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Martin Ivanovich Latsis ( , born Jānis Sudrabs) (December 14, 1888February 11, 1938) was a Sovietmarker politician, a member of the Bolshevik Party since 1905 ("Old Bolshevik"), an active participant of the Russian Revolutions of 1905–1907 and 1917, member of the Military Revolutionary Committee, a member of the Collegium of the All-Russia Cheka (1918–1921) and Chairman of the Cheka in Ukrainemarker (1919), a member of VTsIK. Between 1932 and 1937 he was a director at the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

Latsis was the author of Dva Goda Borby na Vnutrennom Fronte in which advocated unrestrained violence against class enemies. He boasted of the harsh repressive policies used by the Cheka. In 1918, while a deputy chief of the Cheka in Ukraine, he established the principle that sentences were not to be determined by guilt or innocence—but by social class. He is quoted as explaining the Red Terror as follows:

He became a victim of the repressive regime that he had helped to set up—in 1937 during the Great Purge, he was arrested, accused of belonging to a "counter-revolutionary nationalist organization", and shot in 1938.

In 1956 the Soviet Government politically "rehabilitated" him.


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