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Martin Munsch (born August 1967) is an Americanmarker music producer.

Munsch was born in Union Countymarker, New Jerseymarker, and raised in the towns of Franklin Lakesmarker and Wyckoffmarker in Bergen County, New Jerseymarker. He is a Executive Producer and Music Producer, record producer, recording engineer, talent manager, photographer, videographer and the principal owner of Punk Rock Records.

Highly involved with production of many influential, as well as groundbreaking, underground and punk albums. Post production of factory duplication masters, and many albums with dozens of other seminal acid house and industrial style music, for many record labels and companies. Many releases of the period, along with literally hundreds of other ancillary or unrelated recordings, that had been quality controlled and mastered by him. Most of these releases were for worldwide released material, associated top 40 charting on Billboard Magazine. Munsch directs the overall sound of his recordings with a very involved, hands-on approach during studio production. Some sessions in part or whole, have been known to last weeks behind closed doors generally due to his unrestrained temper, on some of his more noted projects. [446179] Marty Munsch has sometimes been referred to as The Phil Spector Of Punk Rock because of his particular approach and style, that uses the wall of sound technique, that he has dynamically modified.

Early Career and Influences

His influences by the early Joe Meek, King Tubby and Phil Spector who he was an assistant to in his early beginnings. He also attributes some influences by Bill Price as well as Sandy Pearlman and guitarist Chris Spedding Starting as an assistant live audio engineer and repair technician in the late 1980s at the Capitol Theater, in Passaicmarker New Jerseymarker, then The Downtown Performance Center in Tucsonmarker, Arizonamarker, for a brief time, eventually returning to New Jersey. During the 1990s, Munsch had pressed further into recording and producing many well known Punk, Ska and Hardcore punk groups. During the early 1990s; the artist Violent Society, who released the single East Coast Assholes E.P, (1993) and Not Enjoyin' It LPCD released in 1994, was quoted by Maximum RocknRoll Magazine as being One of the top 10 best albums of the 1990s.'. Then again with the Washington D.C. group, The Suspects, to produce and co-engineer New Dawn In the 21ST Century In 1996 at, Inner Ear Studios. While in New York City, he had briefly worked with noted producer Lee Perry, on a significant amount of remixed Clash dub material for reissue.[446180]Munsch is currently in protracted studio sessions with powerpop groups The Stun Gunz, and The Flare Up's, for multiple recordings. He currently boasts a roster of over 1000 registered album compilation inclusions, and at least 25 known full LP productions, 16 full EP productions and about a dozen full production 45 RPM singles, by national as well as international artists. He has had several motion picture appearances in internationally acclaimed films. Marty (Martin) Munsch is listed in the Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment.

Full Production Discography LP's, EP's, 45's & CD's

  • Basic Skills 1994-1997 And Out Come the Real Wolves
  • The Blood 2002 Compilation
  • The Big Wheels 1995 (self titled)
  • Bomb Squadron 1996-1997 Pepsi Generation
  • The Broken Heroes 2004 I Told Ya Once
  • Dean Dean & The Sex Machines, DDSM (members of Blanks 77, Bristles, Nines, Yuppicide) Ref. 2002
  • The Dead Heroes 2003, 2004 Dead Heroes
  • The Deceptacons, 1994
  • Dizzy Dizzy 2002 Ref. Sean Epstein
  • Dysfunctional Youth 2004, Ref. 2005)
  • Sex Pistols

