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Maynard G. Krebs (the G. stood for Walter) was the "beatnik" sidekick of the title character in the U.S.marker television sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

The Krebs character, portrayed by actor Bob Denver, began as a stereotypical beatnik, with a goatee, "hip" (slang) usage, and a generally unkempt, bohemian appearance, studiously avoiding anything resembling work, which he seemed to regard as the ultimate four-letter word. Whenever the word was mentioned, even in a line like "That would work," he would jump with fear, yelping, "Work?!" He served as a foil to the well-groomed, well-dressed, straitlaced Dobie, and the contrast between the two friends provided much of the humor of the series.

Gradually, he became less of the stereotypical beatnik and more a free soul who did his own thing - including collecting tinfoil or petrified frogs, seeing the old Endicott Building get torn down and seeing the movie The Monster that Devoured Cleveland. In one episode, he invited Dobie to accompany him to a double-feature in which the film was shown with its sequel, Son of the Monster that Devoured Cleveland. Maynard might be described as the prototype of the late-1960s hippie. Many of the later episodes centered around Maynard, with Dobie more of an observer, but always as narrator. The series lasted four years (1959-1963), but its popularity extended into the 1990s as stations like Nick at Nite rebroadcast it for new generations.

In popular culture

Maynard G. Krebs became a well known figure in American popular culture, especially among members of the mainstream culture who had never had any contact with actual "beats", and formed the basis for the beatnik character archetype. For example, in a Simpsons episode, Homer Simpson yelled, "Take that, Maynard G. Krebs!" as he imagined himself riding a hydrogen bomb after it was dropped from a plane to blow up beatniks in a scene that parodied Dr. Strangelove. The series also inspired the creator of Scooby Doo whose four human characters were modeled from characters on the series with Shaggy Rogers being inspired by Maynard . Krebs also appeared in the novel Gilligan's Wake, where Gilligan believed himself to be Krebs. Cult film director John Waters credited the character of Maynard G. Krebs as an inspiration when he was a young man.

Other Dobie Gillis characters also became part of popular culture: Chatsworth Osborne, Jr., played by Steven Franken, Thalia Menninger, the role of Tuesday Weld, and Zelda Gilroy, portrayed by Sheila James.

Maynard's middle name was Walter. Named for his aunt, the "G" was silent.


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