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Makgeolli, also known as takju, is a traditional alcoholic beverage native to Koreamarker. It is made from rice (referred to in English as "Korean rice wine") which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness. It is made by fermenting a mixture of boiled rice and water, and is about 6.5–7% alcohol by volume. It was originally quite popular among farmers, earning it the name nongju ( / ), which means "farmer liquor". However, it has recently started to become more popular in cities, especially with the younger generations. Dongdongju ( ) is a drink very similar to makgeolli, and both are commonly imbibed alongside Korean "pancakes" called pajeon ( ) or bindaetteok ( ).

Additionally, makkoli is used during ancestral rites in Korea.

Commercially, makkoli is most commonly available in plastic bottles or aseptic box containers. Traditionally, it is served in a large metal or wooden bowl from which individual cups and bowls are filled using a ladle. As it is an unfiltered beverage, makkoli is generally shaken or stirred before consumed, as the cloudy white portion tends to settle to the bottom, leaving a pale yellow-clear liquid on top.


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