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In many European languages, the term Major is a military rank, implying seniority at one of usually various levels of rank. For example:

In the US Army and US Marine Corps, a Major is typically a staff officer, either a battalion Executive Officer (XO) (second in command), or a battalion staff officer such as the Operations Officer (S-3).

Most often, when the term 'major' occurs unhyphenated, in conjunction with no other indicator of rank, the term refers to the rank just senior to that of a land-forces 'captain'. In some countries, notably in France, an unhyphenated "major" derives from "sergeant-major", a senior-level sub-officer rank.

Links to Major ranks by country

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Army Major insignia


File:ES-Army-OF3.gif|EstoniaFile:OF03 Heer.png|GermanyFile:IFRmajor.PNG|IcelandFile:IT-Army-OF3.svg|Italy

File:LT-Army-OF3.jpg|LithuaniaFile:Nl-landmacht-majoor.svg|NetherlandsFile:POL-Army-OF3.gif|PolandImage:SL-Army-OF3_Major.PNG‎|Sri Lanka

File:US-O4 insignia.svg|U.S.File:Major.gif|USSR

Air Force Major insignia

File:BE-Air Force-OF3.gif|Belgium

File:RDAF Maj.svg|DenmarkFile:RNAF Maj.svg|NetherlandsFile:Major Lotnicze.png|PolandFile:US Air Force O4 shoulderboard.svg|U.S.

Links to ranks equivalent to Major by country

File:Bojnik.jpg|Croatia (Bojnik)

File:TR-Army-OF3.gif|Turkey (Binbaşı)

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