob Spink poly 541 46 554 46 554 59 541 59 Bob Wareing desc top-right

Note: The Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru sit together as a party group, while Sinn Féin has not taken its seats. This is not the official seating plan of the House of Commons, which actually has five rows of benches on each side, with the government party to the right of the Speaker and opposition parties to the left, but with room for only around two-thirds of MPs to sit at any one time.

List of MPs elected in the general election

The following table is a list of MPs elected on 5 May 2005, ordered by constituency. The previous MP and previous party column shows the MP and party holding the seat at dissolution on 11 April 2005.

Note that most Scottish constituency boundaries were considerably changed from the previous general election, due to a decrease in the number of Scottish seats from 72 to 59. In this case, the previous MPs cannot be shown, and the previous party column shows the notional winner of the new seat, based on analysis of the 2001 general election result.

Key to changes since general election:
a = change in party allegiance
b = by-election

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Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Aberavon Hywel Francis Labour Hywel Francis Labour
Aberdeen Northmarker Frank Doran Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Aberdeen Southmarker Anne Begg Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Airdrie and Shottsmarker John Reid Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Aldershotmarker Gerald Howarth Conservative Gerald Howarth Conservative
Aldridge-Brownhillsmarker Richard Shepherd Conservative Richard Shepherd Conservative
Altrincham and Sale Westmarker Graham Brady Conservative Graham Brady Conservative
Alyn and Deesidemarker Mark Tami Labour Mark Tami Labour
Amber Valleymarker Judy Mallaber Labour Judy Mallaber Labour
Angusmarker Michael Weir Scottish National Party (boundary changes) Scottish National Party
Argyll and Butemarker Alan Reid Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Arundel and South Downsmarker Nick Herbert Conservative Howard Flight Conservative
Ashfieldmarker Geoff Hoon Labour Geoff Hoon Labour
Ashfordmarker Damian Green Conservative Damian Green Conservative
Ashton-under-Lynemarker David Heyes Labour David Heyes Labour
Aylesburymarker David Lidington Conservative David Lidington Conservative
Ayr, Carrick and Cumnockmarker Sandra Osborne Labour (boundary changes) Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Banburymarker Tony Baldry Conservative Tony Baldry Conservative
Banff and Buchanmarker Alex Salmond Scottish National Party (boundary changes) Scottish National Party
Barkingmarker Margaret Hodge Labour Margaret Hodge Labour
Barnsley Centralmarker Eric Illsley Labour Eric Illsley Labour
Barnsley East and Mexboroughmarker Jeff Ennis Labour Jeff Ennis Labour
Barnsley West and Penistonemarker Michael Clapham Labour Michael Clapham Labour
Barrow and Furnessmarker John Hutton Labour John Hutton Labour
Basildonmarker Angela Smith Labour Angela Smith Labour/Co-operative
Basingstokemarker Maria Miller Conservative Andrew Hunter Democratic Unionist

(Elected as Conservative)
Bassetlawmarker John Mann Labour John Mann Labour
Bathmarker Don Foster Liberal Democrat Don Foster Liberal Democrat
Batley and Spenmarker Mike Wood Labour Mike Wood Labour
Battersea Martin Linton Labour Martin Linton Labour
Beaconsfieldmarker Dominic Grieve Conservative Dominic Grieve Conservative
Beckenhammarker Jacqui Lait Conservative Jacqui Lait Conservative
Bedford Patrick Hall Labour Patrick Hall Labour
Belfast East Peter Robinson Democratic Unionist Peter Robinson Democratic Unionist
Belfast North Nigel Dodds Democratic Unionist Nigel Dodds Democratic Unionist
Belfast South Alasdair McDonnell Social Democratic and Labour The Rev. Martin Smyth Ulster Unionist
Belfast West Gerry Adams Sinn Féin Gerry Adams Sinn Féin
Berwick-upon-Tweedmarker Alan Beith Liberal Democrat Alan Beith Liberal Democrat
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirkmarker Michael Moore Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Bethnal Green and Bow George Galloway RESPECT Oona King Labour
Beverley and Holdernessmarker Graham Stuart Conservative James Cran Conservative
Bexhill and Battlemarker Gregory Barker Conservative Gregory Barker Conservative
Bexleyheath and Crayfordmarker David Evennett Conservative Nigel Beard Labour
Billericay John Baron Conservative John Baron Conservative
Birkenhead Frank Field Labour Frank Field Labour
Birmingham, Edgbastonmarker Gisela Stuart Labour Gisela Stuart Labour
Birmingham, Erdingtonmarker Siôn Simon Labour Siôn Simon Labour
Birmingham, Hall Greenmarker Stephen McCabe Labour Stephen McCabe Labour
Birmingham, Hodge Hillmarker Liam Byrne Labour Liam Byrne Labour
Birmingham, Ladywoodmarker Clare Short Labour a Clare Short Labour
Birmingham, Northfieldmarker Richard Burden Labour Richard Burden Labour
Birmingham, Perry Barrmarker Khalid Mahmood Labour Khalid Mahmood Labour
Birmingham, Selly Oakmarker Dr Lynne Jones Labour Dr Lynne Jones Labour
Birmingham, Sparkbrook and Small Heathmarker Roger Godsiff Labour Roger Godsiff Labour
Birmingham, Yardleymarker John Hemming Liberal Democrat Estelle Morris Labour
Bishop Aucklandmarker Helen Goodman Labour Derek Foster Labour
Blabymarker Andrew Robathan Conservative Andrew Robathan Conservative
Blackburn Jack Straw Labour Jack Straw Labour
Blackpool North and Fleetwoodmarker Joan Humble Labour Joan Humble Labour
Blackpool Southmarker Gordon Marsden Labour Gordon Marsden Labour
Blaenau Gwent b Peter Law Independent Llew Smith Labour
Blaydonmarker David Anderson Labour John David McWilliam Labour
Blyth Valleymarker Ronnie Campbell Labour Ronnie Campbell Labour
Bognor Regis and Littlehamptonmarker Nick Gibb Conservative Nick Gibb Conservative
Bolsovermarker Dennis Skinner Labour Dennis Skinner Labour
Bolton North Eastmarker David Crausby Labour David Crausby Labour
Bolton South Eastmarker Dr Brian Iddon Labour Dr Brian Iddon Labour
Bolton Westmarker Ruth Kelly Labour Ruth Kelly Labour
Bootlemarker Joe Benton Labour Joe Benton Labour
Boston and Skegnessmarker Mark Simmonds Conservative Mark Simmonds Conservative
Bosworthmarker David Tredinnick Conservative David Tredinnick Conservative
Bournemouth Eastmarker Tobias Ellwood Conservative David Atkinson Conservative
Bournemouth Westmarker John Butterfill Conservative John Butterfill Conservative
Bracknellmarker Andrew MacKay Conservative Andrew MacKay Conservative
Bradford Northmarker Terry Rooney Labour Terry Rooney Labour
Bradford Southmarker Gerry Sutcliffe Labour Gerry Sutcliffe Labour
Bradford West Marsha Singh Labour Marsha Singh Labour
Braintreemarker Brooks Newmark Conservative Alan Hurst Labour
Brecon and Radnorshiremarker Roger Williams Liberal Democrat Roger Williams Liberal Democrat
Brent Eastmarker Sarah Teather Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather Liberal Democrat
Brent Northmarker Barry Gardiner Labour Barry Gardiner Labour
Brent Southmarker Dawn Butler Labour Paul Boateng Labour
Brentford and Isleworthmarker Ann Keen Labour Ann Keen Labour
Brentwood and Ongarmarker Eric Pickles Conservative Eric Pickles Conservative
Bridgendmarker Madeleine Moon Labour Win Griffiths Labour
Bridgwater Ian Liddell-Grainger Conservative Ian Liddell-Grainger Conservative
Brigg and Goolemarker Ian Cawsey Labour Ian Cawsey Labour
Brighton Kemptownmarker Des Turner Labour Des Turner Labour
Brighton Pavilionmarker David Lepper Labour David Lepper Labour
Bristol East Kerry McCarthy Labour Jean Corston Labour
Bristol North Westmarker Douglas Naysmith Labour Douglas Naysmith Labour
Bristol Southmarker Dawn Primarolo Labour Dawn Primarolo Labour
Bristol Westmarker Stephen Williams Liberal Democrat Valerie Davey Labour
Bromley and Chislehurstmarker b Eric Forth Conservative Eric Forth Conservative
Bromsgrovemarker Julie Kirkbride Conservative Julie Kirkbride Conservative
Broxbournemarker Charles Walker Conservative Marion Roe Conservative
Broxtowemarker Nick Palmer Labour Nick Palmer Labour
Buckinghammarker John Bercow Conservative John Bercow Conservative
Burnleymarker Kitty Ussher Labour Peter Pike Labour
Burtonmarker Janet Dean Labour Janet Dean Labour
Bury Northmarker David Chaytor Laboura David Chaytor Labour
Bury Southmarker Ivan Lewis Labour Ivan Lewis Labour
Bury St Edmundsmarker David Ruffley Conservative David Ruffley Conservative