  • Guiloteens 1999 Crawl Into Your Nightmare
  • Heft 1994-1995 Anthems for Arbor Day)
  • Holy Rape 1984-1986
  • Infant Mortality 1993 Brick Face
  • L.E.S. Stitches 1998, New York City's Dead
  • L.E.S. Stitches 1997,
  • Ministry
  • The Mishaps Thulsa doom
  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult My Life with The Thrill Kill KultPost production compilation, mastering, re-release dup.
  • The Narcotics 1982-1984
  • The NY Rel-X 2002
  • One Way System 1998 Live at the Pipeline, Newark, New Jersey
  • Joe Strummer 1999 (Self) Dub Sessions
  • Peter & The Test Tube Babies (Live At CBGB 2004)
  • The Rash 1996-1998 Your A Slave’’, Stink Box Records.
  • The Rejected 1986
  • The Sex Machines 2001-2002
  • Statch and the Rapes 2001-2002 Jailbait Love
  • The Suspects 1996 New Dawn in the 21 St. Century
  • The Suspects (DC) 1996, 2002 Death to False Oi
  • The Tantraumaniaks 1996 More Lies From The Underground, Stink Box Records, NJ, 1995
  • Terabithia 1997 76.2 Rec. Chart, CMJ #10, 1997
  • Traumaschool Dropouts
  • Tribe Thirteen 1994
  • U.K. Subs 1997 Pipeline, Newark, NJ, USA
  • U.S. Chaos 1996 For Being Young, Last Call For Alcohol (New York's Finest Compilation)
  • U.S. Chaos 1997-2009 Mgmt.
  • U.S. Chaos We've Got the Weapons / Complete Chaos CDLP
  • U.S. Chaos 1996 Punkrock Records/Punk Core Co-Re-release. Suicide B/w "Kill the killers 45 Single.
    • U.S. Chaos We've got the Weapons L.P. Release, GMM Records Atlanta, 1999. Accessed Dec 01, 2004.
    • U.S. Chaos You Can't Hear A Picture L.P. Release, Punk Rock Records US, Razorwire Records EU. 2002. Accessed Apr 07, 2003.
    • U.S. Chaos Video series interviews for Punk's Not Dead
    • U.S. Chaos Video interview series 1.0, 2000
    • U.S. Chaos Video interview series 1.1, 2005
    • U.S. Chaos Video series 1.2.a, 2007 Studio Production
  • Urban Riot 1995 Last Call For Alcohol
  • Violent Society 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
    • East Coast Assholes, 6 song split 7" EP w/ Infant Mortality (1994, Punk rock Records).
    • Youth Culture 6 song split 7 w/ Negative Reaction (Roten Roll) Produced By Marty Munsch 1995
    • Violent Society The Rise Of Punk
    • Violent Society Complete Punk Collection(See details)
    • Violent Society, East Coast Assholes East Coast Assholes 6 song split 7" w/ Infant Mortality, accessed 2007-005-07.
    • Violent Society, Not Enjoyin' It L.P., Released,(1993) Motherbox Records.
    • Violent Society, Youth Culture E.P., Release, 1995, PunkKrock Records.
  • The KLF What time Is Love, Top 100 Billboard charting 1989. What Time Is Love? (A Pure Trance Original).
  • When In Roam 2003 All Things Considered, (Produced by Marty Munsch & Mike Kinney former member Violent Society, AkA, Mick-X)
  • T.S.O.L. Live 2003 CBGB's Live WFMUmarker
  • PunksnotdeadTheMovie [446181] The Movie. Retrieved on 2007-08-06.
  • NY REL-X - She's Got A Gun LP, CD, LP. [446182] She's got a Gun Retrieved on 2007-12-06.
  • Above All Hope 2004 Test Session - Fuck Ufc & Addict.
  • The Pinheads 2006 - (Chainsaw)
  • The Flare Up's 2006-2007 - (Too Many Rubricks)
  • Electric Hellfire Boys Club - Test Session 2006
  • The Facials 2006 Test Session - Save Rock n Roll
  • The Rilladiks 2007 Test session
  • The Stun Gunz 'Only American Cover of the Boys', First Time 2007
  • The Stun Gunz Teenage mayday EP 2009. Punk Rock Records E-Release.
  • The Stun Gunz Teenage mayday LP/CD 2009. Punk Rock Records (In production June 2009)

