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Malcolm is a 1986 Australian cult film, written by David Parker and directed by Nadia Tass. The film stars Colin Friels as the titular tram enthusiast who becomes involved with petty crime. The film won the 1986 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Film.

At the start of the film Malcolm is working for the tram company. He builds himself a "tram", which leads him to losing the job. With his mother dead and no income, he is forced to take a boarder, Frank (John Hargreaves). Frank is a petty criminal, and Malcolm turns his mechanical mind to helping him pursue his career. Malcolm creates a number of surreal inventions, including a getaway car which splits into two independently powered halves and devises a bank robbery done by remote control.


Filming Locations

The scenes of the exterior of Malcolm's house were filmed at 23 Napoleon Street, Collingwood. The house has since been demolished and the land is currently vacant. Interior scenes are believed to have been filmed at a house in the inner city suburb of Flemington.

A facade was constructed in Napoleon Street for the exterior scenes of the Milk Bar. The interior scenes were filmed at the former milk bar located on Wellington Street near Napoleon Street.

The Leinster Arms Hotel, located in Gold Street Collingwood, was used for filming the inside scenes at the pub Frank often frequents.

The scenes of the headquarters of the fictional Anglo Swiss Bank were filmed at two locations. The building where Frank and Judith deliver a number of ashtrays is the Commonwealth Bank in Collins St, near the intersection with Queen Street. All signage related to the Commonwealth Bank was removed for the purpose of filming.The overhead bridge featured in the robbery of the bank is located at the William Angliss TAFE, on LaTrobe St.

The tram depot featured in the beginning of the film is the former South Melbourne Depot which was located on Kingsway. Kew Depot features briefly in a dawn scene of a tram depot, prior to Malcolm taking his own tram for a test run. The Foreman's office in which Malcolm is sacked is located in the Body Shop at Preston Workshops. The scene in which Malcolm, Frank and Judith switch from a getaway van to Malcolm's tram was filmed near the Workshops in Miller St, Thornbury.


The model tram that Malcolm "built" ran on a motorbike engine, the rest having being put together with spare parts by workers at Prestonmarker Workshops in Melbournemarker, Australia. After the film was completed, the tram was donated to the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria.

In the late 1990s, a man bought a furnished house (which also contained a lot of junk) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. To His surprise, the garage contained the yellow getaway car from this movie. The car had not been seen since the film wrapped.

The remote controlled car used by Malcolm to rob his first bank is a Tamiya Sand Scorcher (model number 58016).

All the remote control cars including the ashtrays were assembled by Kenneth Liddiard.

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