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Caernarfonmarker Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru
Caerphillymarker Wayne David Labour Wayne David Labour
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Rossmarker John Thurso Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Calder Valleymarker Christine McCafferty Labour Christine McCafferty Labour
Camberwell and Peckhammarker Harriet Harman Labour Harriet Harman Labour
Cambridgemarker David Howarth Liberal Democrat Anne Campbell Labour
Cannock Chasemarker Tony Wright Labour Tony Wright Labour
Canterburymarker Julian Brazier Conservative Julian Brazier Conservative
Cardiff Central Jenny Willott Liberal Democrat Jon Owen Jones Labour/Co-operative
Cardiff North Julie Morgan Labour Julie Morgan Labour
Cardiff South and Penarth Alun Michael Labour/Co-operative Alun Michael Labour/Co-operative
Cardiff West Kevin Brennan Labour Kevin Brennan Labour
Carlislemarker Eric Martlew Labour Eric Martlew Labour
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Adam Price Plaid Cymru Adam Price Plaid Cymru
Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshiremarker Nick Ainger Labour Nick Ainger Labour
Carshalton and Wallingtonmarker Tom Brake Liberal Democrat Tom Brake Liberal Democrat
Castle Pointmarker Bob Spink Conservative a Bob Spink Conservative
Central Ayrshire Brian Donohoe Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Central Suffolk and North Ipswichmarker Sir Michael Lord Conservative Sir Michael Lord Deputy Speaker

