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Mugshot of Maya Dolas.
It was crossed with an "X" after his death, signifying that he was eliminated.

Maya Dolas ( ) (October 15 1966November 16 1991), born Mahindra Dolas, was an Indianmarker underworld gangster who used to work for the D-Company don, Dawood Ibrahim. He was killed in an encounter at the 1991 Lokhandwala Complex shootout with the then Additional Police Commissioner of Mumbaimarker, Aftab Ahmed Khan, at the age of 25.

Maya Dolas' story was made into a 2007 movie titled Shootout at Lokhandwala, with Vivek Oberoi playing the role of Maya, and Amrita Singh acting as his mother Ratnaprabha Dolas.


Maya Dolas was born to Vithobha and Ratnaprabha Dolas. He was one of their six children. Dolas joined the Dawood Ibrahim gang in 1980s and rose quickly through the ranks in the outfit. He ran several successful extortion rackets for the Indian National Congress criminal - politician Ashok Joshi's gang at Kanjur villagemarker, which was also affiliated with the Dawood Ibrahim's gang, D-Company. By 1989 however, he had fallen out from the Ashok Joshi gang, and on 17 September 1989, Maya led a retaliation against the Joshi gang, in which five people were killed.

It seems that at some point Maya Dolas had become too successful, and he along with some others, primarily Hindu gangsters, fell out with Dawood Ibrahim subsequently.


Maya Dolas completed his education at I.T.I. (Not to be mistaken with I.I.T.)

Chhota Rajan's claims

In an interview, gangster and don Chhota Rajan (for whom Maya Dolas worked) mentioned:

"I was in Dubai when Dawood Ibrahim planned the operation as part of his campaign to cut me down to size. He had eliminated several of my boys and Maya Dolas (who was gunned down in the Lokhandwala shootout) was one of them," he claimed.

He said one Samir Shah, who worked for D Company had done the ground level co-ordination for the operation. Maya Dolas had expressed his willingness to surrender, but the police insisted on eliminating him, Rajan added.

Shootout at Lokhandwala

The Lokhandwala Complex is an upper end middle-class housing area in Andherimarker Lokhandwala Swati A wing Flat no 002 and 003, Mumbai, where Shiv Sena criminal-politician Gopal Rajwani had purchased a flat for mega-mobster Dawood Ibrahim. In 1991, Dawood henchmen Maya Dolas and Dilip Buwa, along with four others, were in this apartment when they were surrounded by the Mumbai Police led by Aftab Ahmed Khan; it was later alleged that Khan had been tipped off by Dawood who wanted the police to kill them.

The ensuing four hour shootout, much of it publicised live on news channels, made Maya Dolas famous, and the police officer Khan a household name.

After the encounter, it was alleged that the anti-terrorist squad (ATS) which had participated in the encounter had made off with Rs. 70 lakh (Rs. 7 million) cash which was with Maya Dolas. A number of inquiries conducted by the Mumbai police failed to turn up any concrete evidence.

Maya's mother Ratnaprabha had moved court to ban the movie Shootout at Lokhandwala stating that the movie presents her son falsely. For example, the movie shows that Maya had killed his abusive father at age nine, whereas his father outlived Maya and died only in 1997. She also claimed that he was an ITI passout (Trained industrial technician). Taking note of the fact that the movie also portrays Ratnaprabha as encouraging the criminal tendencies in her son, the suit wanted the producer to re-do the film. Chhota Rajan also objected to the film, saying that it "grossly distorts the facts". In response, A A Khan, the cop who led up front the team which gunned down Maya Dolas, rubbished Rajan's claim, saying that the operation was videographed and it was conducted in full view of the public.

The directors claim that the movie is highly fictionalised, although it uses the real names, and the movie opens with an apology to the real characters. A Mumbai sessions court refused to stay the film release based on the case in May 2007.


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