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 is a Japanesemarker mixed martial arts fighter best known for his adept skill with leglocks. He fights out of Team Roken in Kanagawamarker, Japanmarker. He currently has a professional MMA record of 16-7-1 with notable victories over Danny Batten, Jorge Gurgel, Mike Brown, Robbie Olivier and Yoshiro Maeda. He is a veteran of Kingdom, DEEP, ZST, Pride, and Cage Rage. He also has had a successful career in Combat Wrestling, placing as high as 3rd and 2nd in their All-Japan championship tournaments.

He became the Cage Rage World Featherweight champion by defeating Robbie Olivier with a flying armbar at Cage Rage 20, making him the only mixed martial artist to currently hold belts in two separate major promotions (DEEP and Cage Rage). He defended his Cage Rage belt for the first time vs Jean Silva, winning by reverse heel hook in the first round injuring Silva's knee in the process. He is known for his proficiency in leglocks and his tendency to constantly pursue them.

Masakazu Imanari is part of "Nippon Top Team" which also includes WAMMA Lightweight Champion and Shooto Middleweight Champion Shinya Aoki, and Sengoku champion Satoru Kitaoka.

His Japanese nickname of "Ashikan Judan" translated literally into English means "10th Dan of Leglocks", but can be roughly considered equivalent to "The Master of Leglocks".

Dream Featherweight Grand Prix

Imanari was a participant in the Dream Featherweight Grand Prix and won his first-round matchup against Atsushi Yamamoto by split decision at Dream.7 but was defeated at Dream.9 by Bibiano Fernandes.

Mixed martial arts record

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 17-7-1 Tomohiko Hori Decision (Unanimous) DEEP - 43 Impact 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japanmarker Defended DEEP Bantamweight Title
Loss 16-7-1 Bibiano Fernandes Decision (Unanimous) DREAM.9 FWGP 2 5:00 Saitama, Japan DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal
Win 16-6-1 Atsushi Yamamoto Decision (Split) DREAM.7 FWGP 2 5:00 Saitama, Japan DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix Opening Round
Win 15-6-1 Hiroshi Umemura Submission (Heel Hook) DEEP - 37 Impact 1 0:29 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Won DEEP Bantamweight Title
Loss 14-6-1 Dokonjonosuke Mishima Decision (Majority) DEEP - 35 Impact 3 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Lost DEEP Featherweight Title
Win 14-5-1 Jean Silva Submission (Heel Hook) Cage Rage 25 1 2:30 Londonmarker, United Kingdommarker Defended Cage Rage Featherweight Title
Win 13-5-1 Hiroyuki Abe Submission (Toe Hold) DEEP - 32 Impact 3 4:32 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 12-5-1 Jong Man Kim Submission (Armbar) DEEP - 31 Impact 1 3:28 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Defended DEEP Featherweight Title
Win 11-5-1 Robbie Olivier Submission (Flying Armbar) Cage Rage 20 1 0:27 Londonmarker, United Kingdommarker Won Cage Rage Featherweight Title
Win 10-5-1 Takeshi Yamazaki KO (Upkick) DEEP - 26 Impact 3 1:49 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Defended DEEP Featherweight Title
Loss 9-5-1 Fredson Paixao Decision (Majority) DEEP - 25 Impact 3 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 9-4-1 Yoshiro Maeda Submission (Toe Hold) DEEP - 22 Impact 3 1:31 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Won DEEP Featherweight Title
Win 8-4-1 Mike Brown Submission (Heel Hook) DEEP - 22 Impact 3 1:31 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Dislocated Brown's leg to the point that his leg was pulled out and to the side of his knee joint.
Win 7-4-1 Fabio Mello Decision (Unanimous) DEEP - 21st Impact 3 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Loss 6-4-1 Joachim Hansen KO (Knee) PRIDE Bushido 8 1 2:34 Nagoya, Japanmarker
Draw 6-3-1 Yoshiro Maeda Draw DEEP - 18th Impact 3 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 6-3 Renato Tavares Submission (Heel Hook) DEEP - 17th Impact 2 2:36 Nagoya, Japanmarker
Loss 5-3 Luiz Firmino Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE Bushido 5 2 5:00 Osaka, Japanmarker
Loss 5-2 Marcus Aurelio Decision (Split) ZST - Grand Prix Final Round 2 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 5-1 Jorge Gurgel Submission (Heel Hook) ZST - Grand Prix Opening Round 1 0:32 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Loss 4-1 Dokonjonosuke Mishima TKO (Punches) DEEP - 11th Impact 2 2:58 Osaka, Japanmarker
Win 4-0 Danny Batten Submission (Armbar) ZST 3 - The Battle Field 3 1 0:43 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 3-0 Erikas Petraitis Decision (Unanimous) ZST 2 - The Battle Field 2 2 5:00 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker
Win 2-0 Yuji Oba Decision (Majority) Pancrase - 2002 Anniversary Show 2 5:00 Yokohama, Japanmarker
Win 1-0 Tokusaburo Iwama Submission (Heel Hook) Premium Challenge 1 3:24 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker



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