(Elected as Conservative)
Ceredigion Mark Williams Liberal Democrat Simon Thomas Plaid Cymru
Charnwoodmarker Stephen Dorrell Conservative Stephen Dorrell Conservative
Chatham and Aylesfordmarker Jonathan Shaw Labour Jonathan Shaw Labour
Cheadlemarker b Patsy Calton Liberal Democrat Patsy Calton Liberal Democrat
Chelmsford Westmarker Simon Burns Conservative Simon Burns Conservative
Cheltenhammarker Martin Horwood Liberal Democrat Nigel Jones Liberal Democrat
Chesham and Amershammarker Cheryl Gillan Conservative Cheryl Gillan Conservative
Chester, City ofmarker Christine Russell Labour Christine Russell Labour
Chesterfieldmarker Paul Holmes Liberal Democrat Paul Holmes Liberal Democrat
Chichestermarker Andrew Tyrie Conservative Andrew Tyrie Conservative
Chingford and Woodford Greenmarker Iain Duncan Smith Conservative Iain Duncan Smith Conservative
Chipping Barnetmarker Theresa Villiers Conservative Sir Sydney Chapman Conservative
Chorleymarker Lindsay Hoyle Labour Lindsay Hoyle Labour
Christchurch Christopher Chope Conservative Christopher Chope Conservative
Cleethorpesmarker Shona McIsaac Labour Shona McIsaac Labour
Clwyd South Martyn Jones Labour Martyn Jones Labour
Clwyd West David Jones Conservative Gareth Thomas Labour
Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill Tom Clarke Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Colchester Bob Russell Liberal Democrat Bob Russell Liberal Democrat
Colne Valleymarker Kali Mountford Labour Kali Mountford Labour
Congletonmarker Ann Winterton Conservative Ann Winterton Conservative
Conwymarker Betty Williams Labour Betty Williams Labour
Copelandmarker Jamie Reed Labour Jack Cunningham Labour
Corbymarker Phil Hope Labour/Co-operative Phil Hope Labour/Co-operative
Cotswoldmarker Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Conservative Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Conservative
Coventry North Eastmarker Bob Ainsworth Labour Bob Ainsworth Labour
Coventry North Westmarker Geoffrey Robinson Labour Geoffrey Robinson Labour
Coventry Southmarker Jim Cunningham Labour Jim Cunningham Labour
Crawleymarker Laura Moffatt Labour Laura Moffatt Labour
Crewe and Nantwichmarker b Gwyneth Dunwoody Labour Gwyneth Dunwoody Labour
Crosbymarker Claire Curtis-Thomas Labour Claire Curtis-Thomas Labour
Croydon Centralmarker Andrew Pelling Conservative a Geraint Davies Labour
Croydon North Malcolm Wicks Labour Malcolm Wicks Labour
Croydon Southmarker Richard Ottaway Conservative Richard Ottaway Conservative
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch Eastmarker Rosemary McKenna Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Cynon Valley Ann Clwyd Labour Ann Clwyd Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Dagenhammarker Jon Cruddas Labour Jon Cruddas Labour
Darlingtonmarker Alan Milburn Labour Alan Milburn Labour
Dartfordmarker Howard Stoate Labour Howard Stoate Labour
Daventrymarker Tim Boswell Conservative Tim Boswell Conservative
Delynmarker David Hanson Labour David Hanson Labour
Denton and Reddishmarker Andrew Gwynne Labour Andrew Bennett Labour
Derby Northmarker Bob Laxton Labour Bob Laxton Labour
Derby Southmarker Margaret Beckett Labour Margaret Beckett Labour
Devizesmarker Michael Ancram Conservative Michael Ancram Conservative
Dewsburymarker Shahid Malik Labour Ann Taylor Labour
Don Valleymarker Caroline Flint Labour Caroline Flint Labour
Doncaster Centralmarker Rosie Winterton Labour Rosie Winterton Labour
Doncaster Northmarker Ed Miliband Labour Kevin Hughes Labour
Dover Gwyn Prosser Labour Gwyn Prosser Labour
Dudley Northmarker Ian Austin Labour Ross Cranston Labour
Dudley Southmarker Ian Pearson Labour Ian Pearson Labour
Dulwich and West Norwoodmarker Tessa Jowell Labour Tessa Jowell Labour
Dumfries and Galloway Russell Brown Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddalemarker David Mundell Conservative (boundary changes) Labour
Dundee East Stewart Hosie Scottish National Party (boundary changes) Labour
Dundee West James McGovern Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Dunfermline and West Fifemarker b Rachel Squire Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Durham, City ofmarker Roberta Blackman-Woods Labour Gerry Steinberg Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Ealing Northmarker Stephen Pound Labour Stephen Pound Labour
Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bushmarker Andrew Slaughter Labour Clive Soley Labour
Ealing Southallmarker b Piara Singh Khabra Labour Piara Singh Khabra Labour
Easingtonmarker John Cummings Labour John Cummings Labour
East Antrim Sammy Wilson Democratic Unionist Roy Beggs Ulster Unionist
East Devon Hugo Swire Conservative Hugo Swire Conservative
East Dunbartonshiremarker Jo Swinson Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Labour
East Hammarker Stephen Timms Labour Stephen Timms Labour
East Hampshiremarker Michael Mates Conservative Michael Mates Conservative
East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagowmarker Adam Ingram Labour (boundary changes) Labour
East Londonderry Gregory Campbell Democratic Unionist Gregory Campbell Democratic Unionist
East Lothian Anne Picking Labour (boundary changes) Labour
East Renfrewshire Jim Murphy Labour Jim Murphy

East Surrey Peter Ainsworth Conservative Peter Ainsworth Conservative
East Worthing and Shorehammarker Tim Loughton Conservative Tim Loughton Conservative
East Yorkshiremarker Greg Knight Conservative Greg Knight Conservative
Eastbournemarker Nigel Waterson Conservative Nigel Waterson Conservative
Eastleighmarker Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat David Chidgey Liberal Democrat
Ecclesmarker Ian Stewart Labour Ian Stewart Labour
Eddisbury Stephen O'Brien Conservative Stephen O'Brien Conservative
Edinburgh East Gavin Strang Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Edinburgh North and Leith Mark Lazarowicz Labour/Co-operative (boundary changes) Labour
Edinburgh South Nigel Griffiths Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Edinburgh South West Alistair Darling Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Edinburgh West John Barrett Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Edmontonmarker Andrew Love Labour/Co-operative Andrew Love Labour/Co-operative
Ellesmere Port and Nestonmarker Andrew Miller Labour Andrew Miller Labour
Elmetmarker Colin Burgon Labour Colin Burgon Labour
Elthammarker Clive Efford Labour Clive Efford Labour
Enfield Northmarker Joan Ryan Labour Joan Ryan Labour
Enfield Southgatemarker David Burrowes Conservative Stephen Twigg Labour
Epping Forestmarker Eleanor Laing Conservative Eleanor Laing Conservative
Epsom and Ewellmarker Chris Grayling Conservative Chris Grayling Conservative
Erewashmarker Liz Blackman Labour Liz Blackman Labour
Erith and Thamesmeadmarker John Austin Labour John Austin Labour
Esher and Waltonmarker Ian Taylor Conservative Ian Taylor Conservative
Exetermarker Ben Bradshaw Labour Ben Bradshaw Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Falkirk Eric Joyce Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Falmouth and Cambornemarker Julia Goldsworthy Liberal Democrat Candy Atherton Labour
Fareham Mark Hoban Conservative Mark Hoban Conservative
Faversham and Mid Kentmarker Hugh Robertson Conservative Hugh Robertson Conservative
Feltham and Hestonmarker Alan Keen Labour Alan Keen Labour
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Michelle Gildernew Sinn Féin Michelle Gildernew Sinn Féin
Fife North East Sir Menzies Campbell Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Finchley and Golders Greenmarker Dr Rudi Vis Labour Dr Rudi Vis Labour
Folkestone and Hythemarker Michael Howard Conservative Michael Howard Conservative
Forest of Dean Mark Harper Conservative Diana Organ Labour
Foylemarker Mark Durkan Social Democratic and Labour John Hume Social Democratic and Labour
Fylde Michael Jack Conservative Michael Jack Conservative


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Gainsboroughmarker Edward Leigh Conservative Edward Leigh Conservative
Gateshead East and Washington Westmarker Sharon Hodgson Labour Joyce Quin Labour
Gedlingmarker Vernon Coaker Labour Vernon Coaker Labour
Gillinghammarker Paul Clark Labour Paul Clark Labour
Glasgow Central Mohammad Sarwar Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow East b David Marshall Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow North Ann McKechin Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow North East Michael Martin None - Speaker (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow North West John Robertson Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow South Tom Harris Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glasgow South West Ian Davidson Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Glenrothesmarker b John MacDougall Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Gloucestermarker Parmjit Dhanda Labour Parmjit Dhanda Labour
Gordonmarker Malcolm Bruce Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Gosportmarker Peter Viggers Conservative Peter Viggers Conservative
Gower Martin Caton Labour Martin Caton Labour
Grantham and Stamfordmarker Quentin Davies Conservative a Quentin Davies Conservative
Graveshammarker Adam Holloway Conservative Chris Pond Labour
Great Grimsbymarker Austin Mitchell Labour Austin Mitchell Labour
Great Yarmouth Tony D Wright Labour Tony D Wright Labour
Greenwich and Woolwichmarker Nick Raynsford Labour Nick Raynsford Labour
Guildfordmarker Anne Milton Conservative Sue Doughty Liberal Democrat


