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MTM Enterprises was an independent production company established in 1969 by Mary Tyler Moore and her then-husband Grant Tinker to produce The Mary Tyler Moore Show for CBS. The name for the production company was drawn from Moore's initials. [127219]

After being an independent production company for many years, MTM was sold in 1990 to TVS Entertainment plc, which was in turn acquired by Pat Robertson's International Family Entertainment in late 1992. IFE along with MTM was sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation in 1996. MTM ceased operations and was folded into 20th Century Fox Television on August 15, 1998 when The Family Channel became Fox Family. The library of non-MTM shows was subsequently sold on to form part of ABC Family's archive.

For many years MTM, with CBS, co-owned the CBS Studio Centermarker in Studio Citymarker, California, where a majority of their programs were filmed and videotaped.

MTM Enterprises also included a record label, MTM Records, which was in existence from 1984 to 1988.


MTM's productions included:

In addition to the above shows, MTM has distributed programs such as:


CBS connection

MTM programs appeared almost exclusively on CBS until the early 1980s, when Grant Tinker assumed the additional role of president of NBC. Soon, NBC picked up a number of MTM shows, and Tinker stepped down as head of MTM to avoid a conflict of interest. His intention was to leave NBC after 5 years (in 1986) and return to MTM, taking over the reins from interim MTM president Arthur Price. However, Price fired many of the key players in the company's ranks, and by 1986 they had few shows left on the schedules (Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere and Remington Steele were all nearing the ends of their runs, leaving Newhart as the sole entrant on the schedule).There was also a record label in the 1980s featuring the logo on the label. No major mainstream artists recorded for this label; however, Judy Rodman and country girl group, The Girls Next Door, did have a few minor hits on the country charts in the mid-1980s.

Mimsie the Cat

Mimsie the Cat (1968-1988) was the cat seen in the MTM Enterprises logo, in an apparent spoof of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's famous studio logo. Mimsie (who was also known by the names "Dick Turpin" and "Dick Marino") was owned by one of the staff members of the company.

In the standard version of the logo, as first used on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mimsie appears in a seated position, looks up at the camera, and meows once. There were many different variants of this logo, with Mimsie often appearing in a different "costume" corresponding to the style and theme of that particular show. A partial list of Mimsie variants follows.

  • A Little Sex: An animated Mimsie meows, then is joined by a second animated cat. They rub each other and purr.
  • Bay City Blues: An animated Mimsie wears a baseball cap and glove in his right paw; he catches a baseball and meows.
  • The Duck Factory: The singer of the closing song would ask "Where's the cat?", followed by Mimsie quacking.
  • Graham Kerr: Mimsie wears a chef's hat.
  • Hill Street Blues: Mimsie wears a police cap.
  • Lou Grant: There is a still picture of the logo. This is also used for Paris. A smaller still logo is in the end credits of Just Between Friends.
  • Mary Tyler Moore: The 20th Anniversary Show: Mimsie's meowing is replaced with Mary Tyler Moore saying "Bye!"
  • MTM Home Video: Mimsie is seen holding a remote control. After meowing, he "rewinds" and meows a second time.
  • The New WKRP in Cincinnati: Mimsie's meow is replaced with Les Nessman exclaiming "oooooOOOOooooh!"
  • Newhart: Most episodes feature Mimsie meowing in Bob Newhart's deadpan voice. The exceptions are the series pilot (which used the standard logo) and the finale (in which Mimsie bellowed "QUIET!" in the voices of the two Darryls, their first and only spoken word in the series).
  • Remington Steele: Mimsie is dressed as Sherlock Holmes, complete with deerstalker cap and pipe; the pipe would drop out of Mimsie's mouth when he meowed.
  • St. Elsewhere: Mimsie is seen animated in medical scrubs and a surgical mask. On the show's final episode, Mimsie is in a hospital bed as the credits roll, and then when the credits end, he flatlines and dies.
  • The Steve Allen Show: Mimsie wears Allen's glasses and lip-synchs Allen's "Schmock."
  • The Texas Wheelers and Paul Sand in Friends & Lovers: Mimsie is a live cat photographed against a real landscape.
  • Xuxa: Mimsie says "Ciao!" in Xuxa's voice.

Other variations of the MTM logo do not feature Mimsie (or an animated version of Mimsie) at all:

  • Carlton Your Doorman (animated TV special): Carlton's cat is in the ribbon. Carlton, out of view, can be heard saying "Say 'Meow!' C'mon, say 'Meow!'" When it doesn't, Carlton grumbles "Damn cat!"
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show: At the end of episode #71, Mary appears saying "That's all folks!", a line spoken by Mary Richards during that episode.
  • The White Shadow: A calico cat is seen dribbling an animated basketball. A variation, used only for the series pilot, has the ball bouncing but the cat just watching it.


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