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The Madras Medical College is a prominent educational institution located in Chennaimarker, Indiamarker. It was established on February 2, 1835 and is one of the oldest medical schools of the Indian subcontinent.

It is the oldest medical college in India, along with the Medical College Kolkata.

Early history

The Government General Hospital was started on 16 November 1664 as a small hospital to treat the sick soldiers of the British East India Company. It was the untiring inspiring efforts of Sir Edward Winter who was the agent of the company that materialized in the first British Hospital at Madrasmarker.

In its early days, the Hospital was housed at the Fort St. Georgemarker and in the next 25 years, it grew into a formal medical facility. Governor Sir. Elihu Yale was instrumental in the development of the Hospital and gave it new premises within the Fort in 1690.
The Anatomy block

The Hospital moved out of the Fort after the Anglo-French War and it took 20 long years before it could settle in the present permanent place in 1772. By the year 1772, the Hospital was training Europeans, Eurasians and natives in Western methods of diagnosis and treatment and methods of preparing medicines. These trained personnel were posted to various dispensaries in the district head-quarters of the then Madras Presidency to assist the qualified doctors. By 1820, the institution had the recognition as the model hospital of the East India Company. In 1827, Dr. D.Mortimar was appointed as the Superintendent of the Hospital.

The college started off as a private medical hall run by Dr. Mortimar, and was regularised into a medical school in 1835, which was opened by the then Governor Sir Frederick Adams. The Governor then promulgated an ordinance and hence the school was attached to the Government General Hospital and was sponsored by the state. It is currently the oldest medical school in India as per the Government record dates.

Indians were admitted into the school in 1842, and since then the school started expanding. In the next two decades, the teaching staff had increased, the duration of the course extended and the curriculum was made comprehensive.

In the early part of 1850, the school council submitted proposals to the Government to accord the status of a College. On October 1, 1850, it was accorded this status, and was christened Madras Medical College.

The first batch of students graduated in 1852 and were granted the Diploma of Graduate of the Madras Medical College. In 1857, it gained affiliation to the University of Madras.

One of the first lady doctors (one of first four woman students) in the world, Mary Scharlieb graduated from Madras Medical College in 1878, when women were not allowed to join Medical Colleges in Britain. .


Since 1857, the college was affiliated to university of Madras and all degrees of Health Sciences were awarded by the same until 1988 when the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University Act, 1987 received the assent of the President of India. This affiliating University started functioning from July 1988 and is governed by the said Act.

The college was accorded as a separate individual University for a brief stint of a couple of years called the Madras Medical College & Research Institute or in short as MMC & RI. Later, the status as an individual university was withdrawn and the college was affiliated back to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, dropping the suffix: "Research Institute" in 2000.

Now it is completely within the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University.

Institutions attached to Madras Medical College

Current status

In 1996, when the city Madrasmarker was renamed as Chennaimarker, the college was also renamed as the Chennai Medical College but it was later re-renamed back to the age old name of Madras Medical College, since the college was popularly known worldwide by the older name only.

The Government General Hospital has a reputation of being one of the best in the state and ranks among the top ten in the Indian subcontinent. The entire hospital block has been remodelled with the reconstruction of the massive twin towers in lieu of the original hospital block which represented buildings which were more than a century old.

Honors and awards

The College is primarily a medical college and includes approximately 84 departments. The institution has a strong academic base awarding approximately 80 medals and prizes to medical students every year through competitive exams. The Johnstonemarker medal is the most prestigious medal awarded to that medical student of highest academic excellence at the completion of his/ her medical education. Dr. Raja R. Gopaldas, a former Johnstone medalist, currently holds the record of winning a total of 36 medals and awards.

Ranking in India

As per the Doctor NDTV Survey (2007), the ranking of the Medical Colleges in India is as follows (though other surveys may give other ranks):
  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi (Central Govt.)
  2. Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore (Pvt.)
  3. Armed Forces Medical College , Pune (Ministry of Defence)
  4. JIPMER, Pondicherry (Central Govt.)
  5. Madras Medical College, Chennai (State Govt.)
  6. St. John's Medical College, Bangalore (Pvt.)
  7. Kasturba Medical College, Manipal (Pvt.)
  8. Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), Delhi (State Govt.)
  9. Stanley Medical College, Chennai (State Govt.)
  10. Grant Medical College, Mumbai.

College song

Oh! Glorious Alma mater!

Oh, Gracious mother supreme

Oh, We, your grateful alumni

Of the past, present and future

Over here and across the seas

And Hail thee proudly

March on MMC.

Many have been our achievements

Many have been our accomplishments

Many have been our attainments

Many sadly too have been our losses

Many miseries have been our crosses

Many sorrows silently felt:

Regardless of all - march on MMC.

"Care for the sick" is thy duty

"Learn to heal" is thy motto

"Cure the illness" is thy aim

"Learn to help" is thy object.

May God bless this, our effort

May Goodwill, goodness prevail to

Conquer disease MMC.

March... March on... March on MMC.


The college and hospital are funded and managed by the state Government of Tamil Nadu.The Supreme Head of the institution is the Dean, followed by the Vice-Principal.

Courses offered

Undergraduate Degrees

M.B.B.S. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy

B.Sc (Nurs) Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.Sc (Nurs) Post Bachelor of Science in Nursing

B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Post Graduate Diplomas

D.G.O Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
D.C.H Diploma in Child Health
D.L.O Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
D.M.R.D Diploma in Medicine & Radio-Diagnosis
D.M.R.T Diploma in Medicine & Radiation Therapy
D.A Diploma in Anaesthesiology
D.Ortho Diploma in Orthopaedics
D.V Diploma in Venereology
D.D Diploma in Dermatology
D.O Diploma in Ophthalmology [167189]
D.T.R.D Diploma in Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases
D.P.M Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine
D.C.P Diploma in Clinical Pathology
D.P.H Diploma in Public Health
D.Lep Diploma in Leprosy
D.Diab Diploma in Diabetology

D.Phy.M Diploma in Physical Medicine

Post Graduate Degrees

M.D General Medicine
M.D Anaesthesiology
M.D Biochemistry
M.D Community Medicine
M.D Dermatology
M.D Forensic Medicine
M.D Geriatric Medicine
M.D Microbiology
M.D Paediatrics
M.D Pathology
M.D Pharmacology
M.D Physiology
M.D Psychiatric Medicine
M.D Radio - Diagnosis
M.D Radio - Therapy
M.D Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases
M.D Venereology
M.D Obstetrics & Gynaecology

M.S Anatomy
M.S E.N.T. or Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
M.S General Surgery
M.S Ophthalmology
M.S Orthopaedics

M.Pharm Master of Pharmacy
M.Sc (Nurs) Master of Science in Nursing

Post Graduate - Super Speciality Degrees

D.M Neurology
D.M Cardiology
D.M Oncology
D.M Rhematology
D.M Gastro-Enterology
D.M Nephrology
D.M Clinical Haematology

M.Ch Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
M.Ch Genito-Urinary Surgery
M.Ch Neuro Surgery
M.Ch Paediatric Surgery
M.Ch Plastic Surgery
M.Ch Surgical Gastro-Enterology
M.Ch Vascular Surgery


Admissions to the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) and the Post-graduate (MD, MS, other diplomas and other higher specialties) are through the Tamil Nadu state quota (for e.g.: 85% of seats in the MBBS program) and through the National/ Central quota (for e.g.: 15% of seats in the MBBS program). Reservations of seats and reduced tuition fees are available to the underserved communities in both the quotas. Admissions are open only to Indian citizens and are highly competitive.

MBBS Program

Approximately, the MBBS program has 165 seats of student intake per year. About 1 in 40 applicants are accepted to the MBBS program statewide (about 1500 seats in 15 medical colleges throughout Tamil Nadu), and only the top-rankers among those accepted to the MBBS program statewide are admitted to the MMC since it ranks as the 1st medical school in the state of Tamil Nadu.

State Quota

It consists of 85% of total number of seats; filled by the Directorate of Medical Education under the state Government of Tamil Nadu.

The State-level entrance exam was the TNPCEE (the Tamil Nadu Professional Course Entrance Examination) which has been discontinued by the Government of Tamil Nadu from the academic year 2007. Earlier, the admissions to the MBBS program were based on a weighted aggregate of the Entrance exam and the High school final exam scores. Now, the admission is entirely based on the High School final exam scores and the seats are filled on the basis of inter-se merit ranking.

National/ Central Quota

It consists of 15% of total number of seats of student intake per year.

The National level entrance exam is the All India PreMedical PreDental Examination (AI PM/ PD test) which is conducted by CBSE. The seats under the Central quota are filled on the basis of the scores and ranking by the AI PM/ PD test alone and do not take into consideration the High school final exam scores.

Post Graduate Programs

The seats in the different Post-graduate programs (Diploma and Degree programs) are filled by:
  • State level PG Entrance Exam
  • National level PG Entrance Exam

Several seats (about 50% of the state quota seats) are also reserved for the Physicians in the Tamil Nadu Government service.

Classes (with year of entry)

This institution is known for the quality of its students and the camaraderie among them. Every class of MBBS students has assigned to itself an (unofficial) name denoting the year of their entry into the medical school.

The Recent batches are:
  • The Phoenix 82
  • The "Sesqueessentials 1984"
  • * Exoticans 94
  • Cohorts 95
  • Zealots 96
  • Adroits 97
  • Gallants 98
  • Triumphants 99, "The Trendsetters"
  • Genezens 2000 or Genezens 2k, "Born to Heal"
  • Valiants 2001
  • Xanthrons 2002, "One for All : All for One"
  • Nimrotz 2003
  • Zenolantz 2004
  • Troezianz 2005, "the sole warriors of medicine"
  • Krenoviantz 2006,
  • Dravergonz 2007, "Energetic doctors"(
  • Knightzorroitz 2008

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