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Hackney North and Stoke Newingtonmarker Diane Abbott Labour Diane Abbott Labour
Hackney South and Shoreditchmarker Meg Hillier Labour/Co-operative Brian Sedgemore Labour
Halesowen and Rowley Regismarker Sylvia Heal Labour Sylvia Heal Deputy Speaker

(Elected as Labour)
Halifaxmarker Linda Riordan Labour/Co-operative Alice Mahon Labour
Haltemprice and Howdenmarker b David Davis Conservative David Davis Conservative
Haltonmarker Derek Twigg Labour Derek Twigg Labour
Hammersmith and Fulhammarker Greg Hands Conservative Iain Coleman Labour
Hampstead and Highgatemarker Glenda Jackson Labour Glenda Jackson Labour
Harboroughmarker Edward Garnier Conservative Edward Garnier Conservative
Harlowmarker Bill Rammell Labour Bill Rammell Labour
Harrogate and Knaresboroughmarker Phil Willis Liberal Democrat Phil Willis Liberal Democrat
Harrow Eastmarker Tony McNulty Labour Tony McNulty Labour
Harrow Westmarker Gareth Thomas Labour Gareth Thomas Labour
Hartlepoolmarker Iain Wright Labour Iain Wright Labour
Harwichmarker Douglas Carswell Conservative Ivan Henderson Labour
Hastings and Ryemarker Michael Foster Labour Michael Foster Labour
Havantmarker David Willetts Conservative David Willetts Conservative
Hayes and Harlingtonmarker John McDonnell Labour John McDonnell Labour
Hazel Grovemarker Andrew Stunell Liberal Democrat Andrew Stunell Liberal Democrat
Hemel Hempstead Mike Penning Conservative Tony McWalter Labour/Co-operative
Hemsworthmarker Jon Trickett Labour Jon Trickett Labour
Hendon Andrew Dismore Labour Andrew Dismore Labour
Henleymarker b Boris Johnson Conservative Boris Johnson Conservative
Herefordmarker Paul Keetch Liberal Democrat Paul Keetch Liberal Democrat
Hertford and Stortfordmarker Mark Prisk Conservative Mark Prisk Conservative
Hertsmeremarker James Clappison Conservative James Clappison Conservative
Hexham Peter Atkinson Conservative Peter Atkinson Conservative
Heywood and Middletonmarker Jim Dobbin Labour/Co-operative Jim Dobbin Labour/Co-operative
High Peakmarker Tom Levitt Labour Tom Levitt Labour
Hitchin and Harpendenmarker Peter Lilley Conservative Peter Lilley Conservative
Holborn and St Pancrasmarker Frank Dobson Labour Frank Dobson Labour
Hornchurchmarker James Brokenshire Conservative John Cryer Labour
Hornsey and Wood Greenmarker Lynne Featherstone Liberal Democrat Barbara Roche Labour
Horsham Francis Maude Conservative Francis Maude Conservative
Houghton and Washington Eastmarker Fraser Kemp Labour Fraser Kemp Labour
Hovemarker Celia Barlow Labour Ivor Caplin Labour
Huddersfield Barry Sheerman Labour/Co-operative Barry Sheerman Labour
Huntingdon Jonathan Djanogly Conservative Jonathan Djanogly Conservative
Hyndburnmarker Greg Pope Labour Greg Pope Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Ilford Northmarker Lee Scott Conservative Linda Perham Labour
Ilford Southmarker Mike Gapes Labour Mike Gapes Labour
Inverclyde David Cairns Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspeymarker Danny Alexander Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Labour
Ipswichmarker Chris Mole Labour Chris Mole Labour
Isle of Wightmarker Andrew Turner Conservative Andrew Turner Conservative
Islington Northmarker Jeremy Corbyn Labour Jeremy Corbyn Labour
Islington South and Finsburymarker Emily Thornberry Labour Chris Smith Labour
Islwynmarker Don Touhig Labour Don Touhig Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Jarrowmarker Stephen Hepburn Labour Stephen Hepburn Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Keighleymarker Ann Cryer Labour Ann Cryer Labour
Kensington and Chelseamarker Malcolm Rifkind Conservative Michael Portillo Conservative
Ketteringmarker Philip Hollobone Conservative Phil Sawford Labour
Kilmarnock and Loudoun Des Browne Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Kingston and Surbitonmarker Edward Davey Liberal Democrat Edward Davey Liberal Democrat
Kingston upon Hull Eastmarker John Prescott Labour John Prescott Labour
Kingston upon Hull North Diana Johnson Labour Kevin McNamara Labour
Kingston upon Hull West and Hesslemarker Alan Johnson Labour Alan Johnson Labour
Kingswoodmarker Roger Berry Labour Roger Berry Labour
Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Gordon Brown Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Knowsley North and Sefton Eastmarker George Howarth Labour George Howarth Labour
Knowsley Southmarker Edward O'Hara Labour Edward O'Hara Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Lagan Valley Jeffrey Donaldson Democratic Unionist Jeffrey Donaldson Democratic Unionist
Lanark and Hamilton Eastmarker Jimmy Hood Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Lancaster and Wyremarker Ben Wallace Conservative Hilton Dawson Labour
Leeds Central Hilary Benn Labour Hilary Benn Labour
Leeds East George Mudie Labour George Mudie Labour
Leeds North Eastmarker Fabian Hamilton Labour Fabian Hamilton Labour
Leeds North Westmarker Greg Mulholland Liberal Democrat Harold Best Labour
Leeds Westmarker John Battle Labour John Battle Labour
Leicester Eastmarker Keith Vaz Labour Keith Vaz Labour
Leicester Southmarker Sir Peter Soulsby Labour Parmjit Singh Gill Liberal Democrat
Leicester Westmarker Patricia Hewitt Labour Patricia Hewitt Labour
Leighmarker Andrew Burnham Labour Andrew Burnham Labour
Leominstermarker Bill Wiggin Conservative Bill Wiggin Conservative
Lewesmarker Norman Baker Liberal Democrat Norman Baker Liberal Democrat
Lewisham East Bridget Prentice Labour Bridget Prentice Labour
Lewisham Westmarker Jim Dowd Labour Jim Dowd Labour
Lewisham Deptfordmarker Joan Ruddock Labour Joan Ruddock Labour
Leyton and Wansteadmarker Harry Cohen Labour Harry Cohen Labour
Lichfield Michael Fabricant Conservative Michael Fabricant Conservative
Lincolnmarker Gillian Merron Labour Gillian Merron Labour
Linlithgow and East Falkirkmarker Michael Connarty Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Liverpool Garstonmarker Maria Eagle Labour Maria Eagle Labour
Liverpool Riversidemarker Louise Ellman Labour Louise Ellman Labour
Liverpool Waltonmarker Peter Kilfoyle Labour Peter Kilfoyle Labour
Liverpool Wavertree Jane Kennedy Labour Jane Kennedy Labour
Liverpool West Derbymarker Bob Wareing a Labour Bob Wareing Labour
Livingstonmarker b Robin Cook Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Llanelli Nia Griffith Labour Denzil Davies Labour
London and Westminster, Cities ofmarker Mark Field Conservative Mark Field Conservative
Loughboroughmarker Andy Reed Labour/Co-operative Andy Reed Labour/Co-operative
Louth and Horncastlemarker Sir Peter Tapsell Conservative Sir Peter Tapsell Conservative
Ludlowmarker Philip Dunne Conservative Matthew Green Liberal Democrat
Luton Northmarker Kelvin Hopkins Labour Kelvin Hopkins Labour
Luton South Margaret Moran Labour Margaret Moran Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Macclesfieldmarker Sir Nicholas Winterton Conservative Sir Nicholas Winterton Conservative
Maidenheadmarker Theresa May Conservative Theresa May Conservative
Maidstone and The Wealdmarker Ann Widdecombe Conservative Ann Widdecombe Conservative
Makerfieldmarker Ian McCartney Labour Ian McCartney Labour
Maldon and East Chelmsfordmarker John Whittingdale Conservative John Whittingdale Conservative
Manchester Blackleymarker Graham Stringer Labour Graham Stringer Labour
Manchester Centralmarker Tony Lloyd Labour Tony Lloyd Labour
Manchester Gorton Gerald Kaufman Labour Gerald Kaufman Labour
Manchester Withingtonmarker John Leech Liberal Democrat Keith Bradley Labour
Mansfieldmarker Alan Meale Labour Alan Meale Labour
Medwaymarker Robert Marshall-Andrews Labour Robert Marshall-Andrews Labour
Meirionnydd Nant Conwymarker Elfyn Llwyd Plaid Cymru Elfyn Llwyd Plaid Cymru
Meridenmarker Caroline Spelman Conservative Caroline Spelman Conservative
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymneymarker Dai Havard Labour Dai Havard Labour
Mid Bedfordshiremarker Nadine Dorries Conservative Jonathan Sayeed Conservative
Mid Dorset and North Poolemarker Annette Brooke Liberal Democrat Annette Brooke Liberal Democrat
Mid Norfolk Keith Simpson Conservative Keith Simpson Conservative
Mid Sussexmarker Nicholas Soames Conservative Nicholas Soames Conservative
Mid Ulster Martin McGuinness Sinn Féin Martin McGuinness Sinn Féin
Mid Worcestershiremarker Peter Luff Conservative Peter Luff Conservative
Middlesbrough Sir Stuart Bell Labour Sir Stuart Bell Labour
Middlesbrough South and East Clevelandmarker Dr Ashok Kumar Labour Dr Ashok Kumar Labour
Midlothian David Hamilton Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Milton Keynes South Westmarker Dr Phyllis Starkey Labour Dr Phyllis Starkey Labour
Mitcham and Mordenmarker Siobhain McDonagh Labour Siobhain McDonagh Labour
Mole Valleymarker Sir Paul Beresford Conservative Sir Paul Beresford Conservative
Monmouthmarker David Davies Conservative Huw Edwards Labour
Montgomeryshiremarker Lembit Öpik Liberal Democrat Lembit Öpik Liberal Democrat
Moraymarker Angus Robertson Scottish National Party (boundary changes) Scottish National Party
Morecambe and Lunesdalemarker Geraldine Smith Labour Geraldine Smith Labour
Morley and Rothwellmarker Colin Challen Labour Colin Challen Labour
Motherwell and Wishaw Frank Roy Labour (boundary changes) Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Na h-Eileanan an Iarmarker

