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Mark Morton (Born Mark Duane Morton on November 25, 1972) is the lead guitarist of the American heavy metal band Lamb of God.

Pre-Lamb of God days

Mark grew up near Williamsburg, Virginiamarker. His first band was Axis which was composed of other local youth, one being Ryan Lake of Alabama Thunderpussy fame. Mark played rhythm guitar. The band became a popular local act, winning the local battle of the bands competition, better known as the famed "Stockwood" annual event to locals, in 1988.


Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell met in 1990 at Virginia Commonwealth Universitymarker where they were floor mates. Several years later, they formed a band under the name, "Burn The Priest". Morton soon left to pursue a master's degree, and the band added guitarist, Abe Spear and vocalist, Randy Blythe. After a couple years apart, Morton rejoined the group and Burn the Priest released a self titled full length album. The band ultimately changed their name to "Lamb Of God" and went on to become one of modern metal's biggest acts.

Morton cites Jimmy Page and Billy Gibbons among his primary influences. Morton frequently utilizes pentatonic scales and harmonic minor scales, and it has been noted that he has a blues style to his music. He composes and plays almost all of Lamb of God's guitar solos and forms many of the heavy groove rhythms.

His performing gear consists mostly of various Jackson guitars, including a Rhoads style and Swee-Tone archtop (both seen in the Killadelphia DVD) and, most often, his own signature model, the Jackson Dominion strung with GHS Boomer Strings 10-46 tuned to drop-D, loaded with a Seymour Duncan Invader Pickup in the bridge and a Duncan Jazz in the neck. Onstage, Mark uses two Mesa Boogie Mark IV amplifiers with Mesa 4X12 cabinets His rack gear includes a Sennheiser wireless system, a DBX 266XL compressor / noise gate, and a splitter box. Mark only uses a few pedals on stage, Original Crybaby Wah Pedal, MxR Eddie Van Halen Phaser which "makes his solos sear", MxR Overdrive pedal, and a Boss tuning pedal.

In the liner notes to the album Burn The Priest, he is credited under his middle name "Duane", most likely in keeping with his reserved, somewhat reluctant approach to stardom.

Morton is known for writing some of Lamb of God's more unconventional songs. These include, "Descending", "Vigil", and "Remorse is For the Dead". In the DVD documenting the making of Sacrament, he made the point that he likes to "toss in the wildcard, the oddball, 'cause for every three you toss in, one of 'em winds up being real special because it's that different." Morton has also written some of the band's more traditional metal songs, such as "Laid to Rest", "Now You've got Something to Die For", "Redneck" and "Walk With Me in Hell".

He is married as of January 2007.



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