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Mantineia ( ) was a city in ancient Arcadiamarker in the central Peloponnesemarker that was the site of two significant battles in Classical Greek history. It is also a municipality in modern Arcadiamarker, Greecemarker, with its seat in the village of Nestanimarker (pop. 778 in 2001). It is located in the northeastern part of the prefecture of Arcadia. The municipality has a land area of 205.393 km² and a population of 3,510 inhabitants. Its largest other towns are Artemísi (pop. 654), Loukás (653), and Kápsas (505).

The First Battle of Mantinea, in 418 BC, was the largest land battle of the Peloponnesian War. On one side were Spartamarker and its remaining allies, and on the other were Athensmarker, its allies, plus the cities that had revolted against the Spartans. After Laches the Athenian commander was killed, the battle turned into a rout of the Athenian and allied armies, a result attributed to greater Spartan courage.

The Second Battle of Mantinea, in 362 BC, led to the fall of Thebanmarker hegemony. In that battle, Athens and Sparta were allied. Thebes won the battle, but its greatest general, Epaminondas, was killed in the fighting. Macedonian king Antigonus III Doson renamed the city Antigonia; Mantineia's name was restored by Hadrian.

Modern-day Mantineia is the region around the city of Tripolimarker in the prefecture of Arcadiamarker, and was named after the namesake city of old. It is also the name of a Protected designation of origin of Greek blanc de gris wine, made of the moschofilero grape traditionally grown in the region. The seat of Mantineia is Nestani, home to about one-fifth (20%) of the population. Mantineia is located about a few kilometres north of GR-33 and GR-77, west of the Tripoli-Corinth/Athens Superhighway (E65), and SE of Vytinamarker.

Mountains surround the valley, including the Lyrkeiamarker mountains as well as the Mainalo mountains to the southwest. The valley consists of vineyards, potato and wheat farms as well as other crops, and covers about half of the municipality. Several floods ravaged Mantineia in the mid-20th century, even to the extent of forming a lake that has since been drained. Forests dominate the mountains with traces in the valley areas. Rocks and grasslands cover most of the northeast.


Historical population

Year Municipal Population Change
1981 - -
1991 3,628 -
2001 3,510 -118/-3.25%


Naxos has schools, lyceums (middle schools), gymnasia (secondary school), churches, a post office and squares (plateies).

Mantineia was featured as a city in the computer game, Zeus-Master of Olympus.

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