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Maqbarat-o-shoara (Tabriz Poet's Mausoleum).

Maqbaratoshoara or Maqbarat al-Shu'ara' (مقبرة الشعرا) is a mausoleum for poets, mystics and famous people located in the surkhab district of Tabrizmarker in Iranmarker.

On the east side of Sayyed Hamzeh's grave and Ghaem Magham's grave, there is a graveyard containing the graves of important poets, mystics, scientists and well-known people of Tabrizmarker. The Mausoleum was first mentioned by Hamdollah Mostowfi in his Nozhat ol-Gholoub. Hamdollah mentions it being located in what, at the time, was the Surkhab district of Tabriz. Surkhab and Charandab being the oldest districts in the city of Tabriz.

Some people who are buried in this graveyard are quite famous. To learn their names, one should refer to some books that contain numerous descriptions of this complex like "Azarbaijan archeological signs" by Abdul Ali Karang.

Since the 1970's, there have been attempts to renovate the graveyard area. Some work has been carried out like the construction of a new symbolic building on this site (the white marble structure in the photos).

The first poet buried in this complex is Asadi Tusi(999-1072 A.D.). Other famous Persian poets buried there include Anvari Abivardi, Zahir al-Din Faryabi, Falaki Shirwani, Shams al-Din Sajasi, Mojir al-Din Balaqani, Homam Tabrizi, Khaqani, Qatran Tabrizi, Mani Shirazi, Lesani Shirazi, Shakibi Tabrizi, Maghrebi Tabrizi, Shapur Neyshapuri.

Shahryar was the last poet to have been interred in Maqbaratoshoara and the only one who has works both in Persian and Azeri.

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Image:Maqbaratoshoara01.jpg| Maqbaratoshoara, northern viewImage:Maqbaratoshoara02.jpg| Southern viewImage:Maqbaratoshoara03.jpg|Image:Maqbaratoshoara04.jpg| Eastern viweImage:Maqbaratoshoara05.jpg| DomeImage:Maqbaratoshoara06.jpg|Image:Maqbaratoshoara07.jpg|Image:Maqbaratoshoara08.jpg| InsideImage:Maqbaratoshoara09.jpg| InsideImage:Maqbaratoshoara10.jpg| Shahryar's tomb inside the Monuments of the Poets.File:Seqat ol Eslam Tabrizi 1.jpg| Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi's tomb , outside the Maqbaratoshoara building.Image:Shariyar tomb.jpg| InsideFile:Asadi tusi in Maqbaratoshoara .jpg|A picture from Asadi Tusi's Garshaspnama ,inside Maqbaratoshoara , near his tomb


The Maqbaratoshoara is located in sheshghelan suburb of Tabrizmarker, Seghatoleslam Ave. next to Seyed Hamzeh shrinemarker and Museum of Ostad Bohtounimarker, near to Amir Nezam Housemarker, House of Seghat ol Islammarker and Saheb ol Amr Mosquemarker.

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