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Massacre is a fictional character, a DC Comics super-villain who first appeared in Adventures of Superman #509.

Fictional character biography

Massacre travels the galaxy hunting down prey. He fought Superman while looking for a worthy adversary. At first Superman has trouble fighting him. It was discovered later that he could read nerve impulses and counter the attack effectively. Superman however learns that Massacre has to see his opponent to read the impulses. Massacre has since been defeated by Superman on several occasions.

He is somewhat naive. He thought simply appearing on Earth would be enough to bring Superman to him (Adventures of Superman #515). He doesn't care to ask for directions and takes to cover this humiliation by murdering the people who help him out, such as a middle-aged cowboy. During one of his misadventures on Earth, he attacks and threatens some citizens of the fictional counter-part to the real-life Metropolis, Illinoismarker. It is not made clear if he killed any Illinois citizens.

An alien tribunal later investigates Superman and Massacre at the time. Superman believes he sees Massacre slain by loved ones of the hundred thousand entities the villain has slain. However Massacre is later is seen serving Maxima and is believed to have perished in an attempt to save the world from Brainiac.

Massacre appear in Justice League of America #17, as part of a group of villains seeking to avoid being sent to the prison planet.

Powers and abilities

Massacre has the power to travel cosmic distances by converting himself into a form of energy.

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