(Western Isles)
Angus MacNeil Scottish National Party Calum Macdonald Labour
Neath Peter Hain Labour Peter Hain Labour
New Forest Eastmarker Dr Julian Lewis Conservative Dr Julian Lewis Conservative
New Forest Westmarker Desmond Swayne Conservative Desmond Swayne Conservative
Newarkmarker Patrick Mercer Conservative Patrick Mercer Conservative
Newbury Richard Benyon Conservative David Rendel Liberal Democrat
Newcastle upon Tyne Centralmarker Jim Cousins Labour Jim Cousins Labour
Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsendmarker Nick Brown Labour Nick Brown Labour
Newcastle upon Tyne Northmarker Doug Henderson Labour Doug Henderson Labour
Newcastle-under-Lymemarker Paul Farrelly Labour Paul Farrelly Labour
Newport East Jessica Morden Labour Alan Howarth Labour
Newport Westmarker Paul Flynn Labour Paul Flynn Labour
Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy Sinn Féin Seamus Mallon Social Democratic and Labour
Normantonmarker Ed Balls Labour/Co-operative Bill O'Brien Labour
North Antrimmarker The Rev. Ian Paisley Democratic Unionist The Rev. Ian Paisley Democratic Unionist
North Ayrshire and Arranmarker Katy Clark Labour (boundary changes) Labour
North Cornwallmarker Dan Rogerson Liberal Democrat Paul Tyler Liberal Democrat
North Devon Nick Harvey Liberal Democrat Nick Harvey Liberal Democrat
North Dorsetmarker Robert Walter Conservative Robert Walter Conservative
North Down Lady Sylvia Hermon Ulster Unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon Ulster Unionist
North Durham Kevan Jones Labour Kevan Jones Labour
North East Bedfordshiremarker Alistair Burt Conservative Alistair Burt Conservative
North East Cambridgeshiremarker Malcolm Moss Conservative Malcolm Moss Conservative
North East Derbyshiremarker Natascha Engel Labour Harry Barnes Labour
North East Hampshiremarker James Arbuthnot Conservative James Arbuthnot Conservative
North East Hertfordshiremarker Oliver Heald Conservative Oliver Heald Conservative
North East Milton Keynesmarker Mark Lancaster Conservative Brian White Labour
North Essex Bernard Jenkin Conservative Bernard Jenkin Conservative
North Norfolkmarker Norman Lamb Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb Liberal Democrat
North Shropshire Owen Paterson Conservative Owen Paterson Conservative
North Thanetmarker Roger Gale Conservative Roger Gale Conservative
North Tynesidemarker Stephen Byers Labour Stephen Byers Labour
North Warwickshiremarker Mike O'Brien Labour Mike O'Brien Labour
North West Cambridgeshiremarker Shailesh Vara Conservative Sir Brian Mawhinney Conservative
North West Durham Hilary Armstrong Labour Hilary Armstrong Labour
North West Hampshiremarker Sir George Young Conservative Sir George Young Conservative
North West Leicestershiremarker David Taylor Labour/Co-operative David Taylor Labour/Co-operative
North West Norfolk Henry Bellingham Conservative Henry Bellingham Conservative
North Wiltshire James Gray Conservative James Gray Conservative
Northampton Northmarker Sally Keeble Labour Sally Keeble Labour
Northampton Southmarker Brian Binley Conservative Tony Clarke Labour
Northavonmarker Steve Webb Liberal Democrat Steve Webb Liberal Democrat
Norwich Northmarker Dr Ian Gibson Labour Dr Ian Gibson Labour
Norwich Southmarker Charles Clarke Labour Charles Clarke Labour
Nottingham Eastmarker John Heppell Labour John Heppell Labour
Nottingham Northmarker Graham Allen Labour Graham Allen Labour
Nottingham Southmarker Alan Simpson Labour Alan Simpson Labour
Nuneatonmarker Bill Olner Labour Bill Olner Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Ochil and South Perthshiremarker Gordon Banks Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Ogmoremarker Huw Irranca-Davies Labour Huw Irranca-Davies Labour
Old Bexley and Sidcupmarker Derek Conway Conservative a Derek Conway Conservative
Oldham East and Saddleworthmarker Phil Woolas Labour Phil Woolas Labour
Oldham West and Roytonmarker Michael Meacher Labour Michael Meacher Labour
Orkney and Shetlandmarker Alistair Carmichael Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael Liberal Democrat
Orpingtonmarker John Horam Conservative John Horam Conservative
Oxford Eastmarker Andrew Smith Labour Andrew Smith Labour
Oxford West and Abingdonmarker Dr Evan Harris Liberal Democrat Dr Evan Harris Liberal Democrat


