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Magi-Nation is an animated television series based on the card game Magi Nation Duel. The show premiered in Canada on September 8 2007 on CBC Television and on September 22 2007 in the U.S.marker on The CW4Kids (formerly Kids' WB). A series of DVDs are set to be released in October 21, 2008 through January 6, 2009.


3,000 years ago in the Moonlands, the evil Shadow Magi Agram was sealed inside the planet's core by the Core Glyph and the eleven Dreamstones which provided its power. Now he plans to escape and bring the Moonlands under his control, and only a Magi known as the "Final Dreamer" can stop him. A young boy from our world, Tony Jones, was summoned into the Moonlands. He joins forces with the apprentice Magi Edyn and the warrior Strag, and together, they set out on a mission to gather the Dreamstones before Agram is set free. With help from their ever-growing collection of Dream Creature allies and the guidance of the Book of Elders, they begin a danger-ridden adventure, battling against the evil Dream Creatures of Agram and his bumbling henchmen, Korg and Zed.


Main Characters

  • Tony Jones: The main protagonist. Tony Jones was summoned here from Earth, but possesses the abilities of the Magi. He is adventurous and confident, as well as the star of his school's track team. His adventure begins when he receives a special ring from his grandfather. His main Dream Creature is Furok, a mystery bear/lion-like creature who is his best friend and protector.

  • Edyn: A naive and curious girl from the forests of Naroom. She has lived with her guardian Orwin for years and has read every book there is on the Moonlands. She's also an expert with spells. Her main Dream Creature is Ugger, a plant-like rhinoceros who cares deeply for her (to the point where he's called her various odd pet names such as "Radiant Sweet Pea of the Forest," "Glorious Moon Bud of Naroom," and "Essence of All Leafy Goodness"), and will put his hide on the line to keep her safe.

  • Strag: A wise, young Magi from the caverns of the Underneath. He is a Shadow stalker, a warrior who seeks the Moonlands against the Shadow Magi. He has Moonsense which lets him sense other people or enemies ahead of him. While he has many Dream Creatures, his main one is Freep, a turtle-like creature that has an ability to attack with shock type attacks.

  • Orwin: The Elder of Vash Naroom as well as Edyn's guardian. He's a powerful Magi who acts as a friend and teacher to Tony, Edyn, and Strag. He is later turned into a shadow magi with use of Strag's "allegiance" relic and assistance of a spell cast by Zed, a Shadow Magi.

  • Agram: The main villain of the series. 3,000 years ago he was sealed away in the core of the Moonlands, and he aimed to escape. He is the leader of all Shadow Magi. When he was sealed away, he could only project his image in the Moonlands for a short time, as well as enter people's dreams to manipulate them; which he traded his own normal eyesight for. He supplied Korg and Zed with Dream Creatures from the Core. He was released, but sealed away again, and this time permanently by Tony, Edyn, and Strag using the powerful artifact known as the Book of Elders. However, his legacy remains in the form of lingering void energy. With the Book of Elders now in the hands a former minion (by the name of Chur), the future remains uncertain.

  • Korg and Zed: Agram's main henchmen. They are a duo of bumbling, yet evil Shadow Magi. They often attack our heroes with an arsenal of evil Dream Creatures; which have been provided by Agram.

Other Characters

Dream Creatures

Dream Creatures are magical animals. While they inhabit the Moonlands, they come from a place known as the Dream Plane. If a Magi is able to either defeat a Dream Creature, or somehow gain the creature's trust, that creature might grant him or her a fragment of Animite (a magic crystal) to summon that creature at anytime chosen by the Magi. This animite can be used in its pure form or forged into a ring that one can wear on their fingers. Summoning said dream creature requires the Magi to put their own energy into the crystal to bring them out along with saying "With this animite, I magine [name of creature]". If a dream creature is defeated, it simply returns to the crystal and can be summoned again as long as the magi has the needed energy. A Magi can also "recall" a creature by saying "[name of creature], to the Dream Plane". Core Creatures are a special case, since they are normally corrupted versions of existing Dream Creatures. When a Core creature is sent to the Dream Plane, it will be purified. If it exits it will become a Core creature again.

Dream Creatures


Cookie Jar Entertainment acquired merchandising rights along with the TV show license. So far an online computer game, Magi-Nation: Battle for the Moonlands has been released. A new card game is also reported to be in the works.

Fan's Reaction

Many of the fans of the original card game and the Game boy Color game are very disappointed in the direction that the TV series and card game have taken, which is huge departure from the darker feeling of the original card game and GBC game. The story has been altered drastically and some Dream Creatures were given different regions. Ugger, for example, was originally a Core creature, whereas in the TV show it is a Naroom Creature. Dream Creautres were originally supposed to be summoned using Animite rings worn by the Magi. Fans stress that rings would be an easier way to carry animite then large chunks of the material.

DVD Releases

Magi-Nation: The Moonlands, released on June 16, 2009, includes these episodes: The Final Dreamer, Fire and Ice, Blight, Enemy in the Sands

Magi-Nation: Fight the Shadows, released on June 16, 2009, includes these episodes: First Geyser, Cloud Cover, Fiery Betrayal, Eyes of Agram

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