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Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB (Max Hamburger Restaurants Incorporated) is a fast food corporation which was founded by Curt Bergfors in Gällivaremarker, Swedenmarker in 1968. Bergfors' oldest son Richard Bergfors is the current president since 2002.

Max was until the 1980s the largest hamburger restaurant chain in northern Sweden, with only a single restaurant outside of Norrland (on Drottninggatan, Stockholmmarker), but this changed during the 1990s and 2000s when Max Hamburgers expanded to become a nationwide fast-food chain. By 2005, Max had around 40 restaurants and one "express" restaurant. In Luleåmarker, where the company's main office is located, the fourth Max in the city, Max Express was opened in 2005. This was a new type of Max restaurant.

From 2005 to 2010, Max is planning a wide expansion in the west of Sweden. In 2007 Max announced plans to expand to Riyadhmarker and Dubaimarker with Kuwaitmarker following.


Max's image relies heavily on Swedishness, but at the same token imply a multi-racial image. Only Swedish pop hits (frequently by Kent) with Swedish lyrics are played and the advertising features children, but also adults with different skin colors, dressed in the Swedish traditional costume.

Max not only offers regular hamburgers but also healthier alternatives like its Delifresh menus, which ranges from 4% to 12.5% fat, served like regular hamburgers in bread and with the usual accessories. It also sells its own brand of salad sauce, which is quite popular. Max also features low glycemic index and gluten free menus.

Max offers free of charge WiFi-access in most of their restaurants.


Max was the first hamburger restaurant ever to outcompete McDonald's restaurants, which happened in 1991 in Umeå and Luleå, where McDonald's (who were later to arrive in northern Sweden than in Sweden's major cities) in fact closed their restaurants before returning a few years later. In 2007, the popularity of Max forced the McDonald's in Skellefteå, Piteå and, again, in Luleå out of business.

For four years consecutively, Max have had the most satisfied customers among the nationwide fast food chains in Sweden, beating McDonalds and Burger King by far, in polls conducted by commercial agency ISI Wissing AB. This may be due to the fact that Max hamburgers are never cooked before they are ordered, even if it means that an order generally takes somewhat longer to be completed than what is typical for fast food restaurants.


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