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Paisley and Renfrewshire Northmarker James Sheridan Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Paisley and Renfrewshire Southmarker Douglas Alexander Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Pendlemarker Gordon Prentice Labour Gordon Prentice Labour
Penrith and The Bordermarker David Maclean Conservative David Maclean Conservative
Perth and North Perthshiremarker Peter Wishart Scottish National Party (boundary changes) Scottish National Party
Peterboroughmarker Stewart Jackson Conservative Helen Clark Labour
Plymouth Devonportmarker Alison Seabeck Labour David Jamieson Labour
Plymouth Suttonmarker Linda Gilroy Labour/Co-operative Linda Gilroy Labour/Co-operative
Pontefract and Castlefordmarker Yvette Cooper Labour Yvette Cooper Labour
Pontypridd Dr Kim Howells Labour Dr Kim Howells Labour
Poole Robert Syms Conservative Robert Syms Conservative
Poplar and Canning Townmarker Jim Fitzpatrick Labour Jim Fitzpatrick Labour
Portsmouth North Sarah McCarthy-Fry Labour/Co-operative Syd Rapson Labour
Portsmouth Southmarker Mike Hancock Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock Liberal Democrat
Preseli Pembrokeshire Stephen Crabb Conservative Jackie Lawrence Labour
Preston Mark Hendrick Labour/Co-operative Mark Hendrick Labour/Co-operative
Pudsey Paul Truswell Labour Paul Truswell Labour
Putneymarker Justine Greening Conservative Tony Colman Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Rayleighmarker Mark Francois Conservative Mark Francois Conservative
Reading Eastmarker Rob Wilson Conservative Jane Griffiths Labour
Reading Westmarker Martin Salter Labour Martin Salter Labour
Redcarmarker Vera Baird Labour Vera Baird Labour
Redditchmarker Jacqui Smith Labour Jacqui Smith Labour
Regent's Park and Kensington Northmarker Karen Buck Labour Karen Buck Labour
Reigate Crispin Blunt Conservative Crispin Blunt Conservative
Rhondda Chris Bryant Labour Chris Bryant Labour
Ribble Valleymarker Nigel Evans Conservative Nigel Evans Conservative
Richmond, North Yorkshiremarker William Hague Conservative William Hague Conservative
Richmond Parkmarker Susan Kramer Liberal Democrat Dr Jenny Tonge Liberal Democrat
Rochdalemarker Paul Rowen Liberal Democrat Lorna Fitzsimons Labour
Rochford and Southend Eastmarker James Duddridge Conservative Sir Teddy Taylor Conservative
Romfordmarker Andrew Rosindell Conservative Andrew Rosindell Conservative
Romseymarker Sandra Gidley Liberal Democrat Sandra Gidley Liberal Democrat
Ross, Skye and Lochabermarker Charles Kennedy Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
Rossendale and Darwenmarker Janet Anderson Labour Janet Anderson Labour
Rother Valleymarker Kevin Barron Labour Kevin Barron Labour
Rotherhammarker Dr Denis MacShane Labour Dr Denis MacShane Labour
Rugby and Kenilworthmarker Jeremy Wright Conservative Andy King Labour
Ruislip-Northwoodmarker Nick Hurd Conservative John Wilkinson Conservative
Runnymede and Weybridgemarker Philip Hammond Conservative Philip Hammond Conservative
Rushcliffemarker Kenneth Clarke Conservative Kenneth Clarke Conservative
Rutherglen and Hamilton Westmarker Thomas McAvoy Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Rutland and Meltonmarker Alan Duncan Conservative Alan Duncan Conservative
Ryedalemarker John Greenway Conservative John Greenway Conservative


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Saffron Waldenmarker Sir Alan Haselhurst Conservative Sir Alan Haselhurst Deputy Speaker

