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State Route 4A is the designation for two separate, but closely located, state highways in southeastern Mainemarker, both located in York Countymarker. Although they are not directly connected to one another, they are linked by their parent highway, Maine State Route 4, as well as U.S. Route 202, which runs concurrently with Route 4 during this stretch.

Route description

Southern segment

The southern segment of State Route 4A runs between the towns of Sanfordmarker and Alfredmarker, and is multiplexed with another route over its entire length. It begins at an intersection with State Route 4 and State Route 109 south of town. Routes 4A and 109 run concurrently to the northwest, into the center of town, where they intersect with U.S. Route 202 and State Route 11. Route 11 splits off US-202 to join Route 109 to the northwest, while Route 4A splits off Route 109 to join US-202 to the northeast. Route 4A and US-202 run concurrently to the northwest, crossing into Alfred, before intersecting with Route 4 and State Route 111. Route 4A's southern segment ends at this intersection, US-202 turns north to join Route 4, and Route 111 begins to the east.

Northern segment

Route 4A's northern segment is the shorter of the two, but has not been overlaid with new routes like the southern segment has. Route 4A picks up at an intersection between US-202, Route 4, and State Route 35 in Hollismarker. Routes 4A and 35 share a brief concurrency before Route 4A splits off to the east, crossing State Route 117 in the process. Route 4A continues to the east, paralleling US-202, Route 4, and Route 117, which share a concurrency, and entering the town of Buxtonmarker. Route 4A then crosses over State Route 112 before coming to an end at the US-202/Route 4 concurrency


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