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Mark Snow (born Martin Fulterman on 26 August 1946) is a prolific composer for film and television.

Born in New York Citymarker, he grew up in Brooklynmarker, graduating from the High School of Music and Artmarker (1964) and, afterwards, the Juilliard School of Musicmarker. He was a co-founder of the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble.

Among his most famous compositions is the theme music for sci-fi television series The X-Files. The theme reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart. Snow also wrote the music for another Chris Carter series, Millennium, and the background music scores for both shows, a total of 12 seasons' worth.

He also composed the score for the television movie Dirty Pictures, the series Smallville and One Tree Hill. He has also composed music for video games, such as Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, as well as the music for the "non-release" game, Urban Assault.

Snow has been nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and won 34 ASCAP awards. He was nominated for a Cesar Award for his work on the film Coeurs directed by French director, Alain Resnais. Snow is also working on Resnais's next film, Les Herbes Folles.

Themes for TV series

Snow composed main title themes for a number of popular TV shows (and some episode scores+):

Snow stopped composing for "Smallville"; his final season was season seven, at which point from season eight onward Louis Febre -- who had composed additional score on some of Snow's episodes previously -- took over as composer.


Commercially released

Mark Snow has released the following soundtracks commercially:

  • Skateboard (1978) -- LP only
  • The X-Files: The Truth and the Light (Seasons 1–3) [1996]
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [1997]
  • The X-Files (film score) [1998]
  • Disterbing Behaviour [1999]
  • Crazy In Alabama [1999]
  • The Snow Files (various) [1999]
  • UFO: The Truth Is Here (rare CD) (2001)
  • The Best of Millennium (Season 1–3) [2002] (iTunes exclusive)
  • Helter Skelter [2004]
  • Coeurs (A.K.A. Private Fears in Public Places) [2008]
  • Millennium (Season 1–3; 2CD set, LaLaLand Records) [2008]
  • The X-Files: I Want to Believe (film score) [2008]
  • Jake Speed (BuySoundtrax Records) [2009]
  • Conundrum [2009]

Mark Snow released The X Files theme song as a single in March 1996 which reached number 2 in the UK charts.

A 4 CD X-Files box set comprising of music from all seasons is due for release Summer 2010 by Lalaland Records, as are Harsh Realm and The Lone Gunmen scores.

Not commercially released

Other soundtracks unofficially or non-commercially available are:

  • Ernest Saves Christmas [1988] -- promotional CD
  • Conundrum (longer than the 2009 commercial release) -- internet leak
  • Murder Between Friends (two versions) -- internet leak
  • Millennium: Season 1 [1996] -- promotional CD
  • The X-Files: Jose Chung's From Outer Space [1996] -- internet leak
  • The X-Files Season 5: The Post-Modern Prometheus, Christmas Carol, & Emily [1997] -- internet leak
  • Night Sins (TV mini series)- [1997] - internet leak
  • The Dancing Cow [2000] -- official free internet download (website no longer up)
  • Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon [2001] -- official free internet download (website no longer up)
  • Ghost Whisperer: Leap Of Faith [2009] -- Personally sent to a fan.

Personal life

Snow married Glynn Daly in 1967. They have three children. Glynn is the sister of actress Tyne Daly and actor Tim Daly.


  1. According to the "Behind the Truth" segment on the X-Files Season 1 DVD, Mark Snow created the echo effect on the "The X-Files" theme song by accident. Snow said that he had gone through several revisions, but X-Files creator/writer/director Chris Carter felt that something was not quite right. Carter walked out of the room and Snow put his hand and forearm on his keyboard in frustration. Snow said, "this sound was in the keyboard. And that was it."

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