(Elected as Conservative)
St Albansmarker Anne Main Conservative Kerry Pollard Labour
St Helens Northmarker David Watts Labour David Watts Labour
St Helens Southmarker Shaun Woodward Labour Shaun Woodward Labour
St Ives Andrew George Liberal Democrat Andrew George Liberal Democrat
Salford Hazel Blears Labour Hazel Blears Labour
Salisbury Robert Key Conservative Robert Key Conservative
Scarborough and Whitby Robert Goodwill Conservative Lawrie Quinn Labour
Scunthorpemarker Elliot Morley Laboura Elliot Morley Labour
Sedgefield b Tony Blair Labour Tony Blair Labour
Selbymarker John Grogan Labour John Grogan Labour
Sevenoaksmarker Michael Fallon Conservative Michael Fallon Conservative
Sheffield Central Richard Caborn Labour Richard Caborn Labour
Sheffield Attercliffemarker Clive Betts Labour Clive Betts Labour
Sheffield Brightsidemarker David Blunkett Labour David Blunkett Labour
Sheffield Hallammarker Nicholas Clegg Liberal Democrat Richard Allan Liberal Democrat
Sheffield Heeleymarker Meg Munn Labour/Co-operative Meg Munn Labour/Co-operative
Sheffield Hillsboroughmarker Angela Smith Labour Helen Jackson Labour
Sherwoodmarker Paddy Tipping Labour Paddy Tipping Labour
Shipleymarker Philip Davies Conservative Christopher Leslie Labour
Shrewsbury and Atchammarker Daniel Kawczynski Conservative Paul Marsden Independent Labour
Sittingbourne and Sheppeymarker Derek Wyatt Labour Derek Wyatt Labour
Skipton and Riponmarker David Curry Conservative David Curry Conservative
Sleaford and North Hykehammarker Douglas Hogg Conservative Douglas Hogg Conservative
Sloughmarker Fiona Mactaggart Labour Fiona Mactaggart Labour
Solihullmarker Lorely Burt Liberal Democrat John Taylor Conservative
Somerton and Frome David Heath Liberal Democrat David Heath Liberal Democrat
South Antrim William McCrea Democratic Unionist David Burnside Ulster Unionist
South Cambridgeshiremarker Andrew Lansley Conservative Andrew Lansley Conservative
South Derbyshiremarker Mark Todd Labour Mark Todd Labour
South Dorsetmarker Jim Knight Labour Jim Knight Labour
South Down Eddie McGrady Social Democratic and Labour Eddie McGrady Social Democratic and Labour
South East Cambridgeshiremarker James Paice Conservative James Paice Conservative
South East Cornwallmarker Colin Breed Liberal Democrat Colin Breed Liberal Democrat
South Holland and The Deepingsmarker John Hayes Conservative John Hayes Conservative
South Norfolkmarker Richard Bacon Conservative Richard Bacon Conservative
South Ribblemarker David Borrow Labour David Borrow Labour
South Shieldsmarker David Miliband Labour David Miliband Labour
South Staffordshire Sir Patrick Cormack Conservative Sir Patrick Cormack Conservative
South Suffolkmarker Tim Yeo Conservative Tim Yeo Conservative
South Thanetmarker Dr Stephen Ladyman Labour Dr Stephen Ladyman Labour
South West Bedfordshiremarker Andrew Selous Conservative Andrew Selous Conservative
South West Devonmarker Gary Streeter Conservative Gary Streeter Conservative
South West Hertfordshiremarker David Gauke Conservative Richard Page Conservative
South West Norfolkmarker Christopher Fraser Conservative Gillian Shephard Conservative
South West Surreymarker Jeremy Hunt Conservative Virginia Bottomley Conservative
Southampton Itchenmarker John Denham Labour John Denham Labour
Southampton Testmarker Dr Alan Whitehead Labour Dr Alan Whitehead Labour
Southend Westmarker David Amess Conservative David Amess Conservative
Southportmarker Dr John Pugh Liberal Democrat Dr John Pugh Liberal Democrat
North Southwark and Bermondseymarker Simon Hughes Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes Liberal Democrat
Spelthornemarker David Wilshire Conservative David Wilshire Conservative
Stafford David Kidney Labour David Kidney Labour
Staffordshire Moorlandsmarker Charlotte Atkins Labour Charlotte Atkins Labour
Stalybridge and Hydemarker James Purnell Labour James Purnell Labour
Stevenagemarker Barbara Follett Labour Barbara Follett Labour
Stirlingmarker Anne McGuire Labour (boundary changes) Labour
Stockport Ann Coffey Labour Ann Coffey Labour
Stockton Northmarker Frank Cook Labour Frank Cook Labour
Stockton Southmarker Dari Taylor Labour Dari Taylor Labour
Stoke-on-Trent Centralmarker Mark Fisher Labour Mark Fisher Labour
Stoke-on-Trent Northmarker Joan Walley Labour Joan Walley Labour
Stoke-on-Trent Southmarker Robert Flello Labour George Stevenson Labour
Stone Bill Cash Conservative Bill Cash Conservative
Stourbridgemarker Lynda Waltho Labour Debra Shipley Labour
Strangford Iris Robinson Democratic Unionist Iris Robinson Democratic Unionist
Stratford-on-Avonmarker John Maples Conservative John Maples Conservative
Streathammarker Keith Hill Labour Keith Hill Labour
Stretford and Urmstonmarker Beverley Hughes Labour Beverley Hughes Labour
Stroud David Drew Labour/Co-operative David Drew Labour/Co-operative
Suffolk Coastalmarker John Gummer Conservative John Gummer Conservative
Sunderland Northmarker Bill Etherington Labour Bill Etherington Labour
Sunderland Southmarker Chris Mullin Labour Chris Mullin Labour
Surrey Heathmarker Michael Gove Conservative Nick Hawkins Conservative
Sutton and Cheammarker Paul Burstow Liberal Democrat Paul Burstow Liberal Democrat
Sutton Coldfieldmarker Andrew Mitchell Conservative Andrew Mitchell Conservative
Swansea East Sian James Labour Donald Anderson Labour
Swansea West Alan Williams Labour Alan Williams Labour
Swindon Northmarker Michael Wills Labour Michael Wills Labour
Swindon Southmarker Anne Snelgrove Labour Julia Drown Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Tamworth Brian Jenkins Labour Brian Jenkins Labour
Tattonmarker George Osborne Conservative George Osborne Conservative
Taunton Jeremy Browne Liberal Democrat Adrian John Flook Conservative
Teignbridgemarker Richard Younger-Ross Liberal Democrat Richard Younger-Ross Liberal Democrat
Telfordmarker David Wright Labour David Wright Labour
Tewkesbury Laurence Robertson Conservative Laurence Robertson Conservative
Thurrockmarker Andrew Mackinlay Labour Andrew Mackinlay Labour
Tiverton and Honitonmarker Angela Browning Conservative Angela Browning Conservative
Tonbridge and Mallingmarker Sir John Stanley Conservative Sir John Stanley Conservative
Tootingmarker Sadiq Khan Labour Tom Cox Labour
Torbaymarker Adrian Sanders Liberal Democrat Adrian Sanders Liberal Democrat
Torfaenmarker Paul Murphy Labour Paul Murphy Labour
Torridge and West Devonmarker Geoffrey Cox Conservative John Burnett Liberal Democrat
Totnes Anthony Steen Conservative Anthony Steen Conservative
Tottenham David Lammy Labour David Lammy Labour
Truro and St Austellmarker Matthew Taylor Liberal Democrat Matthew Taylor Liberal Democrat
Tunbridge Wellsmarker Greg Clark Conservative Archie Norman Conservative
Twickenhammarker Dr Vincent Cable Liberal Democrat Dr Vincent Cable Liberal Democrat
Tyne Bridgemarker David Clelland Labour David Clelland Labour
Tynemouthmarker Alan Campbell Labour Alan Campbell Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Upminstermarker Angela Watkinson Conservative Angela Watkinson Conservative
Upper Bann David Simpson Democratic Unionist David Trimble Ulster Unionist
Uxbridgemarker John Randall Conservative John Randall Conservative