Studio Post-Production Manufacturing

Motion Picture

Live Sound Engineer

Joe Strummer, X, Skatalites, The Melvins, The Mentors, Coffin Break, , Anti-Heroes, DOA, The Unseen, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Boils, The Sub humans (Uk), Citizen Fish, Bouncing Souls, Lifetime, The Misfits, GBH, The Exploited, The Business, Black Train Jack, Pennywise Anti-Nowhere League, The Fiendz, The Casualties, Total Chaos, Battalion of Saints, UK Subs, Special Duties, Blanks 77, U.S. Chaos, Violent Society, The Wretched Ones, Broken Heroes, Murphy's Law, D-Generation, The Bristles, Dean Dean & The Sex Machines, E-town Concrete, Funeral Dress, as well as a plethora of other lesser known acts, in well known clubs such as CBGBmarker, The Showplace, The Ritz, City Gardens, Rock Against Racism 1986, Central Park NY, Webster Hallmarker, 1018 Club, The Rock Hotel, Newark New Jersey Symphony Hall, The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jerseymarker and Madison Square Gardenmarker in NYC as well as key note conferences for National Security Symposium, Bilderberg Conference and Security and Exchange Commission.


Although seen as generating music, steeped with heavy political undertones, Munsch tended to steer away from political ideology and tried to distance himself from political conversation during his recording sessions. He said that it caused him to become easily antagonistic toward his clients. His views on political ideology were generally slanted toward Survival of the Fittest. In the brutal music world, it reflected directly upon the total outcome of a live performance and the attitudes of musicians, their ability to concentrate and adhere to his strict production requirements as was documented, in out-takes, and unreleased rare footage, from the 2008 film. All Grown Up, directed by Andrea Witting.

Munsch quoted: "Music tends to be one of the most powerful tools and mediums in the human evolution. When someone wants to cause civil unrest, peace, calm or confusion, even stressing an enemy encampment to its limit. It changes views, in society overnight. It's as innocuous as elevator music and also can be insidious. It's omnipresent and it's not. It's a communication tool, as old as evolution or creation. A tool to shut the world down, as well as bringing someone back from a coma. Also, used to simply say hello".

  • Martin Munsch was the engineer who rendered duplication masters and quality control aspects for all Sugarhill Gang's music from 1989 to 1991 in Hillsdale, New Jerseymarker at Master Duplications Inc (RIAA 1991). Munsch also coins the new genre mockingly as Trailer Metal, the term takes on its own life, due to his severe hatred for the new music style. It is soon to be called called 'death metal'. It later turns up years later as very popular form of Jazz influenced Speed metal.
  • IMDB Listing for films 1990-2007
  • He was also responsible for KLF recording QC; "What Time Is Love?". Einstürzende Neubauten and a multitude of other final Master QC for recordings, as well as a massive catalog of that era. He was also known for inside QC master work, for over 100 selections for Musical Heritage Society classical compositions under the same agency. RIAA, ASCAP, BMI
  • Marty Munsch had met the punk band Violent Society at the prominent underground club The Pipeline in Newark, New Jerseymarker in 1993 while he was employed as a regular sound engineer.
  • He also currently manages first-wave hardcore punk band U.S. Chaos along with a consistently new stream of groups, which include The Rilladiks, The Flare Ups, The Pinheads, as well as future work with warped tour hopefuls The Stun Gunz. Who are known for their Roots Rock approach to punk. These groups make up the current and contiguous roster of his label.
  • Marty Munsch, American producer, philanthropist and noted talent manager and owner of Punk Rock Records, had worked with Joe Strummer; on a final dub version mix of Revolution Rock. The mechanical version was acknowledged in 2002.
  • Records first ever American band version, of England's top 40 charting punk group The Boys, "Fist Time" played and recorded by The Stun Gunz.
  • Recent appearance in Fort Bend Herald Newspaper with The Minnesota Twins, Shooter Hunt, Dennis Hopper, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. Chris Simms.


The sources of the discographical information, may be slightly questionable on their own, all the information found from these sources were only included if they could be confirmed by two or more physical sources, as well as their true verification, by legitimate recording industry interactions as well as legal information acquisition services.

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