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Mafia!, also known as Jane Austen's Mafia! is a 1998 comedy film directed by Jim Abrahams and starring Jay Mohr, Lloyd Bridges, Olympia Dukakis, and Christina Applegate. It spoofs Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather series and various other mafia films, notably Martin Scorsese's Casino and Goodfellas. The film also parodies movies in other genres, ranging from Forrest Gump to Il Postino and The English Patient.

Jane Austen's Mafia! received dismal reviews.


Like The Godfather: Part II, the narrative of Mafia! consists of a series of flashbacks interwoven with the main plot. Jay Mohr plays Tony, the son of a prominent Mafia don, Vincenzo Armani Windbreaker Cortino (Bridges). As the film opens, Tony introduces the main thread when he exits a Vegas casino and walks to his car, accompanied by a voiceover explaining his philosophy of life. When he starts the car, it explodes.

The story then regresses more than half a century to describe the boyhood of Tony's father, Vincenzo, who was born in Italy, the clumsy son of a Sicilian postman. One day, while making a delivery for his father, Vincenzo trips and the parcel bursts open, revealing a strange white powder. The parcel's recipient, concluding that the delivery boy has seen too much, tracks Vincenzo to a street fair, where he kills his father; the boy, however, escapes to America, where he grows to young manhood, marries, and struggles with poverty before finally finding his destiny as a mafia boss.

The film then visits the recent past; Tony has just returned from the Korean War and is bringing his idealistic Protestant girlfriend, Diane (Applegate) to meet his family and friends at his big brother Joey's wedding reception (A parody of Connie Corleone's wedding in the beginning of "Godfather I"). During the festivities, however, Vincenzo is shot 47 times in an attempted hit and nearly dies. Tony avenges the attack, then goes into hiding in Las Vegasmarker, where he becomes a casino manager. Diane leaves him, saying he's abandoned the peaceful ideals of his youth, and adding that she'll never be anything to his Sicilian family but "that Protestant chick who never killed anyone."

Vincenzo recovers from his 47 gunshot wounds and visits Las Vegas, where he officially names Tony his successor; Joey, furious at being passed over, is told "you get Wisconsin." The Don then returns home, where he falls victim to his five-year-old grandson, Chucky, who assassinates him by spraying him with malathion (parody of Vito Corleone's heart attack, "Godfather I"). Meanwhile, Tony's casino is a great success until he meets a femme fatale, Pepper Gianini, hired by a man named Cesar Marconi as part of a deep-laid plan to distract him from his duties and to drive a wedge between him and Joey. The film's time sequence returns to the present after Tony catches Joey and Pepper cavorting in a hotel room together and walks out in disgust - only to have his car explode.

Tony is horribly but temporarily disfigured, and attends his father's funeral in a wheelchair, where he spots the killers when he sees little Chucky taking a payoff. He decides, however, to postpone vengeance until he can win back Diane's love and put his life in order. Diane has by this time become President of the United States, and is on the brink of declaring world peace when Tony goes looking for her. He persuades her to put world peace on the back burner until after their wedding. During the ceremony, with the help of Vincenzo's mother (Dukakis), several henchmen, and an Eskimo, he settles the family's accounts in an orgy of slaughter (filmed similar to the end of "Godfather I"), even arranging the harpooning of Barney the purple dinosaur by way of a bonus.


Actor Role
Jay Mohr Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
Billy Burke Joey Cortino
Christina Applegate Diane Steen
Pamela Gidley Pepper Gianini
Olympia Dukakis Sophia Cortino
Lloyd Bridges Vincenzo Cortino
Louis Mandylor Vincenzo Cortino as a young man
Jason Fuchs Vincenzo Cortino as a boy
Joe Viterelli Dominick Clamato
Tony Lo Bianco Cesar Marzoni
Blake Hammond Fatso Paulie Orsatti
Philip Suriano Frankie Totino (as Phil Suriano)
Vincent Pastore Gorgoni
Marisol Nichols Carla
Carol Ann Susi Mrs. Clamato
Gregory Sierra Bonifacio

Box office performance

In its opening weekend the film took $6,577,961 in 1,942 theatres, averaging $3,387. In total in the US, the film made $19,889,299.


This was Lloyd Bridges' last film.


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