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Vale of Clwyd Chris Ruane Labour Chris Ruane Labour
Vale of Glamorgan John Smith Labour John Smith Labour
Vale of Yorkmarker Anne McIntosh Conservative Anne McIntosh Conservative
Vauxhallmarker Kate Hoey Labour Kate Hoey Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Wakefieldmarker Mary Creagh Labour David Hinchliffe Labour
Wallaseymarker Angela Eagle Labour Angela Eagle Labour
Walsall Northmarker David Winnick Labour David Winnick Labour
Walsall Southmarker Bruce George Labour Bruce George Labour
Walthamstow Neil Gerrard Labour Neil Gerrard Labour
Wansbeck Denis Murphy Labour Denis Murphy Labour
Wansdykemarker Dan Norris Labour Dan Norris Labour
Wantagemarker Ed Vaizey Conservative Robert V. Jackson Labour
Warleymarker John Spellar Labour John Spellar Labour
Warrington Northmarker Helen Jones Labour Helen Jones Labour
Warrington Southmarker Helen Southworth Labour Helen Southworth Labour
Warwick and Leamingtonmarker James Plaskitt Labour James Plaskitt Labour
Watfordmarker Claire Ward Labour Claire Ward Labour
Waveneymarker Bob Blizzard Labour Bob Blizzard Labour
Wealdenmarker Charles Hendry Conservative Charles Hendry Conservative
Weaver Valemarker Mike Hall Labour Mike Hall Labour
Wellingboroughmarker Peter Bone Conservative Paul Stinchcombe Labour
Wells David Heathcoat-Amory Conservative David Heathcoat-Amory Conservative
Welwyn Hatfieldmarker Grant Shapps Conservative Melanie Johnson Labour
Wentworthmarker John Healey Labour John Healey Labour
West Aberdeenshire and Kincardinemarker Sir Robert Smith, Bt Liberal Democrat (boundary changes) Liberal Democrat
West Bromwich Eastmarker Tom Watson Labour Tom Watson Labour
West Bromwich Westmarker Adrian Bailey Labour Adrian Bailey Labour
West Derbyshiremarker Patrick McLoughlin Conservative Patrick McLoughlin Conservative
West Dorsetmarker Oliver Letwin Conservative Oliver Letwin Conservative
West Dunbartonshiremarker John McFall Labour/Co-operative (boundary changes) Labour
West Hammarker Lyn Brown Labour Tony Banks Labour
West Lancashiremarker Rosie Cooper Labour Colin Pickthall Labour
West Suffolk Richard Spring Conservative Richard Spring Conservative
West Tyrone Pat Doherty Sinn Féin Pat Doherty Sinn Féin
West Worcestershiremarker Sir Michael Spicer Conservative Sir Michael Spicer Conservative
Westburymarker Dr Andrew Murrison Conservative Dr Andrew Murrison Conservative
Westmorland and Lonsdalemarker Tim Farron Liberal Democrat Tim Collins Conservative
Weston-Super-Mare John Penrose Conservative Brian Cotter Liberal Democrat
Wiganmarker Neil Turner Labour Neil Turner Labour
Wimbledonmarker Stephen Hammond Conservative Roger Casale Labour
Winchestermarker Mark Oaten Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten Liberal Democrat
Windsor Adam Afriyie Conservative Michael Trend Conservative
Wirral Southmarker Ben Chapman Labour Ben Chapman Labour
Wirral Westmarker Stephen Hesford Labour Stephen Hesford Labour
Witneymarker David Cameron Conservative David Cameron Conservative
Wokingmarker Humfrey Malins Conservative Humfrey Malins Conservative
Wokingham John Redwood Conservative John Redwood Conservative
Wolverhampton North Eastmarker Ken Purchase Labour Ken Purchase Labour
Wolverhampton South Eastmarker Pat McFadden Labour Dennis Turner Labour
Wolverhampton South Westmarker Rob Marris Labour Rob Marris Labour
Woodspringmarker Dr Liam Fox Conservative Dr Liam Fox Conservative
Worcestermarker Michael Foster Labour Michael Foster Labour
Workingtonmarker Tony Cunningham Labour Tony Cunningham Labour
Worsleymarker Barbara Keeley Labour Terence Lewis Labour
Worthing Westmarker Peter Bottomley Conservative Peter Bottomley Conservative
Wrekin, Themarker Mark Pritchard Conservative Peter Bradley Labour
Wrexham Ian Lucas Labour Ian Lucas Labour
Wycombemarker Paul Goodman Conservative Paul Goodman Conservative
Wyre Forestmarker Dr Richard Taylor Health Concern Dr Richard Taylor Health Concern
Wythenshawe and Sale Eastmarker Paul Goggins Labour Paul Goggins Labour


Constituency Elected MP Elected Party Previous MP Previous Party
Yeovil David Laws Liberal Democrat David Laws Liberal Democrat
Ynys Mônmarker

(Isle of Anglesey)
Albert Owen Labour Albert Owen Labour
York, City of Hugh Bayley Labour Hugh Bayley Labour

Postponed poll

  • South Staffordshire - due to the death of a candidate standing in both for parliament and a seat on the council after some of the postal votes had been received, the elections in this constituency were postponed until 23 June 2005. Sir Patrick Cormack (Conservative), the incumbent Member of Parliament retained his seat with an increased majority.







Other changes





  • Elliot Morley (Scunthorpemarker) — Suspended from holding office in the Labour party on 14 May after expenses scandal; he remains in receipt of the Labour Party whip.
  • David Chaytor (Bury Northmarker) — Suspended from holding office in the Labour Party on 16 May in relation to expenses scandal; he remains in receipt of the Labour Party whip.
  • John Bercow (Buckinghammarker) - Conservative elected Speaker